10 Aug 2011

the grown-up girl’s play room….

Sometimes the ‘girly girl-ness’ of a space is what we need to warm and cosy up our day. This dressing room, designed as if it were a personal boudoir, just seemed to me to be the perfect space to take five….

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image taken at lena hoschek – vicki archer

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Oh, I would love to escape to such a pretty boudoir. I'm planning on incorporating a little escape in our renovation plans. Just got to figure out the best way to keep the children out!
Clare x

helen tilston

Good Morning Vicki
The room evokes memories of my Aunt's house in the west of Ireland. Much loved items collected over a lifetime.

hostess of the humble bungalow

I have a great book By Chris Madden "A Room of Her Own" which I delight in perusing…we all need a personal space even if it is just a drawer or shelf with items that inspire and nurture.
A dressing room is out of the question here in our small bungalow…
from what I see you can play dress up in style!
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I used to have a dressing room – a narrow little bedroom adjacent to mine. When I bought the house, my Dad and brother knocked out the wall between the rooms and put in sliding French doors. I had a couch, my armoire and a sweet stand mirror in there.

But in October, I made the decision to create a space for my writing and turned my dressing room into my office. I love it even more. It's become a private little escape for dreaming, creating, being who I am. Much better than a dressing room! (photos here: http://amykortuem.blogspot.com/2010/10/im-in-my-office.html)

Castles Crowns and Cottages

Oh yes…..I have my own girly space with French doors, marble fireplace, chandelier, my harp, a linen settee and crystal candelabras. OH YEAH, a girl has to have her space!

Lovely photo, Vicki! Anita

Gregory Mowery

I wouldn't mind that room if it were a bit more pulled together. The mid-century black chair clashes badly with the elegant little slipper chair and the small cabinet in-between looks like it was thrown in there after its time had passed in another room. The pictures in bad frames randomly nailed to the wall does nothing for that retreat either. And the lighting fixture in the corner also looks like an afterthought.

The idea of this room is a good one–a luxury for a woman with it's big mirror and all the other girly touches would make sense, but who would want to retreat to this mess of a room? Where's a big comfortable chair to sit in? And better lighting. Find a larger table (that has enough space for a glass, or a tea or coffee cup, magazines, a book or two or paper and pen). What the point of spending all that money on lavish curtains and expensive wall paper and not finish the room.

Sorry–this photo isn't working for me.


Love this beautiful dressing room! We both had boudoirs on the brain today – and instead of take five, I chose a different tune (a little jazz joke). I of course am following you!,


What a beautifully lovely room! I think every woman could do quite well by herself in space like that…must look to build my own soon!


I look forward every day to getting your latest post. I love them all! Sue in Florida

p.s. My Google acc't isn't working, so I have to use 'anonymous'. :)


Vicki, those curtains are simply divine. They make you want to reach out and touch them. Gorgeous


Absolutely glorious and a world away from my stark white, I want to go and re-decorate. The pistachio green on the wallpaper makes me think of macaroons – again. I love your posts arriving in my inbox, thank you. xoxo

under spanish moss

Dear Vicki,
We are in love with the feminine colors and room of relaxation! Of course we are followers and stalking fans! LOL

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Renee and Angela

Shell Sherree

Lena's dressing rooms are magnificent, Vicki. I think she'd have to gently prise me out of there, I'd nestle in so thoroughly. Speaking of boudoir inspiration, my own boudoir really needs some attention…


Yes please Vicki, one for me, thank you. :)

The first thing I would do is shut those curtains
and pin a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the other side. :)

Jeanne xxx


Hello, I believe this is my first visit to your lovely blog. That room is very welcoming.
I have become your newest follower.


Wow wow wee wa (Borat's voice)!!!! This is gorgeous and I love it!!! I think I will do up my dressing room with the same design but in purple. I go for dark colours actually.


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