16 Feb 2013

The Pump Is Back… Stilettos Here We Come

The ‘Pump’ is back…

I don’t know that this shoe ever went away… but every fashion snap, front row beauty or stylista I see features this very classic shoe.

This is great news because ‘pumps’ go with everything… They elongate the legs, slim the ankles and hopefully don’t pinch the toes too much

This year the classic has gone colour crazy… yellow, orange, red, pink.. pale and bright… turquoise and cobalt.

My black pair are my staples… my travelling companions

Wear them with denim and wear them with lace…

The best news… they don’t have to be skyscraper height.

1.. J. Crew Evelyn suede pumps  2.. Jimmy Choo patent leather pumps  3.. Rossi print pumps

For all the colours and styles in between… click here and if you can’t choose… go golden… here


These are probably my favourite shoes of all… xv


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Glamour Drops

My wardrobe is chock a block full of pumps – I never tire of them, whether they are in or out of fashion. They are always elegant, I agree – and comfortable, both in the wear and the way they make me feel more classically stylish. x

Francine gardner

Love wearing pumps, i feel thinner and taller.However, running around New York in pumps is a challenge and my heels get totally ruined…My favorite…Sergio Rossi, incredibly stylish and yet comfortable

Anita Rivera

I am 55 and still sporting them, NO PROBLEM. I feel my best in heels and these are fabulous my friend. THANK YOU for always keeping us on our toes, or should I say, ON OUR HEELS! You are the best, Vicki.



Oh, I love a classic, trim pump like that … *without* the thick platform soles that have been everywhere for a few years! These 3 inch heels are elegant and sexy; no need to add a platform to make them 4 inches or more.

déjà pseu

I’ve never stopped wearing pointy toed pumps as I love them, but mine have a lower heel. I’m also happy to see pointy toe flats (“skimmers”) coming back.


I’m with you, I don’t think these have ever been out of style. I have a paid of nude and another in black I’ve worn now for a few years and just love them. I cannot wear them 2 nights in a row, my feet get too tired!


I’ve never been a big fan of the ‘pump’, preferring a high ‘thicker/chunky’ heel. And I really dislike the pumps with the really thick ‘platform’ sole around these days. I might be persuaded with those black Choos though! Happy weekend.

Karen in CT

.. Lovely .. I am noticing that the platform (even the smallest that Kate wore) is going away which is good. They always looked like Minnie Mouse shoes to me. Love the red ones, yummy.

Karen in CT

sharon - my french country home

even though I love ballerines and brogues, something special happens when you slip into a pair of high heeled pumps – still wear them now and again, although long gone are the days when I could run for a train in them!



I LOVE a black pump Vicki but, as I’m getting on a bit now !!!!, I like the heel to be just a little lower than stiletto !!!
Hope that your weekend is lovely Vicki. XXXX

A Gift Wrapped Life

No one is more happy than me about this. Always such a pretty. sexy style and much easier and more graceful to walk along in don’t you think. Mind you, it is a few inches shorter than the platforms come to think of it but I love a simple stiletto. xx

miss b

Even though I’m a fan of ballerinas, the classic pump has always been a favourite of mine especially my black ones which fit like a glove. They are versatile and instantly add elegance and style. I’m quite tempted by those lovely red ones!

Shell Sherree

Love the pump! So elegant and stylish, no matter what. This is a beautiful selection, Vicki. {Classic black is my ‘go to’ but those leopard prints are pretty sexy!} Have a gorgeous weekend. Hugs to Apache.


Thank God! I really don’t like bulkier shoes. The pump is so feminine and way more elegant than the platform. What’s kind of amazing is how quickly they went out of style, then came back in…fashion seems to be cycling very quickly these days.

Suzanne de Cornelia

Love the shape of the #1 J Crew red shoe but would never buy a shoe that isn’t finished on the inside of the heel (called the breast, according to ‘parts of show’ diagram).

renee finberg

how weird is this?
i maybe have 1 or 2 pair of pumps.
i have always worn sling backs.
i think they make my legs look just a little longer,
and i need all the length i can get.

Beadboard UpCountry

Hi Vicki!
I agree not sure the pumps ever went out…… But I am going for lower heels…….Esp after the Lady Gaga thing….. Now when am I going to wear my new oxfords?????????he he Maryanne xo

{oc cottage}

ohhhhhhhhhhh goody! i am so glad they are back “in”…although for me they were never “out”…but what do i know??!! :} just LOVE the pointy toe!!

m ^..^

leslie nash

Looks like the pump club in here! I love them and have never stopped wearing them either…..but they have to a pointy toe for me


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