21 Oct 2010

The Dressing Room

I have always thought that a large dressing room would be the ultimate in luxury.

In my fantasy there would be a proper place for all of my clothes and space would never be an issue.

The sweaters and tee shirts would be colour coded, the handbags arranged by size and style, the dresses (hung on padded hangers) would be sorted by season and length and the coats (my personal favourite) would be categorised by both fashion and functionality.

Skirts and shirts would be perfectly spaced and hung just at the right height.

I would never have to rummage to find that one item of clothing that would make my outfit work, my clothes would never looked creased and unloved and the very nature of this fantasy means that I would always be impeccably dressed.

And the shoes.

Imagine a sea of shoe fabulousness stretching as far as the eye can see; shoes in pairs placed on shelves with shoe trees to protect their tiny toes, shoes that sparkle, taunt and tease as you gaze upon them. In my dream there would be no mess at the bottom of the closet.

Heels would always be heeled and dresses would always be hemmed, buttons would never be popped, holes would disappear and snags and runs would be a thing of the past.

In my make-believe dressing room there would be space, infinite space, to twirl and whirl in front of the three sided mirror.

I would see everything in its rightful place before I must leave this couture cocoon.

I could dress with purpose or indecision as was my want and time would never be my enemy.

The dressing room of my imagination is a magic place, xv.

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oh yes, that would be heaven. but I think it would take also a maid to make your fantasy really work… to be an early XX century British Aristocrat!

La Petite Gallery

So that's what Ralph's dressing room looks like. Absolute elegance.
The one you describe is every womans dream. I could use a bigger closet. I just packed up my summer things.
Winter is around the corner.



I am sure I am like everyone else who will read this post and agree that this would be a dream come true. I say this after rummaging thru my closets today looking for my winter scarves…it has not been a pretty sight!

The only thing I would add to your wonderful list is a large bulletin board filled with snapshots of every outfit down to the last little detail. It would just be a matter of picking out the photo according to how I feel at the time and if all is planned well, it would take just a few moments to pull together!

Ah, life would be grand if all of this could come true!

Wonderful thoughts…thank you!

Jeanne xx


*sighs* mine too- I would have a bathroom off the dressing room and in there would be a record player and tables on either side of the bath piled high with books and magazines

david terry

Now, Vicki….as long as you're dreaming…..dream BIG.

Herve's described the "Dressing room" in Catherine Deneuve's Paris apartment for me. It's just off the two, long, "permanent wardrobe" rooms (where presumably, you keep the clothes and dresses you actually want to own, as opposed to one-night-stand numbers given to you by various designers who pay YOU to wear their dresses).

More interestingly, you'll also want a clothing-assistant (this would be someone in addition to your personal assistant) whose main job would be cataloguing your many,many dresses (not to mention shoes, purses, etc) and making sure that they are wherever you happen to be at any given time.

I think that's wildly amusing….the notion of sitting down every month or so to coordinate your wardrobe's travel itinerary. Some dresses go on to Berlin, while others are dispatched to Cannes or London…..etcetera….all in the epxectation that you'll meet up with them in some foreign city at the appointed time a few weeks rom now.

Come to think of it, Vicki…perhaps you have that feeling regarding your own children and husband.


David Terry


Oh, you captured my dream also. And in my dream, my fantasy closet would have a comfy chair for taking coffee whilst I looked about in wonder. And…the space would smell faintly of fresh lavender.

a Broad

I have discovered that having a dressing room, one always wants a Bigger dressing room :)
We knocked a hole in the wall between our bedroom and the maids room, made this lovely arched doorway and had cupboards and closets built on every available wall, to the ceiling. I still need more room.
The danger of more space is the need to fill it ~


Oh, I love your fantasy!! I think that I could extend it to my office desk and files and bookcases and then on into my vintage fabric stores and into my antiques beads and semi precious stones and pendants (for chandeliers). Of course, now we are doing some serious dream work regarding the perfect lady's maid and an assistant who reads my mind. Thank you for my momentary escape into a more perfect (perhaps) milieu. Mary


Ah yes, it is such a marvellous dream is it not? I've since found that I'm not really capable of colour coding my clothes though! I tried that at first when I had my new built-ins but found out that the colours started to blend when I couldn't stash them in their appropriate places. I've since given up on the system but haven't given up on the idea of a palatial dressing room someday!

paris parfait

Would love a large dressing room – not sure about the three-way mirror, though. That might be too much information I wouldn't want to face every day! :)


An enchanting dream and to think there are many living that fantasy.

May your fondest dreams come true and bring you happiness, always.



I loved the Dressing Room MOTH built for me in our old house. Best thing about it was the lock on the inside, it was the perfect place to hide away in when things got too much for me at The House of the Raising Sons. So not only was it a dream to have, but it made the most wonderful Secret Hiding Place for those frazzled Millie moments. Your RL image is exquisite Vicki!
Millie ^_^
P.S. Your guess about the cyber weekend was spot on!

Amy R.

I too dream about the perfect dressing room. I want every item to have a custom space and the room has to be gorgeous!

Amy R.


I love the process of getting dressed in the morning and playing with choices to wear so my dream would also be a dressing room with chandelier, tufted stool and of course a grand mirror just like that one. Its nice to dream.Fiona


Space & Order & the perfection repetition of all those shoes places ever so perfectly!
A remarkable dream, indeed.

I must share a bit of closet reality that you might appreciate:
Several years ago I had a client whom I designed a closet for … . as part of a large residential project. Her husband had just retired as President of Hermes USA , so her wardrobe was, well … . quite extraordinary.
Across the back wall of this large closet I specified large doors which folded back to reveal a floor to ceiling display of dozens of Hermes handbags. All could easily be locked & secured , so that random intruders would never know it was there, but she could enjoy this rare collection as she wished.

Lucky girl, that one ….


Ingrid Mida

Sounds like we are dreaming about the same kind of closet. I adore coats too. I often get teased that I have one for every degree of temperature and given the wide variation in fluctuations in temps in Canada, that means there are a lot!

Roses, Lace and Brocante

A magical place indeed Vicki.
For some no doubt – a reality.
Sadly for me it's a dream unrealised too…

The 3 way mirror is a MUST for me -or that kilo could slip on without being noticed – the 3 way mirror is my friend and tries to remind me daily not to linger at the dessert trolley.

The same with my fave jeans – when they become that little bit harder for the zipper to glide without tugging!!!

I was born a thoroughbred and stayed that way with ease until my late 40's when my thin world fell apart and drastic measures were needed!

The battle continues and I fear I will never eat with gay abandon as I once could!

The options for me are slim and constantly thinking of yummy food, or cuddly and contented.
The mirror and the jeans win every time (almost)!


The Real Housewife Of Sydney

Love it. I share your vision. I'm de- cluttering my walk in wardrobe as we speak. You've given me more inspiration! Though I doubt very much I could get a mirror that size into there. Unless I kick all my husbands clothes out! LOL

Bardot in Blue

o my i couldn't agree more! this is my fantasy too…i feel one step closer to my dream as my new apartments has a walk in (althought still small!) closet. I dream of enough space to to display all my shoes and lay out jewelry and even a lingerie closet!

xoxo BB


I can say… I quite agree! this is all so fabulous!
love your taste in everything…so chic…so french!
love your fabulous blog!


The closest I could get to having anything vaguely like that would be to convince my husband to convert our 2nd bedroom into a fabulous walk in closet.As this is not likely to happen I can look at the beautiful picture and dream.I'm actually surprised that more new homes don't cater a bit more to this dream that many women have.To step into a well organised room with plenty of space for hanging clothes, shelves for sweaters, and lots of room for shoes and bags would not only be a delight but a time saver.


I love this website.


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