19 Mar 2019

The Mule V The Slingback


Mules, as long as there are no toes?

I have this thing about toes. Yes, I do understand they are a very necessary part of life but other than summertime lazing I am not too fussed to show off mine. There is nothing wrong with them, it’s just a peculiarity I have.

My shoes are covered in front unless we are talking sandals.

When it comes to mules and slingbacks, the toes need to be in.  This shoe style can have a strange balance without the toecap and lack elegance. I know a zillion designers would disagree with me but I am just saying.

Deciding between a slingback and a mule is tricky. I love the look of a slingback – they are well proportioned, add length to the foot and very feminine – except I find them very difficult to wear. Do you? They always fall down at the heel; despite the many styles and remedies, I have tried for this problem. A mule I can walk and talk all day and have no issues. Other women are the opposite; they can’t do a mule but will walk miles in their slingbacks.

Feet are unique and from where I stand there is no rhyme or reason to why one shoe style works above another.

Why do I love a mule?

I am so ready to wear mules again. As much as I love the trainers I am really rearing to go with a finer shoe. Mules feel light and strangely enough, they make my legs feel slimmer. A psychological ploy on my part but it works.

Mules and dresses are a match made in heaven. As are 3/4 pants and jeans with a pretty blouse and all making me feel like a new season is here.

Easy to pack and light to travel with.

Mules, with or without heels, elevate most outfits up a notch or two.

What about the slingback?

Yes, if they work for you – me, I am holding back and as much as Dior has made me envious for a pair of their printed pretties I know I will wear them once and regret my decision.

Slingbacks work best if you can adjust the strap and also if the strap is not super thin. A pointed slingback looks gorgeous if you can walk and talk at the same time.

Mules v’ the slingback? For me, mules every time. xv

The Mule V The Slingback


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I have that toe issue also..nothing wrong with them..I understand its just something with me and I will not wear sandals. I love both my mules and slingbacks (found Manolo’s stay on the back of your foot)


Manolo’s could stay on my feet for years ;) I have loved them forever and still do…

Cindy Ranz

Mules look perfect in pictures on shapely legs angled in a ladylike pose. Slingbacks allow for more secure motation, moving from point to point.


I’m with you on wanting a lighter shoe. I have on suede booties today because of the weather but I have been looking longingly at my new black mules every day for the past week. I like a sling back also and used to wear cole haan when they were using NikeAir. Very comfy. Just a small opening at the toe worked for me.


I agree tye back strap of slingbacks never stay in place making fore sure footing. They are very feminine and a touch sexy.
I don’t like mules at all. They make your feet look long, and seem to either slap or scuff along. They remind me of bedroom slippers and that is the only place I would wear them.
Sorry to be contrary but fashion is an individual thing.


I love contrary Joanna… and we can’t all like everything the same, that wouldn’t be any fun at all… ;)


That’s what I like about you. Other ladies can take an opposite view, and you don’t take offense. Fashion is selective. Different personalities, different styles = controversy.
Thank you for keeping us on top of trends,
~ Joanna

Michelle à Détroit

Love slingbacks. Mules refuse to stay on my feet for some reason. I feel unstable even in flat ones. I have three pairs of identical embellished evening mules (in different colors) but I just look longingly at them in the box.

Michelle à Détroit

I often take slingback to my cobbler to have the back elastic strap shortened. I don’t like adjustable buckles on slingbacks because they invariably detract from the line of the shoe.

Victoria Brien

Mules I love and wear de temps en temps, however, slingbacks, for me, are the perfect mix of a true shoe with a summertime lightness. And ‘sexy’ too. Perfect for le Printemps – now! At some level mules always look like half a shoe to me. I agree with Joanna they are somewhat bedroom. Having said that, fashion is much more fun when we don’t always agree! More important is that the skin on the heels of the wearer of each of these styles is in perfect condition.


Ha ha re the toes thing Vicki! I feel exactly the same and I certainly don’t like exposed toes unless they’re painted and I don’t usually think to do this until I’m flying out the door – oops too late then so back inside for the closed toe! I really like both the mules and the sling back and agree that a pretty slingback looks super with a chic feminine blouse just like your leopard? print you had on for yesterday’s post – gorgeous. I do however tend to go for a mule if I’m wearing ankle length jeans and a heavier coat/jkt. Never had a problem with Manolo’s or Fendi slingbacks – strap stays in place and super comfortable. Each have their ‘place’ and with me it depends on final look. I always make the decision once dressed to see which best elongates the legs. Another great post Vicki – thank you!


I’m with Taste of France on Team Slingback!!
I feel the are much more stylish and easy to wear with everything from jeans to dresses.
I have flat sling backs in a stunning fuchsia colour to a black suede kitten heel ones. All the ones I possess have slight elastic piece inside of the strap on the back of the heel which clings to your heel and stops it sliding down. It doesn’t detract from the neat design of the strap as it’s hidden internally. I also have some beautiful ones which have a little bow on the heel.
Go Team Slingback!!


OH, I’m late again! VICKI! Those sling-backs bring back the 60s memories for me. I was a child during those times, but very fashion-minded and all I wanted were a pair of sling-backs! I’m with you about the toes; I can’t expose mine and must wear closed in shoes. I’ll take mules and sling-backs any day!

Linda B

I love the look of slingbacks–sometimes, on other people. Plus I have read that they are preferred by podiatrists, as more secure on our feet. But I haven’t succeeded yet in finding a pair that suits me. . . and I adore mules. Yes, sometimes one has to tread carefully, but they are like wearing slippers out into the world and I find that both comfy, and with the current array of styles, very chic. I am sorely tempted by all your examples to add another pair to my shoe collection!

As for toes. . .I both hear you and also, because I live where it is beastly hot for 5 months, I have to make sure I have that pedicure and can wear sandals most days. That said, this summer I plan to leave the SW for the sweeter climate of Oregon, to be close by my daughter and her newborn for a while. Maybe another pair of mules is just the ticket! I have white ones, and my favorite blue ones–surely I need something in beige, or black or. . . ha ha!


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