27 Feb 2014

The Leather ‘Must Have’

If there is one enduring piece in my wardrobe it’s my leather jacket.

I know I’ve mentioned it before.

Right about now, I long to dump the heaviness of overcoats and the bulkiness of layers… I look forward to wearing a lighter weight.

Leather jackets are brilliant for the in-between and totally wearable for women of all ages…

It’s just a question of detail…

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My rule is this...

The older we get, the less decorative detail and embellishment we want to wear.

Younger women look fabulous adorned… even ‘overly’ adorned…. not for me, less is decidedly more.


I believe we want to take an elegant approach… to be up to date with fashion but not at war with it.

We want to manipulate the trends to suit our look… not be bent out of shape by the desire to fit in.


If you haven’t already… overhaul your wardrobe with a leather jacket… simple, practical and stylish.

The one piece that I wear constantly… the right leather jacket doesn’t date, it can be dressed up or down and most importantly a leather jacket makes you feel chic.


Who doesn’t want that? xv


The Leather Must Have

the best, best buys

**the muuba //  **the t by alexander wang  from the outnet 

 **the cusp from neiman marcus 

and ♥ the bethina and the odina by karl lagerfeld // the etoile by isabel marant from net a porter

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Anita Rivera

I AGREE. Less is more, and just the right “less” is vital to pulling it off. I look better now than ever, because I’ve shaved down the embellishments. I will always however, love a chunky necklace but instead of wearing chunky earrings with it, I have opted for only ONE item of focus. A leather jacket IS the perfect transition from freezing cold to chilly, and I had two leather jackets that I wore done to a nub!

These days I a so enjoying my longer locks as well. For at least 20 years, I’ve worn my hair short, and now, I am enjoying the brilliance of some grays coming in, flowing with the rest of my gunmetal black hair. Oh how we learn to love ourselves even more as we grow up.

Thank you Vicki for the encouragement! Love, Anita


IT’s true Anita… If I only knew then what I know now… :)
Now there is another idea for our chats…

Heather in Arles

I was a bit saddened to try on one of my vintage biker jackets-it is an amazing piece, an original from the late 40’s just like Brando’s above-for I saw clearly, “Nope, I can’t do this anymore.” It is, as you say perfectly, too adorned. I will always, always keep it for sentimental reasons–I wore it everywhere for years and years but now I think something more streamlined is in order.


I don’t know… why not wear it over very simple black pants and a plain sweater/tee… I am pretty certain you can still manage that look, Heather… All black and that lovely hair of yours… Gorgeous… :)

Robyn Mastandrea

Michael Kors also has some great stream-lined leather jackets. I also find that a sleek black vest works as I get older, too. Paired with a crisp, white blouse, it has the same effect.


I like his style… and he makes great accessories to…
Vests are smart… although it’s either too hot or too cold where I am… so I need a sleeve…


I noted that the Cusp Biker Jacket by Neiman Marcus that Vicki recommended is a “convertible” with sleeves that zip off into a vest. What a great idea!

The Enchanted Home

Yes less is more, think more people need to remember that. I have a gorgeous soft putty colored leather jacket which is fitted and very nice quality…have had it for years and its as fashionable today as it was 3 years ago. Its a keeper!


That sounds pretty… putty is a great shade to wear with everything… especially black… which I wear too much of!

Melanie LeFever

I agree. Not a lot of buttons, zips but it has to have an edge to it. I also have longer hair. No short. Ugly perms for me!


Vicki. there must be a secret I am missing. Every time I attempt to try leather jackets of even the softest of leathers and elegant in style, I feel like mutton and quite harsh. How can it be softened to feel more feminine? Please help as I would love yo be able to pull it off!

All the best with the new health regime, if only we could get part of our lives in balance, it is a constant see saw for me. Gretchin Rubin’s blog has been a great inspiration for me regarding discipline and happiness. Not sure if you’ve heard of her, she is very inspiring and also practical.
Sally-Ann xx


Sally Anne…
I tend to wear my jacket with softer blouses and dresses… or a simple tee and black pants… skinny usually… That way I find the femininity of the fabric works well with the leather… I often wear a silk scarf with the jacket… that works… :)


Sally-Ann. I recently found a simple soft leather biker jacket in ink blue instead of my usual black. I find this colour really softens the biker look, especially for spring. I don’t know how easy this shade is to find though.

karen in va

I love the look of leather jackets … so chic …. I don’t have one, but maybe it’s something to think about.

Love the suggested jackets

Karen in CT

Jeanne @ Collage of Life

A secret desire of mine Vicki. Harpers Bazaar featured one yesterday that made my heart thump wildly. I recall seeing photos of you in yours…looking fab! It inspired me..although I think I may need you when I shop for one. ;)

cindy hattersley

I love my motorcycle jacket. I find I get more compliments on it now that my hair is gray than I did before. It definately has to be “softened up” with a crisp white shirt though!


I have a green leather jacket that has been in my closet for at least 20 years. I’ve not had the heart to ship it off to goodwill. It never really suited me. After reading your post, I tried it on again, and low and behold.. it suits me. I wonder what changed? :)

Janice @ Curtains In My Tree

I invested in a new black leather jacket this winter. I had an older motorcycle style and like a dummy gave it away .
I agree it looks great with jeans and great with your little black dress even if it’s a size 18 LOL

miss b

I agree that less is more and you put it quite succinctly when you mentioned manipulating trends to suit our look. This is what I like to do – take elements from new season trends and work them into my existing favourites. I like the way a good leather jacket improves with age and as you say so versatile.


I couldn’t agree more. I have the most beautiful caramel colored jacket but it has run it’s course. I am currently on the hunt for a new jacket to love. xo


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