22 Jul 2009

The Shoe Strategy or How to Save Money without really trying…

Mister: I love your shoes. Are they new (he says with an enquiring look)?
Missus: Yes, my darling aren’t they gorgeous. They are the latest 10.5 Divas.
Mister: Yes angel, I can see that they are very beautiful but…
Missus: Don’t you think my darling that they make my legs look longer and I just adore the way my ankles seem slimmer and my calves more supple. They are so comfortable, I really can’t believe it.
Mister: Your legs do look sensational in those heels I will admit… but angel…I thought we had agreed to put a temporary halt on any discretionary spending for the next few months …Remember my ange, we thought we might take it easy and spend a little less with the way the economy is, credit crunch and all. We did speak about this…
Missus: (interrupting) Of course my darling I totally understand and that is why I am saving money with these divine darlings.
Mister: Oh how silly of me, I misunderstood you my angel. You mean that you are saving money by buying these shoes?
Missus: Yes my darling, I am saving so much money because these shoes are completely updating last season’s wardrobe. I have saved a fortune by buying these – Don’t you see? I haven’t had to buy any other new outfits – I can wear these babies with all my old clothes. This is like investing in a pension fund my darling – all those savings for the future… you know the ‘spend a little save a lot’ strategy.
Mister: Of course my angel….Why didn’t I think of it like that? Perhaps you should buy two pairs and save even more….
Missus: My darling, I knew you would understand…
I do love a good investment, xv.

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Deja Pseu

LOL, you've been eavesdropping on my post-shopping conversations with mon mari!! Somehow mine don't always turn out so serendipitously, though…

Gorgeous shoes, but alas, the heels are trop haute pour moi.


Full of admiration for anyone who can actually walk in shoes of this type (they do hurt I presume)


I love all you share
Thank you for your sweet words and sentiments regarding my son and his lovely lady on their engagement

Love Jeanne♥


I have not worn shoes that high in..well…ever! The main thing I look for in a shoe now is how low they are to the ground. They do have to be cute, but comfort is necessary. Those shoes are adorable, though!


You have just related the conversation that I have with my husband every week and the other one is ( Vicki Archer style):
Husband: What have you got in that designer carrier bag, sweetheart ?
Me: Oh, just 'a little top '.
Husband: How much would that have been then, darling heart.
Me: Oh , not much,,,IT WAS IN THE SALE. light of my life !!!!
It seems that , so he says , everything that I buy was either in the sale or I was passing the shop and someone threw it at me !!!
I'm off to the Amalfi coast in a couple of weeks ( I think that I have mentioned that in my posts about a million times now !!! ) and I am now going to order your book for my holiday reading…Lots of love XXXX

sherry lee

Oh Vicki, a post to fill my heart!!! ♥ I adore shoes, I am a shoe-aholic and these are lovely!! My husband always remarks that I have only two feet…but now that I see investing in shoes is like a pension fund…how can I not justify my passion?!?! :) Thanks for this day brightener!!!


They are cute, especially the blush pink.

If I wore even one of those inches, I would look like an amazon. Where are the good ballet slipper designers?

I like your blog and the header is beautiful, scented candles make me smile.

Ingrid Mida

How clever! I too must save some money and buy at least two pairs of shoes to update my wardrobe. Thanks for providing the script. LOL!

Little Rus

Your picks are so beautiful…. I think I am in love with those Alejandro Ingelmo shoes. Adore the rest, but am totally in love now. I think I will have to use your very sensible and convincing story pretty soon…. :) x

Fabulous Finds Gal

Oh my, I better never go shoe shopping with you! I'll take each in every color, please!!!

Good for you. You are one hard working, clever gal. Let's see if my hubby goes for it…

Angie Muresan

Hahaha… I love it! Although, the mister in that scenario must not be an accountant. That will never fly with my husband. Gorgeous shoes, by the way.

Simply Mel

I didn't realize you were a financial advisor too! Such a woman of many talents…and can I borrow your responses and use with my darling?

LOVE the Charlotte Olympia shoes! I think I need to make an investment.

count it all joy

Vicki, I bow to your investment expertise. I'm clearly an amateur in this department. Thank you for setting a clear strategy for the financial year – I'm sure this will be of huge help to my hubby. No doubt he'll be thanking you too. Meredith xo.


what an excellent notion – i do love how the missus thinks. i think i'll give it go myself! gorgeous shoes v, merci. Hx


A wonderful strategy. My Mister used to design ladies fashion shoes and I was lucky enough to be sample size, so I never had to buy shoes!!

Love that peachy pair!

my favorite and my best

those pink shoes would look good on me…completely naked. those are sex shoes. i could easily justify spending the money on those if i told my husband that that't indeed what they were for.
all of them- GORGE!

Alison Gibbs

What a fun post.
I don't know if I would be game to wear heels that high. I would probably fall off and break an ankle!!LOL


well with me it was don't buy any more books! We had an agreement that I didn't really need any more since the whole house is full of them. And then I saw your book and "had" to have it. So I blame you! P.S. it was worth it. I can totally live without shoes but not the books!


Yes, that is what we have been taught. Invest wisely and reap the rewards later (or now in this case!!!!!!!)- these are gorgeous, but at 6foot tall (183cm in new language) I find the chanel pumps a better option these days -purely for comfort value. I read with great admiration about your recent dancing prowess in heals, (at your daughters party) and not even a pinch. I am impressed.


Excellent financial planning! But in all honesty, some pieces really are worth the investment and pay off overwhelmingly later on!


Ah my dear VickiImelda – so many shoes, so little time! A wonderful piece of strategic manoeuvring that would stand up in any Boardroom, bravo!
Millie ^_^

Velvet and Linen

Now that is my kind of investment strategy!
They are all gorgeous. I must explain this to my "Mister" as well. He will be so impressed by my resourcefulness!



Great conversation! Mine never quite go like that but I will try next time. Gorgeous shoes!!!

My heart would melt all over again if my hubby called me "mon ange".

Josephine Tale Peddler

I'm so glad you don't work in advertising. For some reason you make me desire shoes when I'm not really a huge shoe person. I will spend my last dollars on books but shoes have never called to my heart.I fear I would break my neck in those heels! xx


Gorgeous,but it whould be a death for me walking in this shoes.
Thank you for your comments, you are always so nice!
I hope that your day will be great.
Magdalena at Color Sepia


Yes, we have these same saving vs spending conversations at the manor. When it comes to shoes, the saving side always wins.

mimi charmante

I love that you are always thinking of us and attempting to help our financial status. My husband, I am certain, will also appreciate it~


Beautiful!! Beautiful all the way through~ The art is not only the design and wearing them…but also as you say in buying them! Thank you for this post~


I'm all for saving $$$ when I can. It's also nice when 'they' see it our way. Off to shop for some bargains-in order to save $$$…

Madame DeFarge

Not very practical for the office. But they look tremendously attractive in a spendthrift type of way. I can imagine the same conversation taking place in our household.


I will use the story with my boyfriend to justify my next shopping! Thank you for helping me!

I've bought your book an I can't wait to receive it! maybe tomorrow? Hope so, I could take care of him the next weekend!
Bonne nuit!

Alicia @ boylerpf

Unfortunately, my husband would never buy that conversation! I really should come up with another angle though. A girl does need new shoes once in a while, right?


you are funny! loved this – I justify things all the time to the 'Raised Eyebrows' – like a recent purchase of a gorgeous hurricane lamp and huge candle – which of course will save us from new deck furniture as it updates the old stuff.

I only wish I could wear heels like that all day, in fact I just bought some heels for an event and they've been sitting alone in the cupboard since, I'm getting them out…

The Pink Poodle

Hi Vicki…OMG..

I AM GOING to use this strategy when buying some new shoes..in MY TRACKY DACKS!! aussie slang..!
(i know you will understand that as a fellow aussie!)

Hope this makes you have a bit of a giggle..!!??

BUT hey….to be honest…I have literally become a bit of a DAG in my OLD age..
MY 87 yo gorgeous MUM still wears shoes I could NOT even begin to walk in..
SHE is the WOMAN..!!
wears HEELS a woman a 1/4 of her age would wear..
MORE BAGs than anyone I know!!

I really could do a blog just about my MUM…
and her clothes../bags/..shoes/boots..hats etc etc.

have a great warmer weekend than melbourne…(sick of the cold weather now..!!)..

xx andrea


I'm recovering from a broken Leg and the heights of these shoes are only distant memories but I can daydream especially about the Pink ones.

We are going to Melbourne soon and my other half has actually offered to buy me some Shoes while we are away :)


All beautiful works of art…as is your handling of votre mari.

Congrats on a mention in POTD over at authorblog.


Shoes and women…will always get attention! You are such an amazing writer, you need to write a script…is it in the works already???? Please let me know, I wouldn't miss your film for the world!


One of the first quotes I taught my daughter was "A woman can never have too many shoes or handbags!"

Love the sweet dialogue! An excellent example of catching more with honey. Gorgeous shoes!


If only I could do heels that high. I'm fortunate to have a divine consignment shop with 20 minutes of me at the border of the wealthiest postal code in AZ where I can find many many expensive gems worn once for the ladies in the know & then sent to this shop for extra cash. You name the shoe god of your choice & they're frequently there. Handbags, clothing all perfect, sometimes still with the tags & just waiting for me.

The Daily Connoisseur

Vicky I am drooling! I have a longing in my heart for such beautiful shoes. When I was last in London I bought a pair of gorgeous Dolce & Gabanna peep toe satin heels at Harvey Nichols. They have the most amazing shoe department- I swoon!

Josephine Tale Peddler

Dear Vicki,
It is my pleasure to award you with the Lovely Blog Award. I know you have probably won hundreds of Awards but this is from my heart. I hope when you have time – you call in to collect your award from Tale Peddler. Thank you for always inspiring me with French Essence as I know you have done so many around the globe. If you collect the award, you place it on your site with a mention of where you received it and then pass it along to five Bloggers you find lovely. Enjoy your weekend xx


Vicki – my husband was having a shocking business day when I sent him this……how we both laughed and laughed, familiar with the scenario……! This was a gem….x


So funny! I love this. Coming late to the discussion….

Thanks Vicki for your recent kind comment on my post about simplifying.

Happy shoe hunting/money saving.



Vicki, what a Totally Cute post!! Buying shoes in investment terms. Very clever :) Loved your picks.

Karen O.


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