26 Feb 2021

The Loafers: Are You Wearing Them?



Do you love a Loafer?

It’s easy to have a “crush”. A piece of clothing or an accessory becomes the go-to, the one we fall into or back to whenever we decide “what’s on” for the day. For me, it’s been all sneakers by days and velvet slippers by night; that’s why I am crazy keen to change it up. We have chatted loafers before but I tend to relegate them to the back of the cupboard and forget them. They are one of those ageless shoes – soles thicken, a tassel or a buckle change and the toe can widen, square or point – that continue to work with so much of what we wear. Except for sweats; it is not where we want to go.

Loafers are forever a great look. If you are into black pants and a turtleneck then loafers are a great addition. Right about now, the days have thawed and I can wear mine with naked ankles, I like the gap between the ankle pant and the shoes.

I have put together an edit of “loafers to love” from the best ever Gucci classic to more budget-friendly options. It’s about the shape of the toe and having the right height on the bridge of the foot.

If today is one of those I-don’t-know-what-to-wear days, start with the feet. xv

Loafers: Are You Wearing Them?

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I guess the only solution is for a wider style Brigitte… without a tapered line and maybe more of a round toe to give more width. It’s a difficult one and only trial and error to see what would be comfortable.


Rose suede pennies, purchased 8 years ago when I found out my daughter was pregnant with a daughter- worn on special occasions with my granddaughter :)

Barbara B. Howell

I have started playing a lot more golf because of the Pandemic. I think it would be interesting to come up with a classic golf look. I am looking for fabrics that are sun sensitive and will fight the sun rays, and cool in the summer. There must be someone who is designing a traditional look with light fabrics. I think it would be a great article. The best I have come up with so far are IBKUL shirts and Izod cotten mid-sleeve polos. I’d go for long shorts but prefer light fabric classic pants with belt and maybe (not sure about this) tailored pants.


Barbara, I am not a golfer so not much use on what’s good to wear… I am sure there are good sportswear designs for golfers… I shall do a little research :)


Coolibar as well as Lands End are great places to start to look for spf 50 shirts. Good luck!


NO LOAFERS FOR ME.I never did embrace that LOOK!I guess it was TOO preppy for me…….I tend to wear the VELVET BIRDIES BY DAY NOW.DO you know BIRDIES?If NOT YOU NEED TOO………NEW COLORS ARE COMING OUT RIGHT NOW!
I do think the LOAFER is a GOOD LOOK.Just not my LOOK.
What is MY LOOK?!!


YES, I am WELL ;)
I do know Birdies… and like that style at all… all loafers are “me” :)


yes, I love loafers and I wear them (beside sneakers at the moment. )Have 2 pair since more than 10 yrs and they look perfect like new. Good label pay off.


Yes… mine have lasted the distance too, Rena… I like them to have a little wear to the leather…


Yep, I love my loafers and the look. Fortunately, they make them with softer leather and have more cushion and arch support. A long long time ago my friends and I used to wear them in the summer without socks and cutoff jeans, and button-down collar shirts..we thought we were so cool…good memories..thanks Vicki!

Donna Lampen-Smith

Or you can save $600 and buy a pair of BASS loafers. They are classic. They are timeless and could very well be the standard loafer. Tassel, Penny, in oxblood or black to me there is no comparison. Mine have lasted many many many years. The old fashioned sole on them never wears out. And they cost under $100 ( at the BASS outlet )., Why pay more?

Jacki F.

Sometime last Fall I bought a lovely pair of loafers by Beautifeel–they are taupe soft suede, embellished with muted blue and red butterflies all over and double tassels with gold accents. Things are starting to warm up and open up here in DC and I am looking forward to wearing these in Spring. Of course I will have to tear myself out of my NB sneakers and/or my Giesswein recycled ocean PET flats (like Birdies)!


I have my go to black loafers of many years, so soft and comfortable. I’ve also always loved two tone loafers for the warmer months – specifically navy and cream. Your reader Donna is right about BASS loafers – they have an amazing selection if you want to check them out.
Sandals are peeking out of the closet now also – pedicures every three weeks ahead. I even now can get Bob to go for one every couple of months, it was a job. I bought him a gift cert., hit him on the head and dragged him there, lol!!! He agrees his feet feel much better after Miss Kim words her magic – he’s such a funny guy and the girls at the salon love it when he comes in.
Vicki, hope you find some new great sandals to share with us soon.
Hugs – Mary


We have no beauty services here, Mary :( and my pedicure skills (and waxing) leave a bit to be desired… hopefully by the end of April we will all be sporting pretty toes :) I shall start searching soon though… nothing to stop us from admiring them…


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