5 Sep 2011

the last rays of a Provencal summer…

As the light softens , the lavender is all but over and the sound of the cicadas disappear…the summer has passed, almost as quickly as she came…
Autumn here we come…
Can you believe it?

image – vicki archer

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Linda Carswell

I adore the lighting in that photo Vicki…..it is a promise of things to come for us. We are having some beautiful Spring days, but I do long for Summer.
Enjoy your Autumn…!

Blue Fruit

You do have one of the most calming and peaceful gardens I have seen, Vicki. So simple and restful. Well your loss is our gain, as we welcome spring with both arms outstretched. Promise to look after summer for you, and send her back next April!

Cathy Louise

Oh wow Vicki, that is such a gorgeous photo…It is a crisp day here in Aus….just getting over the flu so can't wait to get outside and enjoy spring…love c xoxoxox


Just beautiful, Vicki. The light, rocky Alpilles make the most lovely backdrop for a garden in the world (I think so, anyway!).

Francesca Muir

And from other end of the world in Sydney the days are already balmy, the mornings bright and the birds are happy – Spring is here and Summer just around the corner! I love your books and Carla's photography. I have just joined the blogging world and am so happy to have found your blog. Have added you to my blog list – hope you don't mind. Francesca


I know so well your Provence…
Every tikme I look at your pictures is like to smell and see in front of me my Provence.
I have to decide to change my life and come where you live…
Your books are AMAZING!
Bisou, Babi

The enchanted home

No I can't believe it, and its definitely bitter sweet to say goodbye to summer and hello to falls glory. I will miss the relaxed unstructured days of summer but enjoy the beauty and crisp air that is ushered in with fall, hope you do the same!


Listening to the cicadas always means summer to me- I never tire of it. But, you're right, they are starting to fade.

Vicki- what kind of tree is in the foreground, slightly to the left of center?

under spanish moss

Vicki, this image is so beautiful. We are longing to visit Provence. It's hard to believe that it is time for autumn already. The light has softened here but the weather is still extremely hot. Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Angela and Renee


I love your provencal paradise!
PS: I have read most of your lovely posts, sorry for not always commenting, I am with you most of the time….
Hold on to your summer memories!
Send off my boy to college back again, also bittersweet, a sure proof summer is closing!


Vicki, every time I visit you I am so inspired and calmed, you put everything into perspective for me, much like Andrea and Pamela.

Art by Karena

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle...

I bet your garden looks beautiful in the fall too even though les cigales have gone. Amazing light. Seattle is getting ready for fall also. The scenery will pretty much stay the same (merci les evergreen trees) but the sky will get much, much darker soon. For now, t'is Labor Day weekend. Warm temperatures in the forecast for the next few days so fall will just have to wait. Bon weekend Vicki. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)


I can believe it and it's about time. I have the windows open today for the first time in a long time. The breeze is cool, the air smells so fresh. And yesterday when I was running I saw some sumac leaves already starting to turn red.

Good riddance, summer. I'm so done with you!


Your home is beautiful Vicki and a credit to you – this photo reminds me of my perfect time in the wonderful South of France. I would be back in a heart beat.

Calico Child

What a view & I bet so dramatic when autumn kicks in Spring has just begun in QLD so looking forward to see all the flowers out before the hot sun kicks in :)

Painted Furniture

Aahhh! I love the end of summer and the glimpse into fall. My living in Florida puts the change out of the question but your photoalmost made me feel I could smell the air. Thank you.

Trish Murphy

What a dreamy picture of your stunning garden. I long to see the beautiful lavender of Provence again. I am so happy here in Sydney to be embracing Spring, the Jasmine is in the air the
magpies are in the garden looking for worms and ready to start dive bombing.It seems as if it was only a couple of weeks ago that you were sharing your lovely preparations for Christmas in Provence. It is such a great start to the day to see what you have been up to.
Enjoy the AutumnI will look forward to more divine picture of your garden. x


Such a beautiful view,lovely in any season no doubt. We are just going into Spring, two of my favourite seasons, spring and autumn.

I had a lovely birthday yesterday and was given your beautiful book French Essence. I am so looking forward to sitting outside in the Spring sunshine with a nice cup of tea and indulging myself in a good read. Thank you for sharing x


Hi Vicki, Such a beautiful, almost nostalgic photo. No I can't believe that summer is almost over; here in LA it will be hot for another 6-8 weeks. I would guess that you are getting ready for the olive harvest…..wishing you blessings. Mary

Lost in Provence

No, I can't believe it! This summer was all about moving for us and so I didn't get to appreciate it much at all–not even one trip to Beauduc!

Your garden is just so wonderful Vicki, the best of all that is the Alpilles…

Bon Dimanche!


Dear Vicki – gorgeous photo…I just looked outside this morning and everything is 'yellowing' around the edges! The garden is looking somewhat unkempt and the roses are all blown and petals falling. I can't believe it either…summer is all but over and autumn is waiting in the wings…hope you are having a happy weekend x

Callie Grayson

The photo is stunning with all that light at the top! I can not believe how quickly this summer has gone by and I am amazed at the coolness when I get up to walk my pup!!!
Autumn is coming! and coming fast.

Sweet Freak

Sigh. That image makes me weak in the knees. One of my favorite trips last year was to Arles. I would have loved to have gotten back to Provence this summer… especially after that view. Alors, I should be happy enough to be back in Paris for the second time this year. But, no, I'm never ready for summer to be over…

French Heart

Gorgeous view! Here in Carmel-by-the-Sea the end of summer means fog giving way to September-December blue sky days. So am OK with 'summer' leaving–for we'll be seeing more sun!

Blue Muse

It is such a romantic time of year. Summer fades, Autumn blows in – the air is crisp with anticipation of all the beautiful things ahead.
Gorgeous photo, beautiful words. I love your world. Thank you for always visiting mine. It means so much to me.
xo isa

shiree segerstrom

Now is the time to grab those last warm days out of doors. Find a park, enjoy your patio, serve dinners outside, or breakfast, and catch those last hikes around the lake. Summer ends too soon. Shiree'

Ivy Clad

Beautiful view! I always think the cicadas sound like they are mourning the end of summer. Then they're gone and summer is too. Lovely post, as always.

Jacqueline @ HOME

What a lovely image Vicki…..I am very envious !! You live in such a stunningly beautiful place.
As you probably know, August in the UK was very wet so, I'm hoping for better things in September.
Have a lovely week Vicki. XXXX

helen tilston

Hello Vicki- Your garden has that look that says "have I stories to tell you of what happened here this summer and the memories that were made I will don my Autumn cloak shortly and my winter of purity and whiteness will delight you, followed by the soft green of spring. I promise to continue to delight you Vicki"

Helen xx


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