17 Nov 2020

Then I Thought Of Velvet

What’s not to love about velvet?

Yes to wearing that evening gown and looking as svelte and fabulous but for now, I’ll settle for a few comfortable pieces to add to our “at-home” repertoire. Putting together ideas for a casual, comfortable and good-looking wardrobe to wear at home has been a challenge I’m enjoying. For many, it’s second nature. For me, it’s not my natural way of dressing. But, I am getting there.

When the jeans, the sweats and the corduroys need a rest, what’s next?

I thought of the velvet. When I look for velvet I am usually fixated on jackets – I do love a velvet blazer or coat in any shape or form. They are a wonderful addition to a winter wardrobe and make an excellent dinner companion when we can’t decide what to wear. This is a great logic for days and nights out but not working so well for me right now.

What about comfortable velvet pants or leggings?

Velvet leggings will mix things up a bit and be super cute with a cosy sweater, tee or even a jacket if you have the occasion. I prefer the slightly tapered style to the leggings, but that’s just me. Leggings can look great and are especially practical at home, worn with an oversized sweater or blouse. I do like leggings with a 3/4 coat or trench so, on the days when outside roaming is on the agenda, these will work.

Working on a new “look” to accommodate the current lifestyle is important. The idea is to maintain our unique style but incorporate the changes we need. This doesn’t sound like an important statement but maintaining our self-confidence is of the utmost importance and more often than not a low day can be even lower if we don’t like how we look. We all know it should have little impact and we all understand that is simply not true. It is like our hair and make-up – if we feel we look good – we function better.

Positivity breeds positivity whether we are talking looks or deeply emotional thoughts and intellectual concepts.

I have always believed in the value of surrounding ourselves with positive ideas, energy and people and I now believe this extends to our personal style. Working on that, getting it right can be an “emotional value add”. Making the effort means so much more than the investment of time.

The addition of these should work. xv

Velvet: And I Found These

eileen fisher velvet tapered ankle pants  ||  velvet ankle leggings


**run don’t walk

I stumbled on these last night – amazing shoes at a brilliant price point 

black velvet loafers with badge detail (us)  ||  black velvet loafers with badge detail (uk)

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image, erik madigan heck for neiman marcus, art of fashion campaign

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YES to velvet from my world, Vicki!

I have a few pieces in velvet that I used to wear to school as a teacher. I was always surprised to find how practical wearing velvet during the winter in Minnesota was. It keeps you warm and you feel elegant. This photo, a dream photo and the emerald color….goodness, I’m in for wearing some velvet around the house!


When I worked we were permitted to wear jeans on Friday…. my co worker told me that even though I had jeans and sweatshirt on I looked dressed up. How did I do that she asked. I believe everything about you comes out in how you dress. I know if I have a good day I look it ..if I have a tired of covid day I look it…but for a most part I always make the attempt to look my best….and smile…it goes a long way. Vicki, you posted a picture wearing a pair of jeans and a blouse with puffy sleeves… I thought this is so you..your unique personality shining through…it put a smile on my face. Some of my friends don’t care for fashion or makeup or how they fix their hair and I am ok with that because there is alway something special about them that shines through. Would they wear velvet..no…would I…Yes!….I was fortunate enough to purchase a couple of casual pieces last year but our weather was too warm to wear them in the fall and then covid hit. So, on my one dress-up day of the week, hopefully, I will be wearing my velvet this winter:-)


Love velvet and have several pieces, some going back quite a few years. A chocolate brown mid-length coat for theatre evenings (how I’m missing those!), deep teal crinkled velvet wide-leg crops (my Christmas Eve party pants), black velvet top cut like a loose sweatshirt – years old but still a favorite worn with black cigarette pants. Then there’s my grey velvet sofa – love it too!
Now I need those shoes!


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