5 Nov 2019

The Emporium: Truly, “A Girls Best Friend”

Truly A Girls Best Friend on vickiarcher.com

Maybe not absolutely, categorically and unquestionably.

But a whole load of fun, shine and sparkle.

I am talking not about diamonds but diamantes.

Collection No 4, Girls Best Friend, has launched and it’s brilliantLiterally.

This collection has taken some time to put together and I am so delighted with what I have to show you. Diamante bracelets have been a crush of mine since I found my first one in my ’20’s. Actually these bracelets were a pair and I absolutely adored them until I lost one. I still wear the remaining bracelet in combination with others. This was my first introduction to decorative bracelets and the idea of wearing them as cuffs on both wrists.

The Girls Best Friend objects have been named for some of my most-loved Hollywood film and TV actresses.

The Ursula, The Grace and The Tippy are three wonderful pieces, either to be worn alone or together.

Like The Heart of Gold Collection, I travel with pieces like these.

They add all we need with a simple outfit and take no space in our suitcase. I’m taking mine on my travels this weekend.

Then there’s all the fun of the holidays ahead – getting closer and closer.  I thought these would make wonderful gifts for daughters and girlfriends.

Enough from me, take a peek and especially this one. It’s a dazzler. xv

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Which is FINE as I have been COLLECTING THOSE FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!
What is it about those DIAMANTE SPARKLES that bring us JOY?
I can see YOU ARE HAVING A BALL doing this!


So sad! Woke up, checked email at 6.00am in Australia only to find ALL SOLD bar one😢😢
Time difference is a curse sometimes. There are certainly some lucky ladies out there and I am a tad envious. Next time I will set my alarm to coincide with your releases. After that grizzle, I will finish on a more positive note Vicki – beautiful, beautiful collection!


My goodness congratulations Vicki on the success of another collection, although I must admit living on the other side of the world we don’t get a look in!! there gone by the time we wake up.
This collection was beautify and I look forward to the next one.


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