16 Jul 2019

The Grey Diaries: Maintain And Refrain

The Grey Diaries: Maintain and Refrain

The key to maintain is to refrain.

When it comes to growing in the grey.

Maintenance in hair care is no different from any other area we need to look after; cautious, regular and considered are the principles I work towards.

Going grey can be wonderful freedom but a torturous process.

It’s high maintenance on the journey and low maintenance once you arrive where you want to be.

My hair is so easy to care for but it wasn’t always. It took time to get here and a load of patience. Every month, I either wanted to cut it all off or re-colour and now I don’t give the colouring any thought but it has taken time to sit comfortably with this.

The journey to a full healthy head of silver is easier if:

Acceptance is part of your vocabulary.

A desire and excitement for the outcome is 100%; embrace and welcome the newfound freedom.

Maintenance is a given and a regular cut and blow-dry are seen as a reward, not a punishment. Haircuts may be more frequent for the growing out period so choose a hairstylist you enjoy and go with it.

An investment now is a saving later; hair care and excellent products make everything better.

Refrain from more colour and stay strong. The idea of the inspired photo gallery comes in here.

Don’t listen to doubters; agree to disagree. We are not all in agreement and there is no correct answer.

Treat yourself; try new hair accessories, switch up the style.

Going grey is just as much about the small practical switches as it is about the emotional changes.

It is fraught with conflicted feelings and second-guessing but it is also a time to celebrate us,

to grow our self-confidence and to celebrate the release. xv

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It is a journey I do not regret. My hair is short so my journey was not as long as yours. But, like you, there were times I wanted to give up, but I liked what I was seeing so I kept on going. I am very happy with my hair. Yours looks amazing too.


if I would decided to get grey I will only do it for freedom. Now I have to colour my
hair every 3-4 weeks (roots only) and this made my hair looking dull apart from some
scalp problems I got although my hairdresser use natural products. If I would have known all these problems before I would never started to colour my hair. You encouraged me and perhaps I will let it regrow , just need to find a practical way for the time
in between. I have a bob style jaw length. Do you have any idea?


Letting it grow out is hard, I know… I started by adding a few highlights (low or light depending on colouring) to break the “stripe” of grey… it helped me and also I kept cutting it every month, so my cut was fresh even if I felt the colour was less than ideal.


I agree. I just noticed that almost all of the layers from my short cut are gone. I’m sporting a short bob for now with bangs, but my vision is to get my hair as long as yours, one length but with bangs. My greys are subtle and from a distance, you can’t even see them. My situation was first growing out my hair; now that it’s getting to the length I want, I think the gorgeous greys en masse will be FUN to watch and style!


Yes! For sure… and congratulations on getting to one length, Anita… I know it was a challenge as you wear your hair short and in a bob… The greys will look gorgeous, as and when they come :)


I’m thinking of dying my hair grey to match my roots which is a lovely grey and just let it grow out from there. No touch ups needed as my roots are 💯 grey and I colour 2 to 3 weeks anyway now. I hope that plan can work.


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