20 Aug 2019

The World of Makeup Brushes


An Easy Guide to Makeup Brushes.

Despite wearing and using makeup for a number of years, makeup brushes are something I still struggle with. I like to believe I know the basics but when there’s so many, with different functions, I get a bit lost.

If you find the world of brushes a little daunting, we’ve got an easy guide to all of them.

The Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes are typically quite dense and a little flat but they can sometimes be more rounded. The shape helps apply the product evenly, without getting too much in one area. It’s best to use this sort of brush for mineral and powder foundations.

Start in the middle of the face (the cheeks and t-zone) then gradually brush outwards in even strokes.

(The Sponge)

Although the sponge is the best for liquid foundations, it can also be great for applying concealer and cream blushes. It retains skins’ dewiness and works well for creating a natural-looking finish.

Put the sponge in running water then towel dry for ultimate effectiveness. This will get rid of the excess and help blend the makeup as smoothly as possible. Use the flat end to stamp and the pointed end for the creases.

The Concealer Brush

Concealer brushes are like smaller foundation brushes and are ideal for targeting small, specific areas. They help to give a sharper and more perfect finish.

Dab the tip into the concealer then gently pat or brush onto the areas needed. Make sure to blend out the edges to give a natural finish.

The Powder Brush

The powder brush is ideal for setting powder. Its large, fluffy shape helps to buff out any shine and keep the skin looking matte and polished. It’s also great for bronzer and blusher.

Use the fluffy bristles to pick up a fine layer of product and dust it in the areas needed. For bronzer, brush in a ‘3’ shape on the sides of the face starting at the forehead, across the cheekbone and then the jawline.

The Contour Brush

The contour brush is similar to the powder, except its bristles are slanted at an angle to get the best-chiseled effect. Use a brush with blunter bristles for a stronger contour and softer bristles for a lighter look.

Swirl into product and tap off the excess then glide up and down the cheekbones. Apply to the jawline for an even more contoured look.

The Eyeshadow Brush

When it comes to eyeshadow brushes, there are a couple of different types; a blender and a shader brush – both of which are easy to use. The shader helps to give an even layer of pigment on the lid and are usually flat and a little denser. A blender brush blends out the pigments for a more diffused finish.

To use the shader brush, press the eyeshadow on the lid then gently swirl outwards. With the blender brush, swirl into the crease and towards the outer edges when using multiple colour shades.

The Eyebrow Brush

An eyebrow brush has angled and blunt bristles to help draw individual brow hairs using a gel or powder product.

Use the slanted bristles to fill in areas of the brow that are a little more sparse. Gentle strokes will ensure the finished look is natural.

With a little know-how, the world of makeup brushes suddenly doesn’t seem quite as scary. Using them in the right way, and for the right product will only mean the finished look is polished and professional.

So lets all swirl, glide and stroke to our heart’s content, the world of makeup brushes is our oyster.

The World of Makeup Brushes

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Chanel provide a great brush that comes with their cream foundation in the one box. Gives really good coverage but I do the final blend around eyes and nose with my finger tips. I dislike powder brushes because no matter how careful I am they still seem to scatter powder around the bathroom. I prefer the old school powder puffs (not the really fluffy kind though) as they spread the powder well and little gets wasted and scattered on bathroom basins or dressing table. Best wishes, Pamela


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