7 Nov 2012

The First Tuesday of The Month

The first Tuesday of ever month is the day that a group of women from all over the world write about a set topic… How that subject is interpreted is up to the individual… and that is the part that interests me… reading what others think, learning their takes on a common theme. We view the world so differently from each other and we each absorb information is a unique manner… This month’s subject is about blogging, about sharing and about starting the holiday season off with some good karma towards others.

Where to begin? At the beginning is always a good place to start… A blog is a place to share your ideas, your thoughts, your dreams, your passions… in some cases a forum to air your likes and dislikes… For me, French Essence has always been about the beauty… in France, in fashion, in interiors… in life.. I hope it is place for escape, a place for discussion… and a place to relax, to forget the everyday and become immersed in another world… Blogging is about sharing… it must be… otherwise it doesn’t work… I tell you… you tell me… ‘Show and Tell’… That’s the way it works.

I remember my first post… more than four years ago… but most of all I remember my first comment… I couldn’t believe that someone had not only found my blog but that they had commented. These days it’s all different and I feel very much like an old kid on the block… Blogging has changed… and I suspect that now the majority of my readers read by email and aren’t bloggers themselves… It wasn’t like that when I started blogging… the scene was smaller and most of my readers were other bloggers… we connected and communicated via our sites… If it wasn’t for other bloggers sharing my words I don’t know that I would be still writing so much these days.

French Essence has morphed and changed over the years… that is inevitable… otherwise you and I would be extremely bored… I talk more about women, our issues… I adore to show you fashion and what I think is working for our age group… and most of all I like to chat the French talk… to show you where I have been and what’s happening in my French life… The one thing that never changes is the sharing… because without that, there is no point. The more of us in this together, the better.

I started ‘My Daily Click’ as a way to offer a little extra, a way to share… I wanted to surprise you each day with a photograph, a word.. an idea… nothing strenuous or stressful… and certainly no compulsion to open if the inbox is too full… and no need to comment… just a little pleasure to brighten the day… I also wanted to share new sites that I discover… places that I find creative and that I think you might enjoy… it is my way of giving back to writers, to bloggers, to designers, to photographers.

I guess what I am trying to say is that blogging and sharing go hand in hand… there cannot be one without the other… Practically it is clear… nobody wants to talk to themselves… not for too long anyway… Sharing whether it is in true life or through a social media platform is a wonderful experience… I have said this often… my life has changed, it has been so enriched through blogging…and it has enabled me to make friends all over the world and none of that would have been possible without sharing.

Visit the other bloggers discussing this today HERE

My favourite blogs HERE… there are so many I have a separate page for them… we have been together from the start and I consider them family…

Something new and fun to discover HERE.. my gorgeous friend Jo who lives in NY and has just started blogging…

Paris By Mouth… a fantastic resource for Paris… HERE

and some beautiful visuals… HERE

photograph taken by carla coulson, styled by me exclusively for living4media

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Teresa @ Splendid Sass

Beautiful post, Vicki.
I love that we have a forum here ot get together and visit. I agree that blogging has changed in the last couple of years.
Thank you for sharing all things beautiful and issue that interest women.
Happy Tuesday.

Coty Farquhar

It is such a wonderful world we have with blogging Vicki!
I too like you remember my very first comment and I was looking back over the very early
comments tonight as I wrote this post for this party.

Yes, you’re absolutely right, our lives are so much more enriched through blogging.

xxx Coty

p.s. (hopefully one day I might make it to your favourite list too) Only a fellow Aussie would dare to ask such a thing. ha ha xx


Brilliant post as always Vicki…I love what you say about sharing and I agree the more of us in this together, the better ;-)
You have such fabulous STYLE!

Marsha @ Splenderosa

This post is so beautifully thought out and truly explains the essence of why we blog, why we share. Vicki, I am so happy I know you…and it would never have happened except for the vast expanse of the www. Beautiful November, we are blessed.

La Contessa

BINGO!You are so right about BLOGGING!I just met another BLOGGER in SANTA BARBARA this weekend!Amazing how we are from the same “mold” or “tribe” as she said!It really brings together people who have the same interests!Tis a beautiful way to start each day.I thank ~ you for all your posts!YOu write beautifully and your topics are just perfect!Never change VICKIE!

Audrey Friedman

Dear Vicki,
You are an amazing blogger and your blog is my first open every day.
Your generosity is incredible and I treasure that very much, you do love to share.
You have encouraged me to re-do my blog and get serious about writing on a regular basis.
I get so excited when someone comments and hope to be able to share my thoughts with more and more readers.
Thank you, Vicki, you are an inspiration.


Hi Vicky,

I enjoy your blog no matter what subject you write about. When I check my e-mail I always look for “French Essence” and read it first…it goes well with my coffee and toast!

I am new blogger myself and write about decorating our country house in the Hudson Valley NY. I can’t wait to be done with the initial design phase so I can have more free time and read more blogs…everybody’s point of view is so unique and interesting to me.



I remember all nighters!! I didn’t have twins but I had three under four who never wanted to sleep when they should… I think I had disturbed sleeps for years… Good luck with our babies… and remember some ‘you’ time… most important… I seemed to forget that during those years… :)


It is always inspiring to visit your blog and sharing indeed makes me as a blogger happy too. There is nothing better then to experience the riches of so many people’s energy, the different view points and the opinions we can agree or disagree with. It is a wonderful place to get to know one another, learn and give.
And to have fun, relaxed and at leisure!
Thank you for giving us all that!

Anita Rivera


I will be celebrating FIVE years of blogging this coming January. So many transitions have taken place ONLY BECAUSE of the human experience through writing in the blog world. To write in the conventional way, in private, for a class or to to one person is a wonderful learning experience. But BLOGGING has provided a public forum to not only share but connect through sharing. What other forum provides that? Facebook is fine for quick snippets of our lives, to find old friends and yes, to stay connected. But blogging is OUR OWN SPACE to create and grow. I love it, I am so happy to have found you and I wish us all many more years of growth!


La Pouyette - Karin

Simply a great post again, Vicki! What else can I say…..
You’re such a good writer and every one of your posts is so interesting!
Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and ideas with us.
Warmest greetings from the Périgord,


Hi Vicki,
Well, we are obviously on the same wavelength …….. I just couldn’t choose one blog to highlight. Your By Invitation post is perfect.
Hope you and your family are well ……… it’s very chilly here after experiencing temperatures in the 80’s in Rome. XXXX

miss b

Just catching up on your recent posts after a week away. A good excuse to sit with a coffee and relax! Your thoughts on blogging are so true and I can still remember my excitement when I spotted my first comment then the first follower – someone had actually found my blog!


Vicki, there are times; with my health issues that I just cannot get the words out. When I think I need to stop blogging for awhile; a special artists asked to be featured or I discover an artist at an auction or opening!

Blogging has turned out to be a lifeline that I am so grateful to have. The friends who have been here for me are unbelievable!

Art by Karena
2012 Artists Series


Like a lot of women. You are the first post I read most days. Colin Firth once said he loves to read books because they transport him to another place in time. I love to read your posts because they transport me to France. I would love to live in France, visit France, be all things French, but that is not going to happen any time soon… So reading your blog Vicki is the closest thing to my dream. I too have little ones, and I give mothering my ALL but it is still nice to escape once a day. Thank you for taking the time to help us all do just that!


Hi Vicki

Yes, blogging is such a fantastic way to connect with like minded people and I am so very grateful for the wonderful things I have learnt and the amazing people I have met through blogging! It is an ever enchanting journey of discovery for me!


Heather in Arles

And when you take that next step and meet in person someone that you have so enjoyed “getting to know” via this wonderful, odd, fascinating blogosphere, well, that is the icing on the cake…but not the cake itself, which is, I couldn’t agree more, that back and forth sharing, an exchange which with subtle shifts changes reader and writer both.

There is a reason for all of these gorgeous compliments, Mme Archer. No one and I mean no one does what you do in the same way. Thank you for bringing this lovely converstation to us all and–for the millionth time–for all of the inspiration…


It’s funny that you mentioned your first comments and posts… I still remember them. I think I was one of the first 100 followers. I found your blog and kept reading it for months before I realised you were THE Vicki Archer whose book I loved. :) And I remember your post about Alejandro Ingelmo shoes – you tempted me so much than ended up visiting Browns and buying a pair. :)
I remember your comments on my blog too, but then I stopped blogging for a while and you stopped visiting… Then I closed the blog and started the new one… But I guess, I was one of the forgettables. ;)

It’s strange to think that it’s been four (and a bit) years already…



I found your blog while searching for photography blogs & I know this sounds so common but what an inspiration! On blog changes….my bog is new & I get emails of follow me I’ll follow you crap which I know they are not interested in what I post, just numbers (common sense would dictate if they liked your blog they would already be a follower). I follow blogs that I enjoy visually (some with photos only) or writing style & I really enjoy blog & am off to visit your links. Thanks for sharing.

déjà pseu

Vicki, your blog has always been a favorite of mine. Every day you offer something lovely to delight the senses. I’m honored to be included in your list of favorite blogs.


Hi Vicki,
As others have echoed, your blog is a wonderful french escape. Your beautiful writing and images provide inspiration but oh so much more. For me, your blog is the one I read at the beginning of the day and I receive your daily click before I retire at the end of the day. I thank you for speaking to my heart x


I am really looking forward to going through all the links above. I have a tea brewing and have rescheduled an hour out of my morning. I would love to know what time of day works for you? Are you adaptable in your blogging or is it something you schedule at the same time everyday? I have an inkling you may have addressed this in the past, I just couldn’t recall. Between starting a business and family I am finding I really really need to schedule it in, otherwise it is just another reason to procrastinate. Would love to hear your thoughts, thank you


That is a great idea for another post… the ‘how and the when’… I shall write about that soon… :)


Excellant, I will look forward to it, I also admire the way you reply to most comments – it does not go unappreciated :-)


I still have a soft spot for French Essence – The Early Years. Those were the days when we were all just getting the hang of this blogging thing & our fellow bloggers, that tight-knit group of newbies, were our safety net. When our little experiments went pear-shaped it wasn’t a drama, as we could all have a good laugh amongst ourselves & move on. Now I feel a zillion sharp eyes are on The Hedge via the conduits of Facebook & Twitter. However, change is good & I get the warm fuzzies when I see how my closest bloggie chums have grown & evolved & kept things fresh. You most of all you Miss V.
Millie xx
P.S. I love that you’ve lobbed The Hedge under ‘Creative’ on your Favourites page. ‘Dodgy’ would have probably been more appropriate, but I’ll take the compliment with much delight. Can hardly wait to tell MOTH what we are!!

Pauline from Phillip Island

Thank goodness you did start your blog, Vicki, as it provides so many of us with so many special moments. It is your books and your blog that inspired me to make my recent trip to France and finally discover for myself what it is all about. What a fantastic time we had and how many incredible things we saw and experienced. I have been home in Australia for four weeks but I feel like my heart and mind are still in Paris. I feel like a different person and you are a part of that wonderful change. Thank you for having touched my life in such an amazing way.


Thank you Vicki for introducing me to blogging especially yours. I just love getting your daily clicks!

Playing With Scarves

You said it so well Vicki. Blogging is sharing (and also being honest and sincere). I cannot believe the number of wonderful people I have already met thru blogging! You are one of them and your blog is inspirational:-)
Have a great day,
Anne (Playing With Scarves)

Vicki Lee Johnston

I know every man and his dog is blogging – and the dog probably gets more readers …
I started my blog as a visual diary for my family – and cannot believe I have 83 followers and 23,000 views. It astounds me that my journey is of interest to anyone else.
I just wanted something to leave the kids to read when I had gone :) not in a morbid way. My mum wrote hundreds of diaries which she has kept and I guess my journal is taking up less space.
Bloggers like you and many others that make me feel less alone and realise we have more in common than we could imagine – the human experience.

The enchanted home

Hi Vicki…thanks for your kind words. Must say its great to be back in blogland, a place where things are always happy and beautiful! I love your posts and always am captivated by what you have to say. This post being no exception. Blogging is a wonderful way to meet people from all over the world and bond with like minded people that you would otherwise, not meet..thats really something!
Your blog is one of my favorites and continues to inspire on a daily basis!

Carolyn Bradford

Vicki, that was just incredible! I can honestly tell you that I live to read your blog…just like I do so many others! Blogging is such a fun part of my life and a way to finally write and express myself. The times that you have commented on my posts truly mean the world to me! But much more than that…I appreciate the time you take to give us blog posts that truly inspire us or encourage us or just tell us what’s going on in French culture….I always love to hear what truly successful bloggers think and love to get your input! Thank you as well for just being a friend!


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