21 Jan 2016

The Immune System: Time For A Boost

5 Ways To Boost The Immune System, vickiarcher.com

It’s time to start thinking about our immune system and give a helpful push along.


There are no surprises or quick fixes when it comes to protecting our immune system. If you are like me a little reminder can go a long way to kick starting a healthy new year.

I don’t believe it is an exaggeration to say immune is everything. If our immune system is in top shape then we can deal with most things thrown our way.

5 Ways To Boost The Immune System, vickiarcher.com5 Ways To Boost The Immune System, vickiarcher.com

5 Ways To Boost The Immune System

  1. 1. We are what we eat.
  2. After the indulgence of the holidays adding extra doses of antioxidants through our diet is an immediate boost to the immune system. Balanced diets with plenty of Vitamin C, A, D and E eaten regularly will go a long way to preventing colds and flu. Not to mention iron rich foods and folic acid.

  3. Stock up on red and blue berries, add a few walnuts and Brazil nuts to the daily diet and there can never be enough leafy greens on the plate. Don’t forget leeks, lettuce and kale as another excellent antioxidant. Apart from the vitamin rich content, green vegetables are a good source of calcium and magnesium. Popeye was smarter than he looked.

  4. Don’t underestimate the value of orange.
  5. Sweet potato and carrots are very good sources of A.
  6. Try some dry baked sweet potato fries with a dusting of paprika; they are seriously delicious.

  7. Whole grains; forget the white flour, it’s not our friend.

  8. Drink more green tea and fight any inflammation.

  9. Beans, beans and more beans. Soybeans, kidney beans, black beans and lentils are calcium, zinc and selenium friendly.

  10. Fish, steamed or baked and not fried.
  11. Omega 3 fatty acids are useful to prevent inflammatory disease and to avoid coronary heart disease. More organic sardines, salmon, oysters, mackerel, tuna steak, wild rainbow trout and herring.

  12. It is very tough to manage enough Omega 3 if you are not a fan of the sea.

  13. 2. To take or not to take vitamin supplements?

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have particular “vitamin” routines that work well for you and give the required additions to the diet?

Probiotic live bacteria and yeasts would seem to be the right idea. These good bacteria are essential to gut health and a strong immune system.

3. Let’s get physical.

Regular exercise eliminates the toxins, elevates the metabolism and makes the skin glow. We know we need to do more and it is not about finding the time it is about making the time.

4. Sweet dreams.

Sleeping well is essential to keep immune strong. The old fashioned wisdom, early to bed and early to rise wasn’t as silly as it sounded.

5. Eliminate stress.

This needs no comment but when all else fails, breathe. xv

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Mimi Gregor

Although I try to eat a balanced diet, I do take supplements — scads of them. The way I see it, trying to balance everything you eat on a daily basis is like doing calculus. I don’t want to have to plan my meals for the week any more anally than I already do. I already have to plan around what I’m doing that day and how much time I have to cook. I also try to balance out the type of meats and sides so it doesn’t get repetitive. And I don’t want to repeat something I made just last week. If I also had to factor in vitamins, my head would explode! So, yeah… it’s easier to take the supplements, and if it gives me the most expensive urine on the planet, so be it.


Vicki is spot on with her advice. I’m also with Mimi on the subject of supplements.. I love my supplements and I take scads of them, daily. There are many, but one of the most important for anti aging is a combo of hyaluronic acid and collagen in capsule form. It helps keep my skin plumped and my joints limber.

Gigi Thibodeau

This post is timed perfectly for where I’m at this winter, Vicki. I seriously kicked up my commitment to working out and eating right in 2015, and it was a really joyous process . . . until I got sick this past fall. I was traveling a lot, hopping on planes, getting off my regular sleep and workout routine, and I think my immune system just couldn’t keep up. I got one horrible cold in the fall, recovered slowly, and then, a few weeks later, caught another cold that lasted through the whole holiday season. I had to very gradually start working out again in early January. Now I’m back to my routine, but boy, was that a lesson. I’m not 25 anymore; I can’t just forgo sleep, hop from one country to another each week, while also keeping up with my job and all the other commitments in my life. And eating right is the biggest piece in all this for me. I don’t eat meat, but I do eat fish, and steamed wild salmon and/or whitefish are in my diet every week. Now I’m working on upping my fresh, raw veggie intake. I find that making nut butters in my food processor ensures that I get plenty of nuts. I’d love to hear what others are doing for vitamin supplements. I take a daily multi-vitamin, but now that I’m almost 50, I feel like I should be doing something more.

Thanks for a wonderful post, Vicki! xo Gigi


Whatever our age we can always improve Gigi… I am not nearly as vigilant as I would like.. too many fits and spurts… but when I get home from this trip (like you, so much moving about) I am really focussing… :)


Vicki, excellent timing for me this article of yours – I need a kick in the pants, for sure. I started the New Year okay, but it only lasted 2 days. Yes, you read right. Am back to old habits and keep saying to myself that I shall start tomorrow again. Don’t know why I am having a hard time with this – it is for my own good health in the end. I am doing one thing right, though, I am taking my supplements and my main meals are always made from scratch with organic produce. I think COQ10, fish oils, Vitamins B12, C and D and Magnesium are really important as are probiotics and I do take some Milk Thistle , Avena Sativa and Ashwagandha tinctures too, for stress. I should be doing more detoxing and less stressing for sure. Thanks for your post, Vicki – really needed that.


Fran you sound as if you are on the right track to me… I am surrounded by far too much deliciousness in Aspen right now… ;)


Good post! especially for this time of year when it’s harder to eat right. I’ve taken vitamin supplements for years but recently started taking flaxseed oil capsules also and found my extremely thin hair has filled in — absolutely amazing and I encourage anyone that has thinning hair to try it!


Fabulous advice… I think flaxseeds are good for all us.. whether our hair needs a boost or not.
My nails are the problem.. they really need help!

Jane Dunning

Very many years ago, my optician recommended a multi-vitamin. I followed her advice and the by-product was that I didn’t catch colds etc when people all around me caught everything that was going, I worked with teenage/early 20s university students and this really high-lighted how myself and a colleague who also took a multi-vitamin avoided such ailments. I therefore have some belief in them… Best regards, Vicki – enjoy Aspen!


The timing was great for this article as this is Day 10 for me of a 10-day sugar detox and I feel great! The positive results of a detox are better sleep, weight loss, clearer skin, more energy, mental clarity, etc. All of the food choices are OK for me except for the grains and legumes. I do take supplements — Omega Q Plus, vitamin D and E and Citracal. Since I live at the Oregon coast, I eat plenty of fish including Dungeness crab. My glass of wine in the evening was hard to give up on the detox! Thank you, Vicki, for your posting healthy choices in eating for beginning the new year!!


That’s me when I get home, Saundra… I want to do a sugar detox… I did do that a year ago and it was fabulous.


Biotin is fantastic for nails – this I discovered quite by accident two years ago, when biotin supplements were recommended to me for other reasons and after a month or two of taking one small biotin capsule daily, I noticed my nails were strong! And long! I urge you to try biotin if your nails need strengthening!!!

Anita Rivera

Oh dear, I am LATE! But I agree wholeheartedly with you here. I eat all of these things and thank goodness, it has been beneficial. I can attest to the power of berries (the darker, the better), I eat tons of greens and beans…..So far, so good. Yes, we must always, always take care of ourselves from the INSIDE OUT. Have a lovely day dearest Vicki! Anita


Hello Vicki
I am a great believer in eating both vitamin and omega3 rich foods – the super foods- beans and broccoli every evening,and taking daily supplements vitamins c,a,d,e b12 and evening primrose, coQ10, gingko bilboa, and a new one called gotu cola supposed to be good for inflammation and veins ( maybe for frequent flight hopping?)
I am reading all your comments with great interest, in case if any of your readers have any recommendations for natural supplements for the change of life…As synthetic hormones are not for me.
I so admire you for detoxing, and keeping to minimum sugar. I do try to do this, but I must say Id give it up for a week in Aspen …..Life is short dear Vicki, enjoy your time there :)
Sally xx

cindy hattersley

Vicki this is such a timely post for me as I have not been minding my health as I should due to being bogged down with elder care. Your posts are always so insightful and your readers comments always spot on. I don’t normally read comments but you have such a great group of readers we are well served to do so! Enjoy Aspen!


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