21 Jul 2011

Pizza In Provence

‘Wood’ fired pizza is popular in southern France…and generally it is the kind of meal that can’t go too wrong.

I like my pizzas with a thin, crispy and well done crust. I love generous lashings of tomato sauce on the base, not too much cheese and a mixture of toppings…with a little chilli oil sprinkled on for good measure and a handful of fresh rocket (arugua) to finish it off.

In most French villages there is a pizza van on standby…especially on market days or Friday nights…that seems to be the night…outside the local bar, ready to tempt hungry diners after their apero.

Our pizza van, Pierrot, who advertises that he has been in the same place since 1982, parks his van on the edge of the Boulevard Marceau near Place de la République.

The custom equipped vans are fitted with small gas ovens that give the pizzas a ‘wood fired’ taste – not quite as good as the real thing, but pretty delicious.

The pizza men roll and toss their dough and serve their customers behind a purpose built counter that drops down on the side of the van.

French pizzas can be anything from a simple margharita, the classic tomato and cheese, to a total taste sensation that includes every cholesterol laden cheese you can imagine plus a little creme fraiche for good measure.

If you are a meat eater or sea food lover then there are plenty of those to choose from too.

The vans sell by the slice, by the half and by the whole…you can even call beforehand and order… xv

Where do I  get the best pizza in St Rémy de Provence?

from the man in the van…..details above

Pizza Glanum
 to take away
14 Boulevard Marceau
13210 St Rémy de Provence
+33 4 90 92 24 29

La Cantina
to eat in
18 Boulevard Victor Hugo
13210 St Rémy de Provence
+33 4 90 90 90 60

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This has truly been a oh please stop post (in the nicest way).

I can honestly picture it, taste it and yes I would ask for more.
Gluttony = trouble I know – but truly, there is no pizza like this here. I do remember the pizza's I had in france and their competitors next door (in Italy) could only mildly to medium compare in similarity and taste.

Yum – photos needed next time please – picturing the wood fired base too.


Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle...

How I love that wood-fired pizza in France, in restaurants, or from the traveling vans like Pierrot's. We have just returned home but while we were there, my son's favorite was "La Regina" (the Marguerite or Margarita with ham and mushroom I believe. ) He had to have it several times a week while in France… and Spain. Mmmm… It's breakfast time in Seattle but your post made me crave for pizza! Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

Angie Muresan

Although I just woke up, I am suddenly craving a pizza. I consider pizza to be the perfect food: bread, sauce, cheese, veggies, meat, and even fruit. Where else can one get it all in one serving?


Pizza (good pizza, that is) is its own food group. You must eat some daily. Which I plan on doing, heartily, after this 10-day metabolic cleanse program I'm on is over. Three days to to…


I love my pizzas as you do but sadly no vans for us…we buy from trader joes, I believe they are italian and french pizzas- there is the everything pizza…delicious, there is the outrageously delicious french ham and onion and gruyere and the even better french champignon…all paper thin with very little cheese…we have pizza once a week but I feel I have to check that book of yours for better discipline xo


This reminds me of our food trucks in Los Angeles, but it is so much more romantic and appealing in France! My next goal will be to recreate the delicious pizza you just described- my mouth is watering….

French Heart

I love wood grilled pizzas, just as you describe. I recall a grilled arugula & prosciutto pizza at Francis Ford Coppola's restaurant with my son at lunch on his birthday. It would have been good regardless–amazing how a little thing like a pizza lunch can seem be transformed into otherly-world magic with one's son.


Mmmmm … Sounds so good. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I can only eat pizza that is homemade, or from a few select restaurants, as I am gluten intolerant :(


We had friends around on Saturday and decided on pizza. We normally order from a pizza takeaway, buy one get one free! But we ordered from the local man in a van pizza, absolutely wonderful pizza's

A wood fired pizza oven in a van, what would the UK healthy and safety police think of that.

Shell Sherree

Your wood-fired description reminds me of the little pie vans we used to have here ~ the pies had a smoky aroma and flavour that I've never again tasted since the vans eventually 'had their day'. I miss them! As for your pizzas, Vicki, they sound wonderful.

Ivy and Elephants

Oh, that does sound so yummy and I have been craving pizza as of late. But everything must taste a thousand times better when you're eating them in Paris!!!


It's so hard to stop at one slice when it's thin and crispy with the best cheese! I love a pizza Margarita – haven't thought of tossing arugula on top – will try that next time as I love those spicy leaves in my salads!

I'm supposed to be on Atkins, no pizza allowed – but it's Summer and far too hot to slave over hot stoves for hours – so a pizza on the outdoor grill is perfect.

Enjoy your Summer days Vicki – I'm off to Northern California soon – where hopefully I'll get some days under 100 degrees. We are literally roasting here!

Hugs – Mary

under spanish moss

Vicki, Pizza is one of my favorite foods. Now I have another reason to want to visit France. Why don't we have pizza van's in America? Someone should start that.


I must admit that i didnt succumb to Pizza while in France – although if i had read this it would surely had been a try.
Pizza needs that fresh hit as well as that greasy hit…..oh dear the regime is surely right out the window…if it is good does it matter?

French Home Decor

Mmmmm – love La Cantina (try the pizza with the shrimp and arugula), the pizza truck and our local pizza joint (Le Four a Bois in Maussane). merci for the post!


Dear Vicki,
The best pizza that we ever had was in Venice but, I think that Pierrot would definitely give it a run for its money. It is a real plus that they cook it in the van as, the likes of the high street pizza delivery establishment often arrive late and a little cold sometimes.
….. and, I think that when one is on a healthy eating regime, a slice or two of pizza now and again, really doesn't hurt.
Everything in moderation is my mantra.
ps: I'm a bit of a pizza purist and my favourite is a Margharita !! XXXX

The enchanted home

In all my visits to Paris I never once tried pizza, and it appears I am missing out! Even your pizza vans are charming and fashionable…….but of course! Love my pizza exactly as you do, paper thin crust slightly crispy, great toppings, a good amount of sauce, ultra fresh cheese well melted..oh boy, this is not a good conversation its only 6:30 am and I am already craving pizza!! Bon Appetit!

helen tilston

Vicki, that sounds absolutely delicious.

Like you, I try and limit my intake of pizza. Last week on a walk I stopped by my favourite pizza place an took a slice which was sliced in two. I gave a homeless man one half and enjoyed the second. Less guilt ha ha

Lost in Provence

I am late to this as I am in the middle of a move…sigh…and so have been eating a ton of pizza as our four isn't working yet. I have Pierrot's card in our car as I have been meaning to try it! The last time that I passed by their weekly special was something like rebluchon, lardons, pommes de terre et miel!


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