21 Jul 2015

The Must Have Little Grey Dress


Sometimes we don’t feel like wearing all black.

We are women and we like to change our minds.

This does not mean that we don’t love and adore the LBD it simply means that there can be alternatives. It does not make us disloyal or flighty; it makes us adaptable and forward thinking.

We make fashion work for us and that is a wonderful side benefit of experience.

I am a great fan of the little grey dress.

The little grey dress is my next favourite piece after the LBD, even more than the little navy dress.


I think it is because of the hair; the whole letting my hair go grey thing. Can I just mention that for a moment?

It will only take a second because I want to show you this fabulous dress I found on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and that is the reason I am talking little grey dresses today.

Back to the hair.

It has been one year and 3months since my last colour and some days it is tough and other days are easier. Since my stay in Provence with temperatures reaching the high 30’s and an occasional muggy atmosphere, the grey hair is giving me a little grief. That’s not true, a great deal of grief. Combine that with a not so fabulous haircut before I left London and I am seriously struggling with the look.

When the grey is sleek and chic, I am right there at the forefront ready to be brave and go those extra yards. When it is frizzy and out of control, not doing what it should, it is one tough act to pull off. Just saying.

Love to know how you manage the-growing-out-grey in less than ideal hair circumstances.

More about the little grey dress.

As I was editing the little black dresses for you, I found a fabulous grey dress from Max Mara. It is the perfect shape, length and reduced dramatically. It is the kind of dress I would where everywhere and would pack for travelling.  Worn with flats, heels, blazer style jacket or three quarter coat; this little grey dress is a serious bonus in the wardrobe.

I thought you might like to have a peak… xv

The Little Grey Dress

max mara terry wool sheath dress // ivanka trump heels  // vince camuto pointy toe loafer

images vintage dior for vogue

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Mimi Gregor

I had a grey dress, but decided to donate it as it did not bring me joy to wear it. The reason? The hair thing you mentioned. I associate the very color grey with grey hair, and it reminds me that underneath my light ash brown tresses, I am grey. Yes, I know how nuts that sounds, but there you go. Instead, when I sometimes need a break from my beloved black, I wear shades in the taupe-brown range — which compliments my adopted hair color.

As for the other hair thing you mentioned — dealing with frizzies in the high humidity — I think I may have stumbled upon a solution. I recently purchased a book that was just released this month — The French Beauty Solution by Matilde Thomas (founder of Caudalie). I totally recommend that you read this book forthwith! She gives recipes for various home-made masks and such, one of which is a hair mask that contains egg yolks, rum, and a couple oils. I usually don’t try things like that for fear of having greasy locks as a result, but she raved about it, so I tried it on a day when I wasn’t going anywhere. It was easy to mix up, and I left it on my hair for about an hour. Then I shampooed and styled my hair as I usually do. Not only did the oil wash out without leaving a residue, but my hair had heft, for lack of a better word. My hair is baby fine and porous from decades of dying it. This seemed to “fill in” the porousness, and my hair looked and felt like thicker hair. I’m definitely going to use this on a weekly basis! On other shampoo days, I rub coconut oil on the ends, which also washes out well and helps to “fill in” the porousness. Learning this little nugget was well worth the price of the book.


I shall be looking out for it immediately… thanks Mimi… :)

I feel about brown/taupe as you do about grey… it does not work for me at all, never has really … but I still do like a grey dress on a brunette… :) that’s the unfair part… brunettes can wear grey but grey heads don’t look brillinat in browns… c’est la vie… ;)


As I am still in the dying my grey locks brown stage, I’m of no help in that area Vicki. Although I imagine you always look marvelous, as you are beautiful and have that inner sense of chic, grey hair, slightly frizzy or non. I am warming up to grey, as all black doesn’t look as stellar on me now that I am getting older. Grey is just as versatile as black, and just as classic. It also makes one stand out from the crowd, at many events I attend, it seems every single person there is in all black.

I am fortunate in that I can wear taupe sand browns also, but after black, I think navy is still my own personal go to color for an elegant evening out after black. Loved this post.


I’m not looking too marvellous with the frizz scraped back… Actually I don’t know how people look elegant in hot climates… I admire them… something I need to think on… It’s not working for me in these 40 degree days… promise!


Grey combines so well with black and silver – and looks great with animal prints in black, grey, dark brown mix. Now back home in the cold have been wearing black pants and sweaters with grey silk neck scarves and animal print (specially leopard) cashmere long scarves with silver jewellery and topped with black or bone trenches.
Found some fab Roberto Cavalli things in St Trop – a long silk leopard print scarf and a silver leather bag in embossed faux croc (they told me it was in the Cavalli spring defile in Milan). These have been encouraging more use of black and grey as normally I’m not often a wearer of black.
Have never coloured my hair, ever. Guess I was lucky to have started out as natural blonde which turned strawberry with blonde sun streaks on top. In the salon people used to ask my hairdresser to give them my colour and she’d have to explain that it was natural. Now the hair has darkened a bit and lost most of its red. There are fine silver threads amongst fair streaks. Around the ears it’s silver white but the thick top layers hide this. It’s in pretty good condition because it’s never been coloured and while the individual hairs are fine I have a thick mop. My darling granddaughters talked me into growing it long like theirs and it’s now below shoulder length.
Discovered how cheap hairdressers are in Paris. Our local salon in the Marais charged only 24 euros to wash and blow dry long hair. When it was hot and a bit humid in June – I used to visit often and always had the same lovely guy. Because I hear you about the humidity frizz. Also suffer! Best wishes, Pamela


I love grey and silver so this post is inspiring me! Regarding hair…my hair is slowly sprouting grey strands here and there, but has always been thick and prone to frizz. I’ve discovered DevaCurl products for curly hair and have been using that this summer when I surrender to the heat. I just add a little leave in conditioner and off I go. No blowdrying, just cute, natural looking curls.


Vicki when I was a size 4 I had the most gorgeous gray knit dress from Ralph Lauren. I wore it ALL the time and paired with beautiful scarves, a chain belt on occasion. It was perfection. Time for a new gray dress!

The Arts by Karena


I am also in the process of letting my hair go gray. I have found that an application of a clear glaze from my stylist helps to control my sometimes out of control hair. My hair was always relatively straight until the gray started coming in. It is now approaching “very wavy”. I typically have the glaze applied every third appointment.

I too have wondered about the gray clothes being too much with my graying hair, but I’m just going with it. I love wearing gray, and I will continue to do so. I just try to take extra time with my makeup on those days. I make sure my eyes are well defined and my lip color is a little bolder than I would normally wear.

Linda Hanselman

Oh boy I would have loved that dress if it had sleeves :( I love grey and I will be looking for a new one, with sleeves.

I am a devotee to Living Proof products and Moroccan Oil, the oil, and conditioner. I have thick, coarse hair that tends to frizz in heat and humidity. These products never fail me.


Vicki…I also struggle with the hair issues that you mention, the greying, and then there’s the thinning, the length. Still friends with the dyeing process but the frizz… I use Argan oil and have started wearing my hair up…a messy up-do and that seems to help. On the lookout for a grey dress now. I enjoyed this post…as always. Thank you.


…Vicki, I got so excited about making a comment that I forgot to mention that on messy up-do days I use the straightener around my face and then let the rest do it’s thing.


I was born a redhead. Started going gray in mid forties.Started coloring in late forties. Red hair gradually morphed into grey-blonde. Switched to highlighting hair blonde in early fifties. Stopped highlighting in late sixties because no one could tell the difference. Now, I’ve got lovely silver white hair around my face with gray at the back. Honestly, the gray suits me perfectly. I’m in my seventies and count myself fortunate to have lived long enough to have gray hair since so many of my childhood peers are no longer with us. Guess “gray hair” is more a matter of perspective than anything else.


After living in south Florida for a few years I had succumbed to a keratin relaxer. It worked for me! It took away the frizz and curl and left some wave and a bit of body after the initial flat straight week. I am also a fan of living proof and coconut oil as a deep conditioner or just on the ends, then shampoo.
I am still doing the color and highlight in my hair. I do not have much gray but it is starting to come in heavier. I have been thinking of stoping the color and just do the highlight to blend in with the gray, then just let it all go if it is a nice color. Vicki, how did you go about letting your gray come in with out looking unkempt?


I had blonde highlights until a year ago and I have let them grow out… it was subtle and didn’t make a huge difference, although now that there are very few left, I do miss them! My hair is not all over grey so it actually seems darker now…
Professional blow drys and a good cut keep me going generally… :)

Heather Smith

I too loved this post. I am 65 and am still a slave to hair dye!! I so wish I could break away from the shackles but it is so hard to make that final decision to let go. I suppose I am hoping that I shall just gradually go a little lighter in shades all the time and the problem will just resolve itself! I look around at a few of my friends who just allowed their hair to grow grey and they look so effortlessly elegant. I think somehow dyeing one’s hair makes the whole process even more difficult.

I love grey too although I feel I need to take care with accessories. In fact I feel I am growing more and more in love with grey. If only I could feel like that with my hair!!! Like another lady, I find grey less harsh against my skin than black now I am older. But so many more colours seem to work well with grey. I love grey cashmere knitwear and I have one lovely pleated grey dress. I do feel one needs to liven up grey with pretty scarves and jewellery.


You’ve brought memories of a lovely grey dress I once owned. I adored that dress and haven’t had a grey dress since. You’ve inspired me to keep an eye out this year for one.


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