10 Feb 2010

Chez Julien

Chez Julien, Paris, French Essence, Vicki Archer

Chez Julien goes with Paris and romance; mention one imagine the other. 
I think Paris has to be the most romantic city I know – even on the most freezing of nights the Parisian streets throw a glow that melts most hearts. 

The restaurant Chez Julien is one of the prettiest and romantic dining rooms. Chez Julien was founded in 1780 and is located in the most idyllic of settings. As close as possible to the Seine, with the Pont Louis Phillipe in front and the L’Eglise St Gervais behind – you can even glimpse the Isle St Louis and a patch of the Notre Dame – there is no more beautiful a destination to dine away the hours.

This little gem, operated by the Costes brothers of hotel Costes fame, is restored and renovated to perfection. The dining room is every girl’s dream of French romance. The cafe curtains at the windows protect the intimacy of the room yet highlight the view beyond to the river. The mirrors, the velvet banquettes, the sparkling chandeliers and the ornate painted ceilings are a Francophile’s wish come true. The small flickering candles on the tables and the bunches of fresh roses complete the picture. The food is brasserie style and delicious; not too serious and with a few classics to tempt. 

Diner a deux at Chez Julien makes every evening feel like Valentines. xv

Chez Julien
1 rue du Pont Louis Phillipe
Paris 7004
+33 142783164

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I'll meet you there at eight! Paris is bound to be bustling with more tourists after your fabulous descriptions here of late. I spent a wonderful afternoon on Sunday rereading your wonderful book- I felt as if I had been away on a holiday…sans the macarons!!!


It sounds perfect. One of my favorite memories in NY is lunching at The Plaza Hotel. I love special dining locations and will put this on my list.


Very tempted to hop over there for an hour and two – and return with a decades worth of memories.

Thank you for being so vivid :)

P.S. Just posted a 1900 "Seine-sational" view of Paris, chez moi.

My Carolina Kitchen

Oh Vicki, what a great place to celebrate Valentines. You've made Chez Julian sound so romantic and I'm sure it's now on everyone's "to go to" list in Paris. It's sure on mine.

Happy Valentines Day.

Fabulously french

Sounds perfect. Wish that we were spending Saint Valentin in Paris but we have work committments here :-)

I also received an invitation to the St Valentin Agent Provocateur cocktail event that is being held on Paris in Friday but sadly cannot attend. That said I think that it is best I do not go as I would no doubt spend a small fortune.

Leeann x

mimi charmante

I am going to convince myself that you are posting this series for Kasey and my benefit. I am thoroughly enjoying them!
We shall be in Avignon from the 10-12th of avril. She will then head back to Paris to go home, and I will be off to Toulouse to visit mon amie Ange.
can. not. wait.

Miss Footloose

How did I ever find Paris?

I'm Dutch, my dh American. After years and years living and traveling all over the world, we had yet to see Paris (although we are/were intimately familiar with CDG airport and had been to the south of France.) Visiting Paris just never fitted the plans.

Then the gods intervened one January night a few years ago. Transferring at CDG once again, we missed our connecting flight to Yerevan, Armenia.

Now, Yerevan is not a major metropolis, so the next flight wasn't until two days later. What to do!

Well, we were in Paris! We had a wonderful time, of course, even in the winter, and upon arriving home immediately planned a trip back, in April.

Paris, it had to be.

Cafe Observer

Makes me wanna go eat right now! I just wish every city had at least once place similar to this Chez.

Besides your macaron writings, I also love your blog roll!


When I read your descriptions of rooms, gardens, etc … I immediately look around my home and think about what I can improve on. You have a way of doing that to many of us I suspect.


Gorgeous sign, and looks like everyday could be Valentine's day chez Julien! We also have a Julienne's here in town, and she is/was delightful! Have a lovely one!


Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle

Ah, this is just a perfect description of the perfect place to dine! I have missed reading your lovely posts–sorry life took over but I'm trying to get back to my regular reading routine!

Wishing you the loveliest of Valentine's Days!



Crazily enough, I was so enamored with the cute car they have parked in front with the terrific painting on the side, I didn't even think about possibly eating there. What was I thinking? Don't you worry, it's my list for my next visit!


It sounds divine, Vicki,
The snow is swirling around outside, blizzard style here so, I expect you have the same conditions so, keep warm and eat well. xxxx


You are making it so easy for me to plan my trip to Paris. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. Once again this will go on my itinerary. Merci!


Dear Vicki,
I can feel it! Thank you for taking me there even for a moment! I will most certainly be there my next trip. I adore Paris and those Brothers that did the Costes are amazing! They did the Le Hotel too and I LOVE THAT hotel every inch~

Shell Sherree

Oh, you instantly had me thinking of one of my girlfriends, Vicki! She sent me a photo she took outside Chez Julien {with the aforementioned car that caught Virginia's attention}, so it's sentimental to me even though I haven't been there. I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself. It was lovely to read more about it ~ thank you!

La Petite Gallery

Enjoy Vicki,
I can picture it now. The sights and smells , wish I could be there. Thanks for my short trip if only for a moment..I love to people watch in Paris. The bread under the arm and the way they carry flowers upside down.


It sounds divine! I am there now just reading your description…I was lucky to meet a friend for a drink at the Costes hotel on Rue St-Honore when I was in Paris last month…Chez Julien is now on the list to do next time after reading your post!! Ax


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