1 Feb 2010

Thinking Of Paris

 Who isn’t thinking of Paris?

 Paris has been on my mind particularly in the last few days because one of my daughters is moving there for a few months to concentrate on her language studies.

I know that she is the one who is moving…and that I must remind myself that it is not me who is packing a bag, jumping on a train and sharing a cute apartment with a girlfriend on the edge of the 3rd and the 10th arrondissement.

Does that sound like bliss to you?

It does to me and it would be my idea of heaven to trade in the responsibilities of every day life for a suitcase and a train ticket to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. 

So as our conversations race back and forth about what to pack, what to see and where to go I am thinking more and more about Paris.

 I am reflecting on all the wonderful things she will be able to experience because she has time on her side.

There are those moments that we all share in Paris; they might be considered touristy by some but I believe they are quintessentially Parisian and obligatory for the first time French traveller. 

Thinking of Paris

*Ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower
*Walk along the banks of the Seine
*Cruise on the Bateau Mouche
*Pose for a silhouette at Montmartre and think of Edith Piaf as you hum La Vie en Rose 
*Light a candle at the Sacre Coeur
*Cabaret it at the Moulin Rouge
*Take your photo at the top of Notre Dame with the gargoyles for company
*Promenade up the Champs-Élysées and admire the view from the Arc de Triomphe
*Drink the most expensive coffee ever at Les Deux Magots, indulge in a mille-feuille pasty at Café de Flore and have lunch at Brasserie Lipp (downstairs if you can swing it)
*Try a macaron from Ladurée
*Window shop and dream in the Place Vendôme
*Smile back at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre
*Feel goosebumps all over gazing at Manet’s ‘Picnic on the grass’ in the Musée d’ Orsay
*Go groovy at the Georges Pompidou centre and admire the view with a glass of champagne from Georges.
*Hang outside the Sorbonne and soak in all that brilliance

Thinking of Paris, the places that we fall in love with, the intentional and the unintentional discoveries we find and the adventures along the way. xv


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Jennifer, Inside Out Colour and Design

Oh Vicki, that does sound like bliss. I celebrated my 40th birthday in Paris. We rode to the top of the Eiffel Tower, walked along the Seine, decided we should move and live on the Isle St Louis, and lunched on the Champs Elysees. Unfortunately the day we arrived was 9/11 so the mood was quite sombre and we had our 14 month old daughter with us so we didn't get to see Paris by night (except from the hotel window). One day, we will go back and finish the list.
Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful week.

Little Emma

How much I loved your post, I read it with a bit of emotion myself because this summer….I am going back to Paris! I can't wait. Since I planned this "retourne" with my friends I started thinking of Paris as you well describe, planning all the things I want to do just how you listed,including a savage shopping as well. Your daughter will love to stay there and I'm sure you will reach her very soon for many visits… Merci beaucoup for your splendid post, it enlighted my day. Love, Zaira

jules @ The Diversion Project

I think of Paris as much as men think about sex! Seriously. Every 10 seconds (or whatever the medical statistic is…), something comes back to my mind.

The most incredible thing that will never leave me is my new found love affair with the tower. This last time i went to Paris we had an apartment a couple of streets back from the tower. So close i could see the people on the second level. I saw it in all weathers, and all times of day, and all colurs. Can't stop wishing i was there again. Now. But one day soon…

How wonderful for your daughter to be having the Paris experience, every girl should! And how even more wonderful for you to have an excuse to visit more often :)



Visit often and bring gifts. Suggest lunches and dinners at some of your favorite spots and then cook for those times that you stay in. I'm sure it won't be considered an intrusion. What a wonderful experiance for your DD.
Be sure to take us along when you do visit.


i'm always dreaming of Paris. what fun for your daughter….ahhh, to do it all again and be 20 years younger. i'd spend a lot more time in Paris. best of luck to her.

Simply Luxurious

A wonderful list and what lovely experiences await your daughter. As I was going through your list, I found myself checking off the ones I've done and realizing I have quite a few valid reasons for visiting again. I look forward to your posts this week. Have a wonderful day!


good luck to your daughter with her studies, may her wanderings be magical and hopefully you will pull off a couple jaunts yourself. Enjoy! Hugs

A Gift Wrapped Life

Well I can still look forward to getting goosebumps and feeling groovy as I did miss those two. How wonderful that your daughter is in Paris! I don't think you would be overly attentive if you visited her once a week…..this is going to be so much fun for you Vicki. It is always nicer when they are just a few hours away. XO


Wow, this sounds absolutely perfect to me! I'd be plotting the same if it was my daughter going there for a few months…haha…have a great day, Vicki! :)


Vicki, I can't wait to read your next posts. I fell in love with Paris during several visits–after moving back to the States tears would roll down my cheeks every time some one would mention Paris. Your daughter is so blessed to have these months (and lucky you, a place to stay and a reason to go). xo Mary


I am giddy … eight of your 'musts' I have very happily experienced ~~ nine, if you count a photo at Notre Dame – but not at the top!

Best of luck to your daughter ~ may her experiences in Paris be very special.


Vicki, everything you said makes me think of when my son was leaving Texas to attend Parsons School of Design in Paris. He is a commercial photographer. I was more excited than he, and when he told me the school found him a tiny little apartment on the 5th floor of a beautiful house on the Avenue Foch I almost passed out with delight. So, I know exactly what you mean. I love your writings, beautiful one…they always make me smile. XX's Marsha


Im so glad you have posted this post. My boyfriends taking me paris for my 21st birthday and i cant wait. I going to try and work my way through the list you have made. thanks


yes – most definitely thinking of Paris. Our first trip there is less than 4 weeks away – and your list is wonderful. Can't wait to tick it all off.

vignette design

You made me so homesick for Paris! Your daughter is so lucky! To be young, free and in Paris with a friend. Absolute bliss! I have done nearly everything you mentioned on the list, except ride to the top of the Tour Eifel. To afraid of heights! -Delores


I can so relate to this on more than one front. Firstly, my daughter and I did many of those things on your list on our little Mother/Daughter adventure in Paris last weekend and it was heavenly. Secondly, she is heading back to New Zealand to start her first year of University in 7 days. Being brave is tough for both mother and daughter. We are in countdown mode. But then I remember when I was the same age…it was so exciting. The big question will be where she eventually calls home…Australia, England, France? We have Australia, New Zealand and America on our list…when did life get so complicated??
Love your list…few things on there I will add for my next trip. I have nearly checked off all the things from your Lonon list. It has been a wonderful experience following your suggestions.
Many thanks!
Jeanne :)


To be young and eager with the whole of life before you….!
She is SO going to LOVE IT!!!!!!
I am looking forward to your lists, suggestions, comments, and photos–with baited breath!


Oh what a great opportunity! I would probably be figuring out a way to help her "move" :) Remembering our trips to Paris, it is something we do just about every winter. Yes, we know it is cold there too, but it is just that fact that it is Pais, for goodness sakes. Daydreaming of no responsibilities, sightseeing and the parisienne lifestyle. Ahhhhh….

Praying she has a safe journey and stay. I am sure you will "have" to go check up on her :)

My Grama's Soul

Oh what memories you post has given me. I was able to do many of the things on your list the last time I was in Paris.

I'm looking forward to returning someday.



Porchlight Interiors

I didn't achieve even half of your suggestions for Paris in my 8 days there Vicki! I suppose this means I will have to return soon. I loved every second of it, even the icy temperatures…such a lovely break from our Queensland summer! Thanks for the lovely reminders of this amazing city. Tracey xx

the paris apartment

What a fabulous excuse to go to Paris. There's always something to do, especially with a DD to do it with.
I'm looking forward to Paris this spring and hope we can catch up!

Of course my favorite thing on earth is to grab a cafe au lait and hit the flea markets. Hopefully our paths will cross! xoc


Vicki, thank you for this post. We're visiting Italy in November and are planning what to do afterwards. Paris is being tossed around but we wondered what we could see in just a few days to have that mix of experiences. We might not get there but I'll be taking in everything you write about.

A wonderful experience for your DD. xa

My Carolina Kitchen

She's one lucky girl.

This is a great list of things to do in Paris Vicki. The Musee d'Orsay would be at the top of my list because I'm crazy about the Impressionists. I wouldn't want to miss the people watching at Les Deux Magots either.

Tish Jett

Dear Vicki,

It's been a while since I've visited, around the new year I think, and I needed a fix.

Reading the list made me nervous. I couldn't help thinking I wonder what really important experience I haven't had. As it turns out only one, Montmartre.

One of my best friends, Australian as it happens, arrives in Paris Thursday. I plan to stay with her in her hotel and we'll play all day Friday. Maybe she'd like to have our pictures taken.

Warm regards,

Linda Carswell

Vicki this posting takes me back to the wonderful 8 weeks we spent in Paris in 2008…we did some of the things on your list…but I loved best to discover "my" Paris, to get off the tourit route and really explore. It was an amazing time and we are now planning our next visit to Paris….I just can't get enough of it…!!!
I have a 'special' birthday happening this year and there is only one place I want to be!!

Wishing you daughter all the very best, I understand totally how it feels when daughters spread their wings and leave home…



I had just celebrated my 70th birthday last October in Europe but Paris was the high light, not much money but just being there, walking window shopping, bookshops, coffee on a corner.Something to treasure.

Villa Anna

Ouch Vicki! Now my heart is aching! hehe

I've only been to Paris once but I miss it like an old dear friend. The part that breaks my heart the most is the thought of it being so far away. I have other travel plans for this year but Oh I will do everything I can to get back there next year :)

I wish your stunning daughter the very best during her new exciting adventure. Please keep us updated so I can dream through her :)

Anna xx

Beadboard UpCountry

Hi Vicki!
Great List! How fun for your daughter!!!!!! I have my own list going.. Still need to check off some thing from yours. We loved being there for a week……Then I came back and had to go the the local supermarket… How Depressing………MaryanneXO


I'm always thinking of Paris especially since it's been over two years since my last trip there. How lucky is your daughter to live there and discover what it's like to be single in Paris!


I'm thinking about Paris too! Perfect timing as we are planning our next trip there (in June). YAH! Can't wait to hear some of your fav places/things to do:)


This reminds me of one time in Paris. Hubby went off to his business mtg, I took myself off for a wander around and ended up having hot chocolate at Angelina. In came two young twentysomethings and sat at the next table, all excited and chatty but confident and very french looking. I eavesdropped, of course and it turned out they were Brits living in Paris to improve their French. When the waiter came along, I was so impressed with the way in which both girls engaged in conversation all in French and I could not help but feel somewhat proud of them and I have to admit a little envious that I had not tried this at their age. your daughter is going to have so much fun. Kathy.

Queenie Bee

Hi Vicki, just came across your blog. I love Paris! You have brought back very good memories of romantic weekends in Paris eating snails and mussels, going to the Louvre and watching the world go by at the Champs Elysees. I especially loved seeing the Eiffel Tower at night when it was all glittery! It's just soooo special. Merci beaucoup!


A girlfriend's husband proposed to her as they sailed past Notre Dame on the Seine. It was late on a beautiful moonlit evening, they'd just had a magical dinner & the Cathedral was bathed in a gentle, illuminated light. He had the ring tucked in his pocket & the perfect words – & of course she said yes! Aaah, it could only happen in Paris. What adventures lie ahead for your DD Vicki!
Millie ^_^

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

So fabulous! Best of luck to your fortunate daughter. I have traveled all over Italy but not yet visited Paris. I am writing down all your suggestions as I promised to take my daughter to Paris for her 30th birthday.


What a lovely post! I'm always thinking of Paris and would love to do all those things you wrote…le sigh…plus I would LOVE to have my fabulous beauty products stocked in every salon and beauty boutique in Paris! That's not asking for too much I think…lol…


One thing to add to the list…visit L'Orangerie Museum to view the two oval rooms in the "basement" of Monet's Water Lilies. They are not like anything you have seen of the Water Lilies and the most impressive art you will ever see.


I love this post-Merci Merci! I am taking my two daughters to Paris Jul 18th for their 16th and 13th birthdays. A mother/daughter trip, planned years ago when they were little. We can’t wait! Your list is perfect. They’ve never been, so we will try to do all of this, plus a day trip to Versailles.


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