2 Jun 2012

The Diamond Jubilee

I wanted to be in London for the Diamond Jubilee weekend… I couldn’t resist. I do have a very large soft spot for London… it has taken some years because my heart and my home reside in France but as a city, London is a winner. I love it for many reasons but most of all because the Brits know how to be patriotic and drum up the pomp and ceremony. And when it comes to the Queen and the celebration of her 60 years on the throne… the country is in a jubilant mood. Flags and bunting are hanging across every street and all the shop windows are decked out in the red, white and blue.

This English Bulldog is gracing the window of the supremely fashionable Harvey Nichols… he isn’t real… but he looks pretty life-like to me. He really does look like a ‘Chester’… even if he isn’t the real deal. I love him with his streamers, crown and red post box… a true Brit…

Rococco chocolates are another reason to visit (or steer clear) of London… and their Jubilee packaging featuring the Union Jack is one to add to the chocolate box collection… A good excuse as any… Don’t you think?

The souvenirs, as you can imagine, are everywhere. I have to admit to liking many of them. This ‘Great Britain’ tin tray took my eye and I thought I might buy a few as gifts for non-British friends. I have always scoffed a little at what I considered celebratory kitsch… but I have to eat my words… some of the Jubilee mementos are very cute.

What do you think about a Royal crown from Emma Bridgewater? As a food cover of course… I think I might prefer the heavy-metal-head-wearing kind… preferably with jewels.

The flower boxes and the bunting are co-ordinating… Red and white geraniums are everywhere, in all the window boxes. This shot I took outside a real estate agency in Sloane Street… It is impossible not to be touched by the Jubilee with all this colour on the streets… it’s infectious… This weekend there are street parties everywhere and there is the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the river… That’s where I am headed on Sunday…the embankment… and I would love a glimpse of the Queen as she floats along the Thames in the original tender to her now retired Royal Yacht Britannia.

And finally, one of my local streets… doesn’t she look grand?

If you would like a memento of the Diamond Jubilee… there is nowhere better than Fortnum &Mason… one of the best loved English stores in the city… and my favourite… Even just a browse of their beautiful website will put you in the Jubilee mood…xv


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Wonderful photos Vicki…..nowhere does occasions and celebrations as well London, I quite agree!

The Harvey Nicks bulldog looks incredibly real, their windows are always so fantastic.

Fingers crossed for some good weather, the sun seems a little hesitant right now…..it would make this lovely Jubilee week-end even better though. Enjoy your London week-end :) XX

thyme (Sarah)

I can’t wait to see the activities over here on TV. How wonderful to be there and see all these celebrations. And…then the Olympics coming up soon!

Jeanne @ Collage of LIfe

Vicki…I bought some sensational red linen pants when I was in Paris. I think I got caught up in the moment as I bought a red dress and red jacket…something about Paris and red. Now I have to do the brave thing and wear them this weekend…for if ever their was an occasion to wear red, this is it!
Happy Jubilee Weekend Vicki… let’s hope the rain stays somewhere over the Atlantic ocean… at least for four days.
Jeanne xxx


Thanks for the glimpse into the Jubilee celebration. Very exciting!

Laura Ingalls Gunn

I too have a love affair with France and England. It is so nice to see it through your eyes.

I will be celebrating on my blog over the next few days. Pop on by!

Heather in Arles

Oh, I am so excited for you!! And you got me excited about the Jubilee (and honestly, I hadn’t been before). How could you not get caught up with such festive decor? Have a wonderful, wonderful time on Sunday. Photos please and Cheers!

Donna @ A Designer's Perspective

I love how proud England is of her Queen! The flags in the street are absolutely amazing!! Such a big celebration and such a big year for all you Londoners!! Congrats to the Queen on 60 yrs of being head Monarch.


Everything looks beautiful and I wish I was there to witness all of the celebrations! Have a wonderful weekend, Vicki. xo

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

PEE GREEN with envy again!I will be watching on SUNDAY the river paegant!Looking for you in the crowd!What fun to be there…………Take lots of photos please!

French Girl in Seattle

I agree with you Vicki. London is one heck of a city! I used to go on a regular basis while living in France. Our short stay there last summer, on our way to France, has left me craving for more. I will be returning in August on my own and I can’t wait! Lovely, lovely shots, and the sky looks gorgeous. Have a great time this weekend. Had I been closer, i would have done the same. A bientot. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Teresa @ Splendid Sass

I loved this post! My ancestors are from London, and no one loves a background on holiday and occasions as much as I do.
By the way, I loved our DAILY CLICK! What a dress and hat!
Ok, off to the store.

A Gift Wrapped Life

Love this part of the British festivities…………all the fun souvenirs that they go crazy for. Your photos are brilliant Vicki and have captured the excitement for us British subjects on this side of the pond. Remember to curtsy if you see her up close and yes………….you definately should buy a sparkle crown for yourself. Much love XO

Peggy Braswell

Stunning pictures + I adore the UK, London particularly, my heart soars & sings to HRM on this Diamond Jubilee. Sending this to my client at her home in Chelsea. Thanks xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


Great post Vicki…we’re really looking forward to a weekend full of celebration.
I’m glad London is a winner for you…I adore London ;-)
Have a fabulous weekend and wish you were here!

Garden, Home and Party

Thanks for this. I’m a huge anglophile and wish with all my heart I could be there. It’s fun to see some of the festive windows. You’ll have to post about what else you see during the celebratory weekend.


Vicki- I’m a London girl through and through. Besides my home country (of course), England has always been my first love. And upon visiting Paris, I had a love affair with France. At least that is how I look at it. And you get the best of both worlds. Have a nice cup of tea for me and enjoy lovely London!
xo . trina

debi kirksey

I’m in London too for the celebrations–my home away from home where I live in Chelsea. I think I was tracking some of the same places you were visiting today, and plotting with friends my plan for Sunday’s flotilla and Tuesday’s procession. Isn’t the weather forecast a little daunting though?? Oh well, I’m sure we will have a “right royal knees-up” whatever the weather!


How exciting to be in London! Please enjoy and hopefully you’ll catch a glimpse (and picture) of the Queen.


pam robinson

what fun to see this thru your eyes… i sense the immense enthusiasm as everyone scurries to prepare everything to be just perfect… love hacket… love all the color… so much fun… enjoy!!!!! xx


Hi Vicki.

Lovely post, you’ve capture the essence of the atmosphere in London at the moment.

Many thanks for your lovely visit to us, we love it when you pop in and good luck in our giveaway!

Bon Jubilee!


Mary W

Oooh it looks like so much fun! I wish I could be there to celebrate :) My friend and I are having a little street party of our own on Monday, complete with bunting and tasty British fare :)

Thanks for the fab pics, helps feel like I’m back in the UK!


Hi Vicki: I just got back from London a couple of weeks ago and had lunch at Fortnum & Mason – it was a divine salad I will share pix of on my blog and we walked around and I took pictures of all the stunning exhibits! I loved it, better than Harrod’s and yes, the British are so patriotic, it was really wonderful to be there and see all the flags and souvenirs…lovely place. ;-0 thanks for sharing your wonderful pics!


Jolly good photographs. Pip pip and all that. Our group is planning to join the celebrations with cucumber sandwiches, Victorian cake and lots of bubbly. We will gather to watch the Queen’s flotilla up the Thames. We are being particularly honoured here in Vancouver for the Queen has invited the breast cancer survivor women who participated in the dragon boat races to be part of these festivities. Cheers Virginia

Helen Tilston

Hello Vicki

I am delighted that you are attending the celebrations in London. How exciting and eventful
I love all the souvenir items and they appear in good taste.

Looking forward to more images

Helen xx

Shell Sherree

I can almost hear Pomp and Circumstance playing as I look at your photos, Vicki! They know how to do it, don’t they. The freeform ribboned crown and bulldog are gorgeous ~ and I’m going to spend more time looking at Rococco chocolates online, having returned from the Fortnum & Mason site very much fancying the illustrated aqua merchandise! {Insert big sigh here.} Have a superb weekend.


No other city can match London when it comes to pomp and circumstance. Beautiful pictures of the City all decked out in red, white and blue.

Wishing the Queen and all those in London a wonderful celebration.

Viva la Jubilee!

(lol…trying out the itsy bitsy French I know).

Loi Thai

Dear Vicki,
I am new to your blog. Came over via Ms. Teresa Splendid Sass. Thanks for taking us to London! Wish I could be there for all the celebrations this historical weekend. Hope your holiday is festive and fabulous!
Cheers from DC,
Tone on Tone

Carolyn Bradford

Oh, how I would LOVE to be there! My parents are close! ( closer than me, anyway!) traveling in Germany, Switzerland and then headed your way!!! They land in Provence on Thursday and I for one am quite envious! However…I would love to be seeing all of this in London at the moment! I’ve only been once but I definitely NEED to return! If for nothing else than to scour the city for fabulous “finds” for my shop! And of course…just to enjoy London! Thanks for sharing this! I loved it! Have a wonderful weekend!


Great pics!
I had high tea at Fortnum and Mason – it was so great with all that diamond jubilee glory around!


You had Afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason. High Tea is supper, which they do not serve. Americans always get this confused. But Afternoon tea is the around 4:00 p.m. custom.


Love all these shots…the bulldog is hilarious. Dad is British, so this all has a special feel. Have a great time,

La Vie en Rose

Brilliant photos Vicki! I would have loved to be there for the celebrations so seeing your photos is great, thank you!


Bette @ Ideezine

Great bit of sharing here Vicki. I enjoy all things Queen E II. I will catch it all livestreamed during the events: Jubilee concert, Becon of lights, Thanksgiving etc. What a wonderful experience and I am so thrilled to be able to enjoy all the happy Brits so pround of their heritage. It is remarkable and an absolutely thrilling lineup of events done in a Royal Fashion…to perfection. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!



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