10 Mar 2016

The “Hero Piece”: Burberry


The hero piece; can you guess?

There are pieces in the wardrobe that frequently save the day; let’s call them “heroes”

Since when has an item of clothing been a “hero”?

I call on the “hero” when I am rushed, when I can’t make up my mind, when nothing suits because I am in one of those moods and when I need a reliable outcome, a fail-safe solution.

Who thought getting dressed could be so fraught?

Burberry, The Hero Piece, vickiarcher.com
Burberry, The Hero Piece, vickiarcher.comBurberry, The Hero Piece, vickiarcher.com



I am speaking a little tongue-in-cheek and having a bit of fun with this “hero” idea but actually it is true; I have pieces in my wardrobe that I do consider in this way.

Not every piece is a “hero”.

To be in this category there are strict criteria.

A “hero” must be classic, an investment piece that is timeless. It needs to be flattering and to make me feel on top of the world, to give me a certain level of confidence. The “hero” should be practical and be suitable for many occasions; it is a piece to travel with, to wear every day and to love.



Yes, the “hero” in my life is the trench coat.

I don’t want to say how long I have been wearing the trench, longer than I can remember and I have replaced my Burberry only once; more for vanity than necessity. I have a great fondness and sentimentality for the trench; when I picture my father and I think of him often, he is wearing his light coloured trench.

The trench has taken me everywhere and never let me down. It has been discreet when I needed a little flattery; the trench is a very slimming shape and can take pounds off in seconds.

Nordstrom invited me to curate their Burberry collection this season and I will admit to being tempted by their dress and jacket collection. As I browsed my thoughts kept coming back to the trench. If there is one Burberry garment that is the “hero“, the must-have, it is the trench coat.

The trench is my “hero” piece. And yours? xv

The “Hero” Piece

burberry kensington long trench   //  **burberry sandringham long trench  //  burberry sandringham slim trench

images burberry (with a little graphic play from my giulia and reagan)

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Taste of France

I agree. I have a longer trench, just enough so that what I wear under it doesn’t peek out. It was perfect when I had to fly to the U.S. last fall and the weather swung from very mild to snow–I simply added or subtracted the liner.
I’d like a short one as well, for when I want to look less formal. I am tempted by a cherry red, instead of the classic khaki, just to brighten things up.


Yes! The red is gorgeous and looks great over everything too…
A neutral of sorts… :)

Anita Rivera

YOU came to my rescue just at this moment, Vicki! I was wondering what to wear today, but it’s official now: MY TRENCH! Oh what a great and fun post today! Anita


I often find the trnch is my go-to when I am lost for inspiration… Glad you found yours, Anita.. :)

Mimi Gregor

My “hero” piece would be the LBD I bought at Ann Taylor last year. It’s a sleeveless sheath dress, and very fitted, with darts and maybe a little magic, because it makes my boyish figure look like it has curves. I always feel chic and glamourous when I wear it.


Thank you, Mimi… I think you just worked out my #2 article for this new series.. :)


LOL! I LOVED your pics with the blurbs – So Funny. I wanted more – really! Love your sense of humour, Vicki! Your chosen hero is a real workhorse. Reminds me of the coat I wear practically everyday in the late Fall through all of winter and into beginning of Spring ( at least 6 to 7 months of the year – yeah, it’s that cold here where I live). Not any where as as classy as your trench, but it “gets the job done.” It Covers me well – is sort of like a seasonal chameleon in how it looks ( is it a Fall coat? Is it a Winter coat? Yes and yes! And, if I am running errands, I really don’t have to worry about what I am really wearing underneath this coat. By the way, Vicki, did Nordstrom give you a Burberry of some sort for all your work? Hope they did!


I have had a red trench for a few years and it sat in my closet – then I had it shortened to just above knee length – very sassy with slim black slacks and high heels. So happy I did it – and I am wearing it out tonight to dinner. It is such a classic piece and now it is more youthful.


I have a vintage Halston black faille cloth trench that I adore. It has a feminine slim fit and works beautifully from morning to night. I had it shortened to knee length last season. It’s still in excellent condition and I plan to wear it forever.


I love my McQueen scarf (I have it in two colours, blk & cream.. white, rose & green) I just had to have them, I love sculls !
I wear them often and always feel finished… x


My husband used to buy me gorgeous handbags. Often bags that I had not seen or mentioned liking. So imagine my surprise one Christmas when I opened that box and there was a beautiful, butter soft black leather Burberry bag . It is perfect, a bit larger than a clutch .. shoulder strap .. I always think of him when I carry it and how adorable he looked when I opened that present, he was so good at surprising me .


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