19 Dec 2016

The Perfect Bath Time

The Perfect Bathtime on vickiarcher.com

It’s about now I’m looking for the relaxation and tranquility of the bath.
Although a day spent in the cold Christmas air leaves us feeling festive, it can be damaging for our skin in ways that even the best moisturiser cannot fix. In Europe, the winter chill is well underway and there is no better remedy than sinking into a hot and deliciously creamy bath.

Rehydration and relaxation are the perfect combination for a wintertime treat.

Firstly, no great bubble bath begins without the bubbles. Select one which smells divine and creates just the right level of froth. Although many products may smell to die for, it is essential to pick a fragrance which is more subtle if you like to bathe for a longer period of time. Bubbles which produce an overpowering scent can take away from the relaxation of your bath and become too full on.

Next, the scented candle. There is no surer way to feel calm than dimming the lights and letting your mind unwind. Candles are essential to any bath as far as tranquillity is concerned. Again, be sure not to pick a fragrance too powerful as your candles should act as more of a hypnotic distraction than an additional scent. Whether you prefer one larger candle, or multiple small tea-lights is your own personal choice, soak away and leave these flickering beauties to their own devices.

For the real skin saviour I use bath oil, alternating between the bubbles and the oil depending on my mood and the state of my skin. Bath oils are the go-to when it comes to recovery as the winter air can often dry out our skin and leave it feeling damaged. Simply add half a dozen drops of your favourite oil to running warm water and wait for it to fully dissolve. After a soak, these oils will leave your skin feeling sleek and silkier than ever before. After the big gym workout it is the Himalayan Crystal Salts dissolved in the bath. They truly work wonders on tired and aching limbs.

Of course, contemplate whether you relax best by applying a therapeutic face mask, or escaping into a good book. This one is in the queue for my holiday bath time.

Now that the bath time essentials are set, why not add on a few more extras?

Always well received, a warm fluffy towel can take the edge off when stepping out into a chilly bathroom. And lastly, after our skin comes our hair, so a luxury hair mask could be the perfect end to an even more perfect relaxation session.

Pampering us must be the best holiday gift of all.

The Perfect Bath Time

blow bubbles or luxuriate in oils

damascena rose bubbles  //  orange blossom, lilac and jasmine bubbles //  forget me not bubbles

english pear and freesia bath oil  //  coco coco bath oil  //  diptyque precious bath oil

heavenly scents

rigaud gardenia   //  byredo fleur fantôme  //   diptyque roses  // bella freud signature

magic making masks

sk-II facial treatment   //  sisley black rose  //  erno lazlo hydra therapy  //  111 skin hyaluronic acid and vitamin c mask

The Perfect Bath Time by Megan Goodey

images of Jayne Mansfield from life magazine

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Taste of France

Congratulations to Tricia!
What a photo! It makes me think of my mother, who adored baths and was extremely upset to learn that the assisted living apartment had only a shower. She was really into the bubbles and soaking and everything.


Thank you for the wonderful drawing. Even tho I didn’t win, I had enormous fun imagining how I would have spent the holiday if I’d been chosen. That is almost as good! :)


Vicki, there’s nothing like a bath at the end of the day.
I’m 74, still working and at the weekend I indulge in a good long soak!
It’s a “my time” indulgence and enjoyed whether I’ve got bath salts in it or not! Of course they add to the pleasure!
Several years ago I won a beautiful Diptique fragrant candle here on your blog – that was a special thrill for me!

Congratulations to Tricia – what a Christmas present! You will be over the moon with excitement – I know I would be!
Happy Christmas everyone

Trish Murphy

Congratulations to Tricia what a lovely Christmas present. Thank you so much Vicki for the opportunity to to stay at your jewel in Provence. I won a beautiful Cire Trudon Candle years ago on your blog and it was the most exciting day for me.
I adored the candle and when I visited Paris I went to Cire Trudon what a place. I love a bath but alas only take the plunge very infrequently. Fabulous photo . Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family Vicki. Thank you for all your hard work keeping the blog such a happy place to visit . Trish


Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to enter the drawing and congratulations to Tricia. What a wonderful giveaway! Your generousity is overwhelming!

Mona Turner

Congratulations Tricia! What a fantastic early Christmas gift! How generous of you Vicki to offer this amazing opportunity. I’m going to continue to dream.

Judi Thompson

Thank you Vicki for your generosity in offering a holiday in Le Petite Bijou.
Congratulations to Tricia, she willed be thrilled… as we all would be.
Merry Christmas to you and your family and a safe and Happy New Year.

Vicki Ford

Ooh La La Tricia! Congratulations on receiving such a very special gift. Thank you Vicki, for todays post. Here in SE QLD the heat is rising, the sunlight is glaring and the storms are brewing. It is very easy to feel narky and perturbed by the challenging climate around Christmas time in Australia! The birds and the sun are up way to early. I laugh alongside of my German neighbour who is trying to work out what to do wirh no snow or real life pine trees. My Finnish friend is depressed, not for lack of sunlight but because there is too much for his senses
You have inspired me to unwind, to anoint myself with oils and use water therapy to soothe and calm after a 3 or 4 days of vexing weather and busy shopping. Sometimes it is a wise and necessary thing to do, to nurture yourself. Wishing you and your family a very beautiful and special christmas. May all your readers have a very joyful, peaceful christmas filled with delights! Vicki Ford.


Congratulations to the winner. Thank you Vicki for being so kind to offer this. As well as Tricia being excited, Vicki you must feel excited in sharing St Remy and your delightful house with others!
A very thoughtful touch.

Tricia Arlott

Oh my goodness Vicki! I cannot believe it! I have never, ever won anything before and I am so, so excited. I have followed your lovely blog since its start and I have always drooled over your pictures and stories of Provence and of France generally. I watched the development of Le Petit Bijou , which looks so beautiful and I am so excited to think I will go there. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and generous Christmas present.
Thank you so much other commentators, for your congrats on my win. As you see I am over the moon to be the very lucky winner. Like all of you I am a huge fan of Vicki’s site. What a clever and talented lady she is. Her ideas and pictures constantly inspire. Happy Christmas everyone.


Yay!! Tricia… So happy for you and delighted to welcome you when you travel to Provence… We will speak soon and begin planning… :) :) xv


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