29 Oct 2020

The “Emperors” New Coat: Run Don’t Walk

The "Emperors" New Coat

It wasn’t my ‘fabulous find‘ but it’s a good one.

As I left my yoga class this morning, one of my gorgeous classmates got herself ready to leave. She put on the cutest puffa/parka/coat. I couldn’t help but compliment her on the jacket and ask her where she found it. As you know I’m all about sharing our good finds and when she said it came from Amazon I decided I better track it down. I did and it comes in all sizes and a myriad of colours. She was wearing the black version and it looked super cool; there is also a khaki green I am tempted by.

This down coat is super practical and very flattering – something about the side front panels and pockets.

Anyway, a very quick note to say – it’s a keeper. xv

The Emperors New Coat: Run Don’t Walk

orolay down jacket (US)  ||  orolay down jacket UK (UK)

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image, Emperor Penguins with chicks by Joyce Takamine

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I love this coat! I live in a very wintery place and I have many coats. I could see adding this to my collection, I just love it. Now to choose color 😉


I agree… and like you Katie I have many coats but I find I wear them all as there are so many different conditions. I (predictably) went with black… but also love the khaki and the creamy colour… I’ll post a pic soon!! :)

jessica wallrapp

Great Choice! This was the rage last year. It’s even one of Oprahs favorites. I have not purchased one yet, but think I may need to!


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