22 Feb 2010

Thinking Of Paris…Le Coude De Fou


There are many reasons to spend time in Le Marais, the third and fourth arrondissements of Paris on the right banks of the Seine. Shopping, shopping and more shopping, history and museums, taking tea at Mariage Freres, a coffee at Le Petit Fer a Cheval or dinner at Le Coude Fou, all perfectly good excuses and reasons why at times it is almost impossible to leave this bustling quartier.  

Le Coude de Fou is a small, no longer smoke filled, brasserie on the rue Bourg-Tibourg. A squashy space, dominated by a bar on one side, means a lot of breathing in and pardonez-moi in order to take a seat. This restaurant is a casual and friendly little place. It is not gourmet but hearty; it is not elegant but it is quaint. I love Le Coude de Fou, especially in the winter time when the chill of Paris seeps into my bones and all I can think about is getting warm, feeling cosy and appreciating a simple home style meal. Try as I might and order something different I don’t seem to be able to resist the crotin de chevre chaud  – a deliciously warm hunk of goat cheese that sits on top of crunchy grilled and olive oil drizzled bread. A green salad with a tangy vinaigrette dressing is the perfect accompaniment…and this is only the entree….xv

Le Coude de Fou
12, rue du Bourg-Tibourg
75004 Paris
+33 142771516 

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Paris Atelier

Hello Vicki,
This sounds like perfection. I've been aching to get back to Paris and this post brought a whistful feeling to my heart! For now I will dream of this delicious space you just introduced me to.
I hope all is well with you,


Well chevre chaud on anything makes me very happy!! I'm filing this little place away for my next trip. BTW, your Metro post inspired me to dig out one of my own for my blog today. Merci!!


I can picture it all at Le Coude Fou – I love small 'push through' European restaurants, and sharing tables with strangers if necessary – many friends made that way! I'd definitely be a copycat and order the same as you – sounds fantastic for a cheese-aholic such as moi!!!

I'm longing to return to Paris and the south of France.
Enjoy yor week ahead Vicki.


i have been printing out each of your wonderful posts on Paris.
That way when Kim {mimi} and i head there in 6 weeks…we will live vicariously thru you.

A Thousand Clapping Hands

I need to get a little 'French Essence' address book to write down all your suggestions. I keep thinking that I'll just come back to your blog and scroll through when I'm ready to travel again, but this way I'll be prepared ahead of time. Your restaurant suggestions always sound like places I would love.



Dear Vicki:

Love the poster art of Le Coude Fou — it would be fun to frame it and hang it (Kitchen?) or ???
Le Coude Fou sounds like it serves simple, classic food done well, in a rustic atmosphere.

Definitely on my "Places to see, places to eat, and places to shop" list — the third and fourth arrondissement is the place to do it all..SIGH!
Merci beaucoup


We enjoyed eating at places like this in Rome – little push throughs with wonderful ambiance and even more wonderful food. We leave Saturday for Paris – thank you for adding another delicious sounding place to our list.


Happy Monday! I could not resist becoming your 1,001st follower! That was fun! What a totally compelling blog…obviously by the number of fans you have. I'll be back!

Callie Grayson

mmmm my mouth is watering. I so love goat cheese, especially on grilled bread with a bit of good olive oil.
*sigh* I love food!
the restaurant sounds perfect!!


Oh my gosh—I LOVE warm goat cheese–a little crunchy on the outside and warm and creamy on the inside..mmmmmmmm


Hi Vicki
Well all your posts make me long to travel again and this one no exception.. although I have only been to Paris in the summer.. Love that poster also… brilliant! xx Julie


Your killing me Vicki! I love the transportation to my favorite city.. and adding some "to-dos) to my next trip itinerary.. Bisous! ,j

Angie Muresan

Particularly since we travel with our children, we have begun to prefer the quaint over the elegant. Thanks for this introduction, Vicki. I cannot wait to try this place out!
Love and hugs to you!

Joie de vivre

Hi! What a lovely site you have! I found you from My Carolina Kitchen and am so glad I did. I've signed up to follow you. I can't wait to read more.

The Pink Poodle

Hi Vicki…
sorry i have not left comments on your blog for a while…(always read them though)..

Anyway…sounds gorgeous..

& i MUST SELL lots on ebay to get back to Paris!!!

Love from OZ…


red ticking

sweet vicki… i am sure you have received this award countless times.. but you deserve it again… please go claim your sunshine award…. you certainly do spread tons of sunshine… daily xoxo


Order me one too, I'll be there in a sec!
Millie ^_^
P.S. How exciting to see you've got1,000 Followers on the clock now dear Vicki. So well deserved for the superb French Essence & it's gorgeous Manager!

My Castle in Spain

J'adore le Petit Fer à cheval! I used to live in rue Vieille du Temple and it was my favorite breakfast place and Mariage frères is definitely the best…Thanks for this lovely promenade Vicki ! :-)


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