24 May 2016

The Summer Essentials: Before We Think About Anything Else

The Summer Essentials, What We Need To Think About Before Anything Else, vickiarcher.com

The Summer Essentials, those elements to consider before we think about anything else.

Before the bikinis, the caftans and the lace up sandals there are essentials we need to put into play.

This year I am so ready for summer.

The winter seems to have dragged and even the spring hasn’t been the warm haven I am in the mood for. I long for the feeling of sun on my back, the need for sun hats and swimming; I am waiting for that delicious first jump in the water and the overwhelming sense of freedom that comes from miles of endless sea. Ok if you live in Oz or South Africa you might not understand my impatience for summer but impatient I am.

As much as I love the sun and basking in its rays I do worry about the face in particular.

I have had a love/hate relationship with sun care products since forever; I know we need them but I don’t like the smell and feel of many of them. So many products are thick and don’t penetrate the skin and make me feel clogged and super shiny. That is until I found the Chantecaille SPF primer.

I have tested this product in extreme sun conditions, given it to girlfriends to try and we all agree it is without doubt the best sun protection we have used to date. I am one of those women who step outside and can burn to a crisp if I am not careful; this cream has put the fun back in my summer holidays. Sometimes I don’t want to be covered up like a nomad; I want to be without a hat, high necks and long sleeves and really feeling the sunshine.

As a matter of habit I apply it each morning on my face and décolletage before venturing outside. The Chantecaille primer is a fine layer that can be worn alone or with a light foundation. I apply serum and moisturiser before hand, then the sunscreen and top it off with a bb cream. My thought is after a lifetime of Australian sun, as wonderful as it is, I can’t be too careful.


The other product I am going to try, now the sun is finally shining, is the Peter Thomas Roth 'Rose Stem Cell'. It has had wonderful reviews and I like the idea of spritzing with essential rose oils, a bouquet of roses at my fingertips all summer long, while at the same time protecting and improving my skin. It is one I am adding to my basket this summer.
What is it about anything "rose", the scent of them, the look of them, that gets me every time?

Have you tried the summer essentials, Chantecaille SPF Primer or the Rose Repair Oil? I would love to know your thoughts?

The Summer Essentials: These Two Before Anything Else

chantecaille ultra sun protection spf 45 primer  //  rose stem cell bio repair precious oil

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Mimi Gregor

$92 for a sunscreen/primer is out of my league! For about a quarter of that price, I get Neutrogena Pure & Free liquid sunscreen. It has an SPF of 50, sinks in nicely, doesn’t look greasy, and is an all mineral sunscreen. As I understand, there is some concern about the safety of chemical sunscreens. The cherry on top with this sunscreen is that since my skin is light, and it leaves a very faint white cast, it evens out my skin tones enough for me to forego foundation. I am very happy with my drugstore sunscreen!


Sounds good and I wish we had such great substitutes here… Our “drugstore” choices in the UK aren’t that good… some are ok but on the whole nowhere near as diverse as the US..

Our French Oasis

I haven’t tried either of these, but I do have to tell you I swear by Bobbi Brown SPF 50 Protective face base. Like your products above I moisturise as normal and then apply a thin layer every morning followed by a light Bobbi Brown BB tinted moisturiser. I too have pale skin and burn easily and this has kept my face lily white even when spending an entire day on the beach here in SW France, where the Atlantic breezes can be deceptive and the sun is both hot and powerful.


Vicki, your gorgeous photos made me realize how much I do miss summer and that sparkling blue water – pool or ocean – I don’t care – I need to be in some now! I sure love the pics with the ladies wearing those types of bathing suits – they really accentuate the waist! As for sunscreen, I used to slather on the highest SPF for many years because I have way too many moles on my body and face, but I realized that during those years of using SPF products, that is when I was forced to remove so many moles – every year , a few would have to be taken off. It took some time to piece the puzzle together= the chemicals in the sunscreens were contributing factors. Once I switched to using pure, organic coconut oil all over from head to toe, I was never sent to have any moles removed! Been a few years now and my routine skin scan check ups are ok. That was an eye opener for me.


I use the ROCHE-POSAY……spelling???Tinted face cream and LOVE IT!Cannot find here in the STATES either…….so when any of my friends head overseas they KNOW what I will ASK of them!
I have a HOUSEGUEST……from your neck of the woods!This year FRANCE CAME TO ME!!!!!!!


I know!! Give my love to Heather… and you two have a fab time…
I can always send you some La Roche Posay if you email me the exact details… :)


I just moved to Florida ! Me ! the one who has had 3 skin cancer surgeries !!
I used Lancome ( I think it was Lancome ) tinted moisturizer for years .. but I am so white, it looked orange, like fake tanners do.
I have accepted my fate, I am a blonde with white skin .. that is what I will remain. with a few freckles thrown in.


Aww I just love the Slim Aarons photos in your post. So chic.
I use (&love!) Clarins Sunscreen in the 30SPF (Creme Solaire Speciale Visage) It sinks into the skin perfectly and the scent isn’t too offensive! But you really can’t go wrong with anything from Chantecaille, they have such beautiful products. I will have to try this next time. Thanks for another lovely post Vicki. x


I live in South Florida so sunscreen is very important. I use children’s mineral sunscreen on my body. I was told children’s products are very gentle. For the face I like Shiseido SPF 50 for face


So now that you have had time to try it, how do you like the rose stem cell oil?


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