8 Nov 2018

The Tailored And The Pretty


Tailored + Pretty is one I Wear.

Yesterday at VAHQ we were discussing this season’s fashion offerings. I can’t quite decide if it is my state of mind or it is what’s out there but I have been struggling with ideas I wish to emulate and pieces I want to buy. Forever I can find coats, sweaters and pants – the essentials we need to permanently upgrade or replace – but something new to get me excited and desperate to get out and about – not so easy.

I want an outfit that is easy and comfortable but that has flair.

Then I remembered the masculine meets feminine style of dressing and thought, that’s it. I’m going to mix the pinstripes with the lace and the hounds tooth with the tulle. A masculine blazer with a softer lace or embroidered skirt is where I am headed. This combination I would wear with flats for casual – or booties – and a heel for best. A longer line jacket trims the fabric from around the hips and makes a skirt of this kind, a wonderful option. Pencil skirts work too, especially in lace; contrasts are key with this way of dressing.

It is the same principle of wearing tailored trousers with a ruffle/ fuller style blouse and lace-up shoes or loafers. One is the perfect foil for the other. Then there are always the sneakers to add if that is your go-to.  The pleated skirt would also work with a tailored blazer when the oversized sweater or turtleneck is too casual.

I felt like something new to mix it up; I am tired of my same old, same old. And then I found this. Skirts are definitely my thing, right about now.

So here goes. xv

When Tailored Meets Pretty

ba&sh stripe blazer || needle & thread rainbow midi skirt || eliza j flower skirt

divine inspiration

dolce & gabbana pinstripe jacket || dolce & gabbana lace skirt

images, fashiioncarpet.com

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Taste of France

I’ve seen a lot of longer skirts lately, worn with boots. The photo here reminds me of the ’90s–fullish, long skirt, boots, blazer. I also saw a store mannequin yesterday with a long, striped dress with a self-tie, paired with boots, which looked like something straight out of the ’70s.
The big advantages of a full, long skirt are that it is flattering on many figures and also comfortable while looking dressy. A blazer ratchets up the dressy factor a few more notches.

Liz Velasquez

I’ve been looking at Ralph Lauren Collection double breasted blazer. I think it’s stunning and so chic. Would make the everyday denim stand out.


Amazing outfit depicted Vicki – love everything about it especially the ankle hugging boots. Really like the colour contrast (black jacket, white shirt, light skirt, blk boots). What’s not to love about that outfit? Change the very ‘girly’ skirt to a RL pleated midi and bingo I would even be tempted. I am not really into very feminine frilly type clothing for myself but love outfits like this on women who can wear it well. Look forward to seeing pics of you in the new outfit!


Now, that’s a look I get onto! I like the style of a feminine dress paired with a structured jacket and booties.
I wore long dresses with booties in the 90s and loved it both for work and dress. One in particular! I remember had a lace slip that showed below the bottom of the hem and through the undone buttons on the bodice. It was the thinnest of fabrics in a darling print. I wore fuchsia heels with it at night but when I changed into my booties it was dancing time. Good memories!


Oh Vicki, YES YES YES. I have had (and I need to find a few more) skirts like this and do they ever add to an assortment of looks. I really love the idea of pairing up a skirt as such with a blazer (and that fabulous ruffled white shirt!) – one fluffy skirt I had I’d wear with boots, not smooth and sleek boots, but an almost cowboy boot. How darling was that…then I’d wear a similar airy skirt with a sweater, or a velvet jacket. It felt so comfortable, looked perfectly matched, and would always make an impression with my elementary aged students. I remember one year when I was working as a substitute teacher, I was wearing my mauve colored tulle skirt. I had walked into the hallway where my assigned classroom was and a child saw me and ran back to her friends and said, “Our substitute is a FAIRY!” Oh that made my day.


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