8 Jun 2018

The Sneakers Revolution

The Sneaker Revolution on vickiarcher.com

Remember when sneakers were only for sport and plain in style and colour?

Not anymore.

Sneakers are worn with everything and everywhere.

I understand they aren’t the shoe du jour for everyone; it is difficult to rid our minds of a look that was considered pretty unattractive not that long ago; something akin to money belts worn on the outside of tracksuits? Never winning. I am giggling as I conjure up images of tracksuits, sun visors and money belts taking a spin.

Fashion is a fickle thing.

Ok, having said that, I am buying in.

I have been wearing the white Stan Smith Adidas style for ages with just about everything and I have graduated from all black Nikes, through the greys to a pair with a touch of gold.

Recently the colours are expanding, the pastels coming forward and I’m feeling brave enough to try. It is my year to be “Brave” so this is an easy win. 

London is a city to walk in so I often dress up and add sneakers for practicality; the added bonus is I am not alone and many women are wearing the same look. I have come to adore the comfort and the way sneakers work with suits and dresses ok. They will never take the place of a good pair of heels or fabulous flat – although Serena William’s ‘show and tell’ at the Royal Wedding after party was a very good idea. Dancing is the best fun ever and who wants to miss out because of tired and aching toes? Not me; a longer skirt in this instance, is the answer.

Want to join the sneaker revolution? Start slowly with subtle colours and work upwards to the more dramatic styles. Wear them with pants and then try with your dresses.

What is a winning look with a sneaker?  I will always say the same thing; a man style blazer and pants, worn together with a soft grey or peach pair. Try, once you do I promise it will be hard to turn back. xv


The Sneaker Revolution: The Best Of The Shades

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images, jean-baptiste mondino for harper’s bazaar 

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Taste of France

I was amazed by all the sneaker styles in the window displays of shoe stores around town. Lots of colors and special effects or details. Nary a heel in sight.


In Paris there also silver sparklies and matt golds and platinums. With a dodgy knee I’ve been wearing sneakers for yonks, but of necessity and often rather grudgingly. Still they are super practical and comfortable. Best wishes, Pamela

Lorraine Wafer

Hi I love this article. I too in my late 60’s now wear sneakers more especially when travelling. Last year we were in Toaramina Sicily and decided to go to a top restaurant overlooking the coast for lunch and I realised I was in my aqua sneakers. We had a wonderful lunch and I laughed to myself that there I was in sneakers. There are so many wonderful designs now.


I was just thinking how I’d love a pair of the more delicate looking ones for easy and comfortable walking this summer! I used to wear the chunky, athletic running shoe but that wasn’t too fashion friendly, but the styles that are coming out now are perfect to mix and match with a cute dress, summer skirt or jeans!


When wearing a dress, how many of you wear your sneakers (in my case, Stan Smith) with socks, or, do you go without socks? Or does it depend? I always wear socks with pants, and so far have worn socks with a sundress, but I think it looks cleaner to go without socks, I just hate how it feels especially if it is warm or a lot of walking.


Do you ever have problems with it wadding down into your shoe, though? I have tried that and I have to unbunch it often. lol


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