Thinking Of Paris

Thinking of Paris? What is it about Paris that we love so much? What is the answer?

Why are we enamoured with this city like no other?  She intrigues and beguiles us in so many ways. 

Below are some links that you may find helpful when travelling to Paris…



There are those moments that we all share in Paris; they might be considered touristy by some but I believe they are quintessentially Parisian and obligatory for the first time French traveller. 

thinking of paris: the first visit


As the day draws to a close… the light waves her magic wand and tints the Parisian skyline.

thinking of paris: the blue hour


Cligancourt, or Le Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen is reached by taking the magenta coloured metro Line 4 to the station Porte de Cligancourt. 

It is one of the largest flea markets in the world and one of the best. 

thinking of paris: cligancourt


There is public transport and then there is public transport. Getting around Paris is easy when you know how.

thinking of paris: the metro


Walk through the Jardins des Tuileries towards Le Louvre

thinking of paris: in black and white


Walk along the Seine and admire the architecture of Haussman

thinking of paris: in black and white


Sunday morning, the Jardin du Luxembourg is all about the out and about.

 thinking of paris: jardin du luxembourg


The best places to kiss in Paris.

thinking of paris: the best places to kiss


Paris in black and white.

thinking of paris: in black and white


Le Palais Royal, stunning garden and former residence of Cardinal Richelieu, opposite the north wing of the Louvre.

thinking of paris: le palais royal


The rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré… not a street to be missed.

thinking of paris: hotel costes


Hotel Georges V and the flowers by Jeff Leatham

thinking of paris: shades of cream


A shopping street for Parisians and a place for an apero.

thinking of paris: rue montorgueil


Paris is a city to snap… it is a city of endless surprises, especially visual.

thinking of paris: what to snap


Helpful Hints
*buy a carnet of metro tickets at the ticket booth… so much cheaper than individual ones
*pre-book overground train tickets whenever possible… the automatic vending machines do not accept international credit cards and the queues in peak season can ruin your day
* jump the queue at the grande palais with a carte sésame
*join a small group tour to visit Versaille or Giverny… it saves time and effort with queuing… many tour operators in paris will pick up and drop off
*Pick up a pre-paid sim card when you arrive… so much easier than data roaming on international mobiles
*taxis are difficult in paris… download the uber app
*remember when hiring a car, the majority are manual



There are many, many superb French fragrances and each one is special to those who wear them. This is my small list of those fragrances and perfume houses that I love.

thinking of paris: best french fragrance


Paris should be less about shopping and more about beauty, art and culture. We all know that is true, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. 

thinking of paris: the best department stores


The power of the fabulous dress, especially vintage, is under-rated.

thinking of paris: didier ludot

thinking of paris: scarlett haute couture


French girls love a ballet flat, their Repettos almost as much as they love their Converse or their pair of biker style boots.

the ballet flat

The French girl loves her lingerie and every village, town or city is witness to this.

thinking of paris: lingerie and lace


Melodies Graphiques, a stationary shop near Pont Louis Philippe in the Marais , feels as if you have stepped back in time.

thinking of paris: melodies graphiques


Helpful Hints

*sending back extra shopping is not too expensive from the post long as the parcels aren’t too heavy or over-sized

*parisian boutiques and department stores always show the smallest size that they have available… other sizes are in their stockrooms and will appear if you ask for them

*purchases over 175.00 euros are entitled to a TVA tax refund when leaving europe… it can be up to 20% on luxury goods



Le Train Bleu is the reason I want to visit the Gare de Lyon.

thinking of paris: le train bleu


I don’t think there has ever been a gateaux more talked about than the French macaron.

thinking of paris: the french macaron


The restaurant Chez Julien is one of the prettiest and romantic dining rooms. Chez Julien was founded in 1780 and is located in the most idyllic of settings.

thinking of paris: chez julien


 Le Coude de Fou is a small brasserie on the rue Bourg-Tibourg in the Marais. This restaurant is a casual and very friendly little place.

thinking of paris: le coude de fou


To see how the very glamorous French women ‘do lunch’ I would never look further than L’Avenue.

 thinking of paris: l’avenue

The rue Faubourg Saint Honore, another perfect people watching spot.

thinking of paris: hotel costes

How far would you go for a boulangerie… the perfect baguette and a mouth watering eclair?
thinking of paris: the boulangerie

 What are the ‘must have’ ingredients for a Parisian cafe?

 thinking of paris: au petit fer a cheval


Chez L’Ami Louis is famous, it is almost a Parisian institution.

thinking of paris: chez l’ami louis

Montmartre is one of those areas of Paris that I never seem to quite get to. It’s not too far away and the views back towards the city are breathtaking.

thinking of paris: montmartre


Where to eat? Another suggestion.

 thinking of paris: more restaurants



 The Hotel Bourg Tibourg situated in the Marais, is a petite boutique style abode that has been reinvigorated by the legendary Costes brothers and decorated by the internationally renowned Jacques Garcia.

thinking of paris: 19, rue du bourg tibourg


Prefer home away from home? Renting an apartment.

thinking of paris: haven in paris


If you love chinoiserie and want to stay near to the Champs Elysées.

thinking of paris: hotel daniel



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