24 Nov 2021

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Bottega Veneta was one of the starters of the super thick-soled boot.

Worn with anything from sequins to raincoats. The heavier, the chunkier in shape the better. The kitten heel and the flat sole are lost as the boots with tractor treads take on a force of their own. Every fashion house and the high street store has thickened soles and focused on ankle-length when talking boots. It seems to be high-heel heaven or work boot wearability with the vast landscape of options in between neglected. Even sneakers have beefed up their platforms.

A kind of combat boot minus the laces is one way to describe them.

Can We Wear Them?

Yes. It’s all in the what with.

Like all fashion trends, I like to keep up with them but not necessarily follow them religiously. I like a sole but not one that makes me feel indelicate and unbalanced. A thick-soled boot and a dress can work and look fabulous, but which style of dress is the question . I have ventured into the chunky but in a style that is half fashion and half practical; to save me through the puddles of country walking or protected on rainy days in London. I love them with my sweats and hoodies with a puffer thrown over but I am yet to venture out in them on my best-dressed day.

Call me old-fashioned? Maybe. 

I’ll try them with a full skirt and midi length – work them in a casual way to become acquainted.

I will get more and more used to them. Why? Because they are super comfortable and practical. I just need a little practice. xv

Tread Carefully: Boot Up In These

lucky brand ||  linea paolo  ||  timberland  ||  rag & bone ||  ganni  low chelsea  || in pink for the colour alone

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image bottega veneta

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Oh Vicki, I am with you on these! I have worn a thicker soled boot before in the past and I wore them successfully. They go very well, juxtaposed with a soft skirt or beefed up with an edgy combination of trench coat and jeans. These are so practical but with the right touch of fashion sense, can go a long way in making that personal fashion statement!


Always about how we style it, isn’t it Anita… They do look fab with a trench… it’s getting very cold here so no trench today! Puffers are out :)

Frith Latimer

The Valentino are so comfy and if styled right look good as do the one’s from the Row.

Linda B

I find I am LOVING my thick soled boots and loafers to the point that I am wondering if I will ever wear the older thin soled versions in my closet much ever again. They seem to be taking up real estate that could go to other things. . .Also, if the pandemic taught me anything, I just like to wear favorite things that make me happy. Once the holidays are over, I may be doing a MAJOR wardrobe overhaul.


Sounds fun, Linda :)
My wardrobe is evolving .. as my daily life has changed… I like it too!


Fun, clunky, hip boots are all the rage and agree they reflect our view of society today. I bet they look great on some people. Yes, shopping at the stores yesterday all I saw was athleisure and I have found myself following the trend. Honestly, trends, trends they come and go. To look my best, as a classic beauty archetype with soft features, you would only see me in these boots in a forest cutting down a Christmas tree. It is just a matter of time that these gems will be in consignment stores for a steal of a deal.


Maybe… mine will be always useful in the countryside… and yes! I love the idea of wearing them in a forest… Can’t believe we are thinking Christmas, Lynette :)


after falling today and damaging my nose and glasses, I can no longer imagine these tough, stiff boots. but as you say, it’s not a religion and maybe we older people have to get used to it. But you don’t have to go along with every trend. At my age, I am more concerned with comfort and safety. Still, I really like the khaki-colored boots from rag & bone. Another reason to be against this style is that because of the relatively warm winter in this country, such boots are not necessary.


I hope you are feeling ok, Rena? a fall is always a nasty shock to the system. Take care xx

Michelle à Détroit

I absolutely love the thick soled/combat boot look. I have to modify it somewhat, as I have thin ankles, but not so tiny feet. I can look like Popeye’s beloved Olive Oil if I’m not careful!


I cannot imagine you ever do, Michelle :)
But I know sometimes I see myself in my rubber ones which have a thick sole and think I look a bit feet heavy ;)


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