25 Feb 2010

Thinking of Paris… Scarlett Haute Couture

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Thinking of Paris… Scarlett Haute Couture is a favourite vintage find of mine in the eighth arrondissement.

It is a teeny tiny shop that has a penchant for vintage Chanel – jewels, jackets, belts and bags.

Shopping here is like playing Where’s Wally …  

Difficult at first and very hard to find what you are looking for but once you get the hang of it…

It’s a fast game. xv


Haut Couture Vintage 

Scarlett Haute Couture Les Antiquaires de la Mode
10 rue Clémont Marot
75008 Paris
+33 156890300


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Oh Gosh It's like an Aladdin's cave of beauty and fashion.
I am running for the Eurostar as we speak.

What an adorable little shop.
What a fantastic find.
I would work there for free just so I could be amongst the loveliness of it all.

I love your blog, it makes me feel like I am 18 and living there again.

Much love

Susana Kerekgyarto

Dear Vicky! I missed you since I lost your daily blog and all that wonderful French news.Please do not take me off from your book and keep me with fresh news.Thank you.
Kindest regards from Susana


OMG what a fantastic shop! Did you actually find things in there to buy? It looks like a real treasure trove!

Happy hunting

Angela x

p.s. I love both of your books, they are constantly on my coffee table or by my bed for bedtime reviewing, you live such a charmed life.

My Carolina Kitchen

What a great little boutique Vicki. The say the fun is in the hunt. When I go to a shop such as this, I keeping looking and looking, knowing if I stay long enough, I'll find a treasure I can't live without.

I'm enjoying "your" Paris. It's nice to get to see a city through the eyes of someone in the know. Thanks for showing us little gems like this that we would otherwise never know about.
Bonne journee,


Found Wally straight away in the yellow jacket…maybe in the red…but definitely in the pale hat. What fun wish I could be there!

Alison Gibbs

If it's like Where's Wally it has to be fun. I loved when my kids were little and we'd read the Wheres Wally Books. So many things to find on every page


Dear Vicki,
I think that I've heard about Scarlett before. I think that it was an article in a magazine which was about shopping in Paris.
Thanks so much for sharing all of these little shops that we would probably overlook as we wouldn't know about them. XXXX

Simply Luxurious

Am saving this post for when I visit Paris again. Looks like a shop right up my alley. Thank you!
And congratulations on being included in the recent French magazine Romantic Homes!


I'll take the handbag sitting right at front and the hat and then I'll start on those amazing looking racks! Thanks for the shopping spree. Have a great day!!!


Bonjour~Oh how I would love to go to France……..I am french my great Grandmother was French and on my Mom's Dad's side they are French.I also am Italian and look more like that than French.Though two of my daughters take after the French side very much so.So I often think of Paris, France and someday hope to see it for myself.I also hear the shopping is to die for~Kim

La Petite Gallery

I want to go with you.. I know
of a Shope here in Thomaston and Renee and her daughter spent hours in it. Love to fine quality things. sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day.


Ahh, to have a Scarlett—now that would be exciting!
I'm a tad fed up with the fetching polyester I keep finding.

My Grama's Soul

You know…..you must have to work multiple jobs to afford to live in Paris. I would spend all my hard earned money on all the beautiful things you continue to share with us…..

Have a beautiful day friend,



thank you for sharing this gem! reciproque in the 16th is still one of my fave stops during any paris vist. next trip you can be sure that i will be checking out scarlett!!


I absolutely adore shops like this one and the previous post. I am always on the lookout for them. I spy some handbags I would love to own. It is always fun to look at good quality costume jewelry , too– I have received some great compliments from a few well chosen vintage pieces. Definitely a place on the "A" list of places to visit.

Congratulations! Although — here in blogville we already knew this about you — 'Romantic Homes April 2010' quoted as saying "For the sophisticated side of French life become acquainted with the most sensual candles, glitzy night spots and shopping destination go to Vicki Archers French Essence blog …



I may have posted this to the previous by mistake…

Shell Sherree

I was wondering, Scarlett O'Hara? Scarlett Johansson? Oh, THAT Scarlett! What a great name ~ conjurs up images of romance, voluptuousness and a little danger. Have a beautiful weekend, Vicki, with danger of only the pleasurable kind.


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