20 Feb 2017

3 Things We Need To Know

Three Things We Need To Know on vickiarcher.com

There are far more than 3 things we need to know.

I had the idea to start a conversation about those fashion and beauty ideas we not only want to learn more about but also those we want to share. There is so much information to decipher and so many new discoveries to be made and none of us want to be left behind.

I believe together we are a force to be reckoned with and if the answer isn’t forthcoming one of us will surely figure it out. I read your comments with such interest and have tried and loved so many of the suggestions; I decided if I need to know something this is the forum to talk about it.

There are 3 beauty products/gadgets I have yet to try and I want to.

I read about them endlessly and if there is one thing I want to be is up to date and I do not want to miss out on the next best thing, if it is really the next best thing.

And yet,

I don’t believe everything I read and my age prevents me from believing in absolute miracles, of the beauty kind at least. I do however know that the right product, treatment and machine can make a world of difference to how our skin looks and feels. That is a no brainer.

3 Things We Need To Know

1.  Derma rolling also known as Micro Needling

The principle is like aeration for the face. Try not to think of the spring treatment we give our lawns ;)
Using a small hand held roller, with fine minimally invasive needles, the skin is pierced to improve collagen production and in turn plump up the skin. Any product applied afterwards will be rapidly absorbed and be more effective. Like all beauty treatments, regular use sees the most effective results. The procedure is either in salon or DYI with a home rolling system.

It is important which roller to use and specifically the size of the needle; needles for the face should be fine and made of titanium and less than 1.5mm. I will try micro needling because I hear friends and beauty professionals rave about it but it does sound a little threatening, which is why I haven’t. There is a system from GloPRO, which looks appealing and has had excellent reviews.

Have you tried this technique?

2. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic is a buzzword that has been with us for some time

Why? Hyaluronic acid rehydrates, plumps and boosts the skin’s radiance. Okay, I’m in.

What I haven’t tried are the hyaluronic ampoules, an intensive hyaluronic acid treatment for an instant skin refresh and hydration boost. The most popular reviews are for those from Dr Barbara Sturm.

High on my “to-try” list.

3. Eye Massage

Puffiness and dark circles are a problem for me. An eye massager is apparently the way forward. A small hand held machine can help reduce fine lines, dark smudges and puffiness and stimulate the area to be more receptive to eye cream.

This idea makes real sense to me and the only problem I see is making myself spend the time but that says more about me than the appliance. We invest so much in skincare what is an extra few minutes daily to obtain the best results from our products.

It’s natural and while I might prefer the luxury of a masseuse tap, tapping away, this could well be the next best thing. Do you use this eye massager?

Love to know if you “know” or like me you are in the “try” stage? xv

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*Limit salt and alcohol -causes swelling, water retention, bags under eyes, puffy eyelids.
Eat less meat and more salads and veggies and fruit.
Walk instead of drive whenever possible.
Do Not Ever Smoke. ( increased facial lines, squint lines, pucker lines around mouth, bad breath, yellow teeth, Cancer)


and where is the joy? Even you follow all these rules…from a certain age on you can’t
avoid wrinkles&co.

Susan Wanstreet

I have had my first of 3 sessions of Micro Needling. I had the treatment done in a dermatology office. My face was numbed and message with a thick topical cream first. The treatment takes about 20 minutes. I did not feel any pain. After the treatment (depending on how deep the treatment is) your face looks flushed and a little bruised. My dermatologist gave me Skin Medica Recovery Complex with Human Growth Factor. This further stimulates my collagen. The next morning my face looked and felt smooth, and tighter! P.S. I always use Hyaluronic acid with my moisturizer every day! It plumps up your face!

Lisa DeNunzio

Oh yes. Trying!!! At this time in my journey the focus is squarely on ‘upkeep and maintenance’. I too am late to the party for derma rolling and not sure I am capable of taking needles to my face, however small.

What I have been doing is facial yoga (exercises) and I do feel it serves to work the facial muscles and enhance blood flow. I have become the woman you glance at in the car next to you making ridiculous facial expressions.


At the recommendation of my cosmetic surgeon (after several minor procedures to remove moles) I’ve been using the NeoStrata line of products. They contain AHA and PHA at differing levels. I started at the lowest and worked up to higher levels. At 60+ I’m frequently asked what I use on my skin to make it so smooth. I swear by these products. They were at one time only available through a physician but now I order directly from their website. Worth a try.


Great product, I have used it since my 20’s. I am 45 and am always mistaken for being in my 30’s. Recommend it highly.


I do derma blading-not rolling. I love this procedure as it takes all the dead skin off and peach fuzz. It leaves your skin smoother, brighter and softer. It allows your moisture to absorb more effectively in your skin and also helps for makeup to go on smoother. I have this done every other month and really believe this has made a difference. Maybe-rolling would have the same effect.


I haven’t tried this method either Gina.. it sounds like it could have similar benefits… although it sounds like it would take a very skilled therapist!


Hi Vicki,
I have had micro needling done a couple times by a professional. I think it is supposed to be done 6 times in 6 months. Maybe then one would see results. It is supposed to stimulate collagen and it makes sense it would. I didn’t see any difference in just two sessions. The Glo Pro looks promising as you could use it often. I would be cautious of keeping it sterile however. Always helpful to find new things to stay looking our best.


Yes, like so many things, it is the regular use that makes all the difference. Probably it is one of those treatments once started it needs to carry on. That is where I always fall down! Good intentions.. :)

Cathy C

In California micro needling cannot be performed by an aesthetician as it is considered invasive so it must be done by a licensed medical professional- so, Ca-Ching! I have wanted to try it too. I will wait to hear what you think. Yes, yes, yes to hyaluronic acid (holds a 1000 times it’s weight in water) and any kind of massage.


I guess that is where the home rollers come in.. In the UK it is possible to have the treatments at the beauty therapist.

Diane Robertson

I find your posts more thought provoking on all levels.. I very much look forward to the new one everyday. Loved your Africa travels!! Today, you have hit upon what is o my mind as I age and am loving it while trying to be the best older ever! I have a German lady – Charlotte- that does the most fabulous facials … and she just recommended to me and I bought an eye rejuvenator by MBK- Skincare. Methode Brigette Kettner is also German so I am instantly interested.
Charlotte includes the Hyaluronic Acid in my treatments and now with the eye rejuvenator I can say I have seen a difference. Very definitely anti aging totally! I do not buy department store skin care.
Thank you for bringing to my mail box the daily interests that women are all interested in… Diane


I imagine your eye rejuvenator is a similar style to the one I am looking at? I am looking forward to trying the Hyaluronic acid ampoules..

Diane Robertson

Yes..after incorporating these into my routine I cann tell you that both the Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules and the eye rejuvenator from MBK Skincare will give you a difference….


I’ve done the micro needling at home. Even on 60 yo skin it makes a difference. Two things I have learned. Do it in the evening – my skin looks red and a bit angry after doing it. I do it on fresh clean skin, then just kind of roll it, and I’ve only been doing it once a week. The other thing – make sure what you put on after the rolling is the best stuff you can – now’s the time to try those high end samples. You’ve just put holes in your face, whatever you put on is going to go in those holes. But after doing it for about a month, I’ve seen a slight difference, enough to make me keep doing it.


I hear only great things about the micro needle… that is a good tip Cat.. and will make sure to follow when I pluck up the courage!


I haven’t tried any procedures but I’m open to hearing more. I would love to reduce the puffiness under my eyes.


Me too.. I do think the massage makes sense.. as long as it is gentle and doesn’t stretch the skin.

Elia Enochian

Amara Organics Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin with Vitamin C & E,
Amara Organics Aloe Vera Gel from Organic Cold Pressed Aloe
I hv combo skin ~ in my mid 50s and these two items were suggested to me by a dear friend whom is a beauty consultant…..Luv the results!

nancy singleton

Dear Vicki … I have been rolling for 6ish years and think it is the most important thing I have ever done for my skin … there is a professional rolling treatment and one for home use which is the one I use … I change the device every 6 months to keep it slightly prickly … I use it after a thorough cleansing and after a Hyaluronic acid application. I think it is an invention from South Africa. Thanks you so much for you lovely posts. nancy

Amy Schmidt

Just recently started using a dermarollers. The important things are needle lengths .5 and 1mm are supposed to be the most beneficial lengths-longer one is for deeper lines/foreheads. Starting with shorter needles can be a good thing, as they are less painful/scary. Ensure that: 1) your roller has 540 needles, 2) make sure that they are needles as some cheaper versions are “triangular blades” (though they don’t call them that) and 3) they are titanium or surgical steel. Do your homework (lots of posts on youtube) and keep it everything superclean. I noticed results within 2 treatments, truly amazing. Really important to use sunscreen with this regiment.


I have been using the derma roller for about 6 months and the most dramatic sign of change has been on my lips. You forget what things used to look like, and my lips are now becoming quite a lot fuller and so my smile has reverted back to the smile I had before. Also I am beginning to get that lovely little turn up at the corners, whereas before they were making me look a little sad as they were turning down. So I guess the rest of my face must be following suit, and probably not so noticeable as luckily for me, I inherited very good skin from my mother. Oh and the neck . . . pretty good results there too. I would definitely recommend for home use. It’s a tad uncomfortable but more prickly than anything else, and you can control that by the pressure you apply. I too like to use it at night, as I believe they say that it is at night that the skin does most of its rejuvenating.

Beth Anderson

I slather sunscreen 365 days a year even if my outside time is virtually nil. I always, always, always, daily use Oil of Olay complete for sensitive skin which is SPF 15 and if you read the ingredients has the good stuff just like regular sunscreen. That goes on my face, neck front and back, and far enough down my cleavage to cover up if I am wearing a V neck (even if I am not that day).

When I am actually outside doing outdoor things then I use actual sunscreen and typically it’s something I’ve bought in Europe because I think they use ingredients which aren’t approved by the FDA yet but which I’ve read are better.

For the past several years I have taken to wearing a scarf around my neck while driving even in summer and in fact will also wear a “driving sleeve” on my arms too when it’s sundress season. Both arms.

And I’m one of those people who carry an umbrella and whip it out most times when I’m walking even if it’s cloudy. Hey, sun damage is cumulative so if you can avoid the easy stuff you can spend more time outside doing fun stuff without worrying about all the extra damage.

I don’t have a lot of freckles and I have very very few lines which I’m hoping I can keep that way for a long time.


Micro needling is controlled damage to your face, which is what stimulates the collagen production, as it is repairing the damage. I wonder if eventually it will become like scar tissue. Just too scary for me. HA has disappointed me in every way. Yes, it can absorb 1000 times it’s own weight by pulling in moisture. But it doesn’t really penetrate the skin, it sits on top. Skin is supposed to be a barrier, and in this case that may be a good thing. HA, if you really research it, has a function in the spread of cancer. And where is the moisture coming from? Probably your skin. I would love for these things to work, but to me the in-depth science is just not conclusive.


I just got the eye rejuvinator. It is pretty awesome. Be careful at how much you pay for it. Got mine for$90 on ebay. Have seen it as high as $185. It also works on lip area lines and you can do it several times a day. I found the directions a bit confusing and have some questions about the product. Would be nice if they put some eye cream samples in it.


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