4 Jun 2019

This Crush Is Ok


There are crushes and then there are crushes.

Today’s crush is of the fabric kind, a linen crush to be precise. Linen is one of those fabrics we have a love/hate relationship with. I am on the “love” side and rather like the crushed and rumpled effect it has, as long as it’s not too, too messy.

What I do like is the feeling when linen is fresh and ironed; I like putting on a pair of linen trousers that are just so and blending into them as the day wears on. I know I am crumpled by midday but I don’t mind at all.

The trick to wearing linen, especially trousers, is to mix fabrics. If I wear all linen it is too messy; pants with an un-crushable top and I feel fine. I like loose trousers with a tailored blazer, silk shirt or a tight tee – like many fashionable looks it is the contradiction that works. The linen suit is an exception and one to copy from the boys. When the linens match and the style is classic, a few creases don’t matter.

Apart from their comfort, linen pants work in a wider leg.

That’s where the crush comes in and the softness helps control the volume of a fuller pant. I never wear a wide wool or cotton pant but linen I can go that extra fabric; it’s the way they fall. This summer when I’m not “dressing” up, I am wearing linen pants, a tee, sneakers and the occasional jacket.

I might add a bracelet or two as that is my other major crush right now.

Did I also mention linen trousers are super flattering? I promise, worn right and they cover a multitude, xv

Crushing On These

eileen fisher tapered  || theory clean crop  ||  vince wide leg  ||  theory cargo  ||  eileen fisher stripe  ||  mansur gavriel straight leg

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images, hermès spring / summer 2015, laura ponte for vogue spain


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Hello – I too love linen but at 158cms and hourglass shape what colour and shape of linen trousers would you recommend

Thank you



I would wear a slightly shorter and wider cut leg Susan, like the Mansur Gavriel pair. Colour? You could start with a navy/ black or a khaki and wear with a white or cream tee and jacket. I think you will be surprised how they work with an hourglass figure. The Theory pair are very good too if styled in that way.. have fun experimenting :)


Vicki absolutely. I am quite tall and skinny have a white pair so much how yiu described. They are wide pants, small widish elasticated back and flat band in front. Never seen anything like it.
I tightened the elasticated back and wear them with flats, a grey long sleeved cropped T Shirt from Country Road and my any offbeat short cardi.

I have no idea of make as Charity Shop find. I will be cutting the pattern for my range for sure.

Smaller people also want to look edgy and hip in elegant fabrics.

Bravo Susan you probably look like a movie star♡


Vicki, I love linen as well and a the moment am liking a new stylish trouser similar to the image you show.
The stitching on the waistband gives it a more modern look. Worn with a crisp cotton blouse or a crisp white tee is just the thing. I’m liking some from Boden which they call a paperbag trouser with a waistband that has slight pleats raised from the waist with a belt in the same material to finish it off. They are just lovely.
And yes, my the end of the day I am crumpled but still love them! Linen is summer as well.


Linen is Life♡

My black linen drawstrings punched with a little line of design so fine along the ankle it could be the tide….

My linen dress by Gordon Smith with “holey moly” pockets. Pockets on a white
dress. That’s love.

My Jenja dress with 1 rope shoulder and signature Kabbala red tacking from Lydia Cook of Verve Boutique St.Francis Bay, the most stylish and incredible woman in South Africa!♧☆°

My eggshell Annie Mac Box dress. Annie Mac is making cotton, linen pyjamas and lux lounge pieces to sell your car for!

My Red Linen Dress, Principles, London.

All of these are gifts from the most wonderful women♡ Except my Gordon Smith which I bought on a ridiculous sale!

Linen is Life and yes when I sleep in my linen it creases allright and sets all my dreams free in the morning.

Thank God for Linen ××× Did I mention when I feel it againsed my skin, I feel butterflies and what’s more people stop me in the street!

* Next lets comment on how to work Linen in Winter…..e.g. Eggshell dress over whisper-slim wool thermals under Silk blouse, Eggshell slax and a Cream Zara Coat xxx

Love and blessings Robin


Linen….yes. It feels elegant and rustic at the same time, sort of like a good Provençal decorated home. The textures of nature’s goodness weaved into an elegant, handmade garment can’t be beat!


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