30 Apr 2013

The French Essence Woman

I am not an analyst, data does my head in and the thought of collating it… well that’s not going to happen…

But… I could not help but notice something yesterday… We all have a great deal in common… so much…

As I read and re-read your answers… I was nodding, agreeing… thinking, ‘I should have thought of that’… ‘yes, that sounds like me’…

I feel like we see life on the same page… our priorities seem to align… our tastes coincide… and our dreams overlap…


Who Is The French Essence Woman?


She is intelligent, she is well read… she loves chocolate and her family… not necessarily in that order…

She wears a signature scent…

She loves a good shoe and keeps a best bag…

Jeans and the garden go hand in hand…


Music is playing…

And travel is forever on her mind…

Europe is her soul mate… France in particular…


Writing is her strength…

Photographs and memories mean the world to her… as do her friends…

Champagne for celebration… A good red for conversation…

She cooks… better than most…

Lipstick is a must…


Visual beauty is her mantra…

Vintage is preferred…

Flowers are essential…

Jewellery a collectible…


She writes, she paints and she sews…

She needs her morning coffee….

She is practical at times and technically proficient…


She is curious… she is classic… she thinks… she creates…

She is international… she is ageless…

She wears cashmere and pearls… not necessarily together…

She is spontaneous… full of life… and above all she is generous…


This is you…  totally wonderful… totally fabulous… Thank you… xv


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beautiful vicki! i loved being a part of it!! and i too kept saying to myself while reading the other responses..”of course! my engagement and wedding rings! antiques! perfume! and so much more!
so fun!

Esther George

Vicki you are amazing and you, lady, have IMPECCABLE taste!. Regards Esther from Sydney.

The Enchanted Home

YES! You are describing me, well all except the sewing part. I am amazed at how astute you were to be able to sum it up as you did and I can honestly say 95% of what you described is me!! Wonderful Vicki.


I am not to good with a needle and thread either..
But it would seem that many of us are… :)

Rebecca Hively

Not so good with the needle or the coffee ~ always been a tea drinker! lol Wonderful article and very inspiring!


Such a beautiful summary Vicki. Thank you so much for bringing like minded souls together xx

Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki,

WHAT A LOVELY POST! You compiled ALL of us who commented, so many of us DO have so much in common and books for me, especially in French are a huge must….and my jewelry and art!

You are a French Essence woman and I can’t wait to announce what I am giving away (this coming Friday) for the link party participants. I am looking forward to more of your Essence for this link party as well.

What a super post, a wonderful way to LINK us all together.

Bonne journée Madame, Anita

Heather in Arles

I hope you will excuse the child-like response but it was honestly what popped into my head: “We Rock!”

Because we do. ;)

Thank you so much for this gorgeous compilation. It will be something all of us can return to on any day we need a confidence boost…

Kathleen Botsford

Poetry, of the most essential kind. Brilliant! I knew my tribe was out there…somewhere. Thank you Vicky!


This was such a great read to begin my day….with my much needed morning coffee! I will have to go back and read yesterday…now I am sad I was not able to comment!

Karen Albert

Thank you Vicki for such a beautiful description of our good blog friends! We all DO have a lot in common; especially good taste!

Art by Karena


Thank you Vicki for this lovely summation of yesterday’s comments. Though intrigued, too much on my already full plate yesterday to type my 10. But I love that you include “generous”. It was third on my list behind love of family and friends. French Essence is my daily dose of deserved indulgence. Yes, I love to cook and read and shop the fleas, but as women- mothers, lovers, wives, workers and often care-givers we are pulled and stretched to our very limits on a daily basis. I love “meeting” my like-minded soul sisters via their comments to your posts. I wish we could all meet. I suspect we would all be fast friends.


I have no doubt!
I hoep one day we could… wouldn’t that be incredible… Imagine the chat… :)


I wish I could have expressed it with more finesse… Alas, I am too distracted with all this moving around me… but the sentiments are truly there… :)

emily @ TownAndCountryShuffle.com

You’ve expressed it with perfect finesse. It reads like poetry and it was a treat to read…thank you for the kind words. I think we all walked a little bit taller today. lol …

Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

This is incredibly beautiful, Vicki.

I think we should give ourselves more credit in this life. You’re right… we’re fabulous and we should keep remind ourselves of that!

Thank you for making me feel good about myself today! And thank you so much for your visit. It was a very nice surprise!!! :-)

Big hugs to you, my friend.

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

PS: Every time I wear the perfume you sent to me, I feel a little more fabulous! ;-) Thanks again!!! :-)

Bungalow hostess

I found myself in your post thoughts.
Cashmere and pearls and jeans and more.
Nice to start my day with your wonderful words.
Enjoy your blog immensely!

Barnali Guha

This is a special treat to read.. I almost felt presumptious and checked all this in my head. I wish I was all that, but I modestly am all of those. A french essence woman also loves specialty tea, J Crew and anything lavender :) This is beautiful, Vicki. thank you!

Tina from Tampa

Vicky…Your prose is so eloquent, it often reads poetic!

So many readers sharing your impeccable style!

I may not stand out in this crowd…but I’m happy to remain indistinguishable!


All of it is indeed me, except for the morning coffee. While I do enjoy a cup now and then, I am foremost a tea drinker. But you described me down to the pearls and gardens otherwise. Thanks for this!

Linda Hanselman

To. a. tee! Thank you Vicki. This made me feel good about myself today.


What a lovely group to be a part of. Sadly, I am catching up on blog reading and have not yet read yesterday’s post. I’ll be sure to read the comments when I do.


I’d like to think I fall into that category of woman, or I strive to… you have the talented way of making me feel as if I do (in my own small ways). I love starting out my day reading your wonderful, descriptive words and seeing the beautiful photos or sayings. It always gets me thinking and dreaming….It makes me feel a little lighter, feminine, and well, a little French. :-)


Thank-you Vicki for your inspiration! After reading your post yesterday and responding, I continued throughout the day thinking of all that I love. What a beautiful way to spend the day. I ended my day with such gratitude. I enjoyed reading all the replies and kept hearing myself say, “Oh yes, me too!” Your brilliant!


Aren’t women wonderful! I feel an affinity every day in French Essence and the responses. I don’t often have time to comment but I too shake my head in agreement and often feel that someone has expressed my thoughts perfectly. Aren’t we the lucky ones, we women, who can with a few words or a picture reach each other’s souls. I often rail against technology and it’s lack of personal contact but I must acknowledge the beautiful gift it has brought into my life each morning in the posts of your French Essence and it’s women.

La Contessa

YES!YES!YES! That is all of us…………beautiful deduction after reading the comments.I had the same thought this will help you know us better!I loved that assignment.You have a beautiful group of ladies that follow you VICKIE!You are a GEM!

Elizabeth Wagner

Well, this describes me to a ‘T’, so I’m happy to count myself among the group. Unfortunately there seem to be major differences in the number of ‘resources’ sitting in our two bank accounts preventing this ‘French Essence Woman’ from enjoying at quite the level you appear to. Hey – if you got it, go for it!


Thank you! Vicki, I am obviously in tune with fabulous people. My sojourn in Villefranche has been a joy in so far as meeting other people from … Everywhere…who have also read your blog and your books….now to explore the wider Provençe…


Vicki, you have such a beautiful way with words… I would love to know any and all of the Women of Essence you describe…!


What a beautiful and generous summary of your readers. It creates a inspirational image of ageless class and style.


Every morning I go straight to French Essence,before( my cup of tea) and immerse myself in your beautiful words that take me to Flea markets,villages,olive groves and more. You share so much with all of us,and loved by all. Thank you and all the lovely ladies …….


Wow! I was amazed at how many of these characteristics I could identify with! No wonder I’ve been enjoying French Essence for almost two years now … Thank you, Vicki!

Karen in CT

.. all throughout the long drive back today, I thought of yesterdays’s post and my contribution .. what would I have changed, what did I forgot that others remembered … it was a brilliant post … thanks so much

Karen in CT

Meredith Donkin

I am drinking my morning coffee, wearing Jo Malone {English Pear & Freesia}, listening to some of my favourite music, emailing friends, working out a menu plan for the week ahead…. Now, if only I can convince my middle-class foundations that it is imperative for me to purchase cashmere when we visit Paris this June, I will be on my way, non?

Love this list Vicki and your beautiful, generous heart. Thanks for always giving us a spring in our step. Meredy xo


Vicki, I agree with all of the above comments, you are the epitome of a French Essence Woman, and we are all happy to be part of your experience. Thank you for all you do to inspire us.
Dallas, Texas


Vicki, I wanted to thank you for your posts – I love opening them each morning, and, even though I don’t comment much online I feel so privileged to be part of such a lovely SPECIAL group of women (and sometimes men). Thanks again! (Oh, and for what it’s worth, I would add my violin to my list along with practically everything everyone else has suggested! Mary-Jill xo

PS. I wonder if you could do a post on how you (and all the other gals) get motivated to create what they create. I am self publishing my ebook in print form and it’s taking me so LONG to get it perfect – am I being too hard on myself I wonder? What do you do to get your books out? Thank you!!


Great idea for a post… I shall think it through and write something soon… :)


Postscript: I would LOVE for us all to meet up, somewhere, somehow. Wouldn’t that be such a hoot! What a great idea …

Esther-D. Abad

Vicki apologize for writing in Spanish, my English is not good enough. From now on, if that’s all of you, every time you type Google will do with translation, we know it’s not perfect but better than me. If you a problem, please let me know.
However …
I had a good time playing to think … which led me to think beyond the 10 things important to me, where he stayed the rest? = Reflection = I have become a woman too shallow?? Where did I leave the great conversations, charity, commitment, spirituality, solidarity, delivery, laughter, complicity, the touch of loved ones, indulgence … perhaps will always be with me without needing space suitcase …? I’d like to think so.
Thank you.
Esther-D. Abad


Yep the French Essence Tribe has become a force to be reckoned with, led by our gracious Tribal Chief. Thank you Vicki, I’ll take that description of the typical FEW except for the Can Sew bit, have been expelled from every sewing circle in Australia!
Millie xx
P.S. You’ll have to do a French Essence Man description for our friend David Terry!


LOL Millie… No sewing from this woman either!
David has been strangely quiet of late… He is possibly sick of all my girly musings… ;) xv


Amazing words..how very true…oh to have been “born” FRench….and not have to SEARCH for STYLE,,V


To be a part of your list made my day. …
being realistic enough to know that is all a bit
overstated and be proud of some attributes we
really have and called ” just women”, not perfect but wonderful in their imperfection too. Great
style of writing Vicky.


Oh, it’s not just me…there are others out there who love the things I do. Thank you, Vicki, for putting into words the things that lift me–music, gardens, beauty of all kinds…


What an interesting observation. I feel like am a little of those things from time to time, not in any order either. Some, I have let go of a long time ago, and some I aspire to become. Some just comes naturally which is a blessing and sometimes a surprise. However, I think most important is the confidence to know that if we are not all of the wonderful things you describe, that’s ok too. You, dear Vicki, lend us inspiration. I hope one day to be a fraction of the gracious woman, and remarkable human being that you are. xo

Sue Stirton

That was beautiful. It made my day reading that, I can relate to most of that and now I am very proud to be a French Essence Woman. I love your blog. I never miss reading it. Thank you Sue xxx


What a lovely manifesto to aspire to. I’m Australian but I think I must have been French in a past life….

Trish Murphy

Hello Vicki, A really wonderful and inspirational read today.Oh how you capture and enthrall us all with your words and musings.A list to aspire to and so many that I relate to.I hate sewing ! Thank you Vicki and I would love a Trilogy! XTrish


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