5 Dec 2018

The “One For You, One For Me” Holiday Gift Guide

The One For You, One For ME Holiday Gift Guide on vickiarcher.com

A great gift is not only one you have thoughtfully chosen but one you would like yourself.

Okay, I’m in.

These 24 bright ideas are very much in my mind and trying to be consistent with my theme of practicality, most but not all, fit in. Some are divinely inspiring, some are practical and sensible and some are simply fun. Who said being practical couldn’t be fun.

As for the boys; they will have to wait. xv

From The Top

The One For You, One For Me Holiday Gift Guide on vickiarcher.com



Go red, go bright and wear often. The red lip duo ornament is one I would like to hang on our tree.

Fleece lined socks and with pom-poms; what’s not to want.  Seashell pink and cream, please.

Hip Hop earrings from Roxanne Assoulin because they brighten up everything.

Christmas candy stripes in pyjamas; comfortable and cute. I always need new PJ’s.

You had me at Essence of Neroli; Chanel’s Les Eaux Paris – Venise. Heavenly.

Buzz, buzz, buzzy; practical and adorable.

Seriously, don’t even get me started on this. Sussane Kauffman is my beauty guru and this will be my hostess gift of 2018 whenever I need.

Burn one stick every week; a gift of good karma.

What on earth is a “sprocket“? Why of course it is instant memories.

This tote, a practical suggestion by nature; a romantic colour of choice.

Scented magic, called Philae, from Cire Trudon.

Rose gold, ruby and diamonds; serious, serious and more serious. Practical because with these we need nothing more.

The One For You, One For Me Holiday Gift Guide on vickiarcher.com



Sleep well and sleep longer; honestly, these are a game changer.

And trainers – how many pairs are too many? Know their size and the shopping is done.

Just because I am dropping a serious hint here. If you are reading- Yes, please. Medium would be just perfect.

Celebrate all day, every day with our birthstones in pride of place. I love this idea for all the younger girls in our lives.

The Only Story from Man Booker Prize winner Julian Barnes; what gift guide is complete without a great read.

Triangulate in red. Mansur Gavriel gives new meaning to the idea of “bag lady”.

The Christmas Tree is not the only thing in need of decoration. Mexican magic.

Practicality and necessity; The Laundress, knows good care.

Can you tell I have a crush on pink and on earrings?

The Gucci loafer – when only the best will do.

With love from xv. Give one, wear many.

The best sunglasses of 2018. In case they (read you) are heading towards sunshine these holidays.


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I’ll take it ALL! I do especially love the earrings and that pink jacket!


Yes, they could easily be my downfall, Anita.. ;)
I am bewitched by that gentle shade of blush..


So much pretty! I bought a similar and more budget friendly pair of Raybans, if anyone is looking at the sunglasses for themselves. I mean as a gift. :)


What a great list! The Armani red is a definite for me and the Sprocket for my daughter. Once again, thank you Vicki!!!


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