4 Apr 2013

The Summer Boot… Lighten Up

acne neutral suede pistols… here   the leather version… here  the whole selection… here
and if you can’t resist a new black suede pair…  these isabel marant’s are just right… here



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Anita Rivera

IT IS TIME to lighten up, indeed! But a short boot even in the warmer weather, is called for. This color you share is the perfect accompaniment to a skirt or pair of “boyfriend jeans!”

Thank you Vicki for the daily inspiration….these boots are made for WALKIN’! Anita


Love this look, and wear it even though I’m older than you dear! It’s an ageless, casual style which can look right on anyone.
Love your boot choice – mine are olive green suede worn with rolled boyfriend jeans, and often an olive cotton military style jacket (which I actually washed, purposely, with bleach so it came out a lovely lighter shade of green!). I have several tote style bags which I like with this look and which also can hold my MacBook Air – a plum suede one, a chocolate faux alligator, and my latest from a thrift shop for $12 with a fabulous handpainted whale – you know how I love them!

Spring here at last – lovely.

Hugs – Mary


Hi Vicki,

Great street chic look! I have a a couple pair (suede and leather) that I wear with my boyfriend jeans, dresses, shorts, and leggings. They ARE so comfortable. It’s rainy here in Seattle so the BOOT is very practical. Darling flats and sandals are tough to wear until around June.



What a lovely look. I might just try that one as I think at 66 I can just about get away with it. Perhaps with darker jeans and a blazer.

Sally Leonard

Think it’s a cute look BUT only a few of us approaching the golden years…can pull it off. I’m not one of them! Boo. Also, here in Texas (btw, we’re not all nuts over here) it’s way too hot to think of wearing boots anytime it’s not actually cold..


I bought a light tan suede pair of short boots recently, but I have yet to wear them. Love this look (and am so envious of your black velvet ones!)


Perfect boots for this time of year Vicki!
Sorry to be so remiss, it is taking all of my energy for rehab and to comment a bit!


Ivy Clad

I really do love everything about this look, especially the way the neutral tone of the boot doesn’t break up the length of leg too much.



Wore a similar pair today. Light taupe suede with a kitten heel. Still chilly here in New England. I’ll wear my boots until it really warms up.


I like the look in the picture so much. We pull out the sandals early in South Texas…but maybe I will do something uncoventional this year…you have me thinking! Thanks Vickie!!


Yes, it’s time to lighten up, especially that the weather doesn’t cooperate. The Acne boots are a classic.

Cathy Miller

I have a pair of grey suede ankle boots almost just like those as well as a pair of denim blue color suede ones. I never thought about wearing them. Duh! I am pulling them out of the closet tonight when I get home from work. Thanks for the inspiration!


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