20 Jun 2013

Thursday… The ‘Extravagances’

 Yesterday’s game… the ten capsule wardrobe… was a tough one…

I failed miserably… missing out on many of the practicals as well as the pleasures.

The truth is I don’t think I could live permanently with ten items of clothing… well of course I would if it were necessary…

But I don’t think I want to.

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I learned that about myself and from your comments I think you feel the same…

We women, in varying degrees, love our fashion.

We enjoy dressing up and mixing it up…


Am I too bold to suggest that the capsule might take a back seat.

That the minimal wardrobe is best left for weekends and business trips…

After thinking about the minimum… I am now luxuriating in the maximum.

The… you-can-never-have-too-many-of…

Extravagances, indulgences… female whims and passions…


Immediately to mind came…

Bags and shoes… jewellery and scarves…

When was one ever enough?

Coats and jackets… I’m forever tempted by a new shape, a different fabric…

Glasses, both sun and eye… oh that I could stop at one.

Jeans… Would one pair really do me? That would be torture…


The summer could eat up my ‘ten’ with caftans, sun hats and swimming costumes… How could we choose?

What would I do without the crazy caftans that I have collected from my travels?

They are like memorabilia to me… every one tells a tale… refreshes my memory…


and the ‘little black dress’…

Do we really ever stop at one? Aren’t they all that little bit different?

How many times have you told yourself, “no more black”… only to come home with yet another little piece of noir.

I am all for streamlining the wardrobe, shopping our closets and travelling light… but I don’t think the female in me can resist a few extravagances…

And if you can… you have my utmost admiration… xv



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Anita Rivera

OH VICKI, you are so right. If I really unleashed my inner female, I would have to say that I can’t have enough:

high heeled shoes (en noir) – I simply cannot get away from black!
cotton dresses.

WOW, as I look at my list, it still is a bit minimal, except for the diamonds!!!!

HAVE FUN and enjoy it ALL. Anita

MJH Design Arts

Hi Vicki,
I’m very minimal….can’t be weighted down at the moment. But I could shop for orchids and fragrant roses all day long. Well, paintings, lamps, 17th c. furniture — up through 20th c. decorative arts–then never enough–but only the good stuff.
Fun post..


That’s another great idea for our future discussions… Don’t start me on interiors! :)


Of course, I think we would all live on ten if we absolutely had to, but I am like you, Vicki…it would be no fun and boring!! I have really tried to wear a different outfit to work every day for the last three years. Oh, occasionally I repeat. But, with a wardrobe of mostly separates and accessories, it is possible to do this. I find such joy each day in mixing it up…and my wardrobe is not that big…but bigger than ten!


Ahhhhh… Now you are talking!! I cannot live without all these itmes you mentioned on your post..Hats!! These I wear constantly!! Prevent Sun damage! Caftans to keep cool.. Love it all!!!


Veronica Roth

Hi Vicki. I was so busy yesterday with the floor renos that I read your post but couldn’t contribute my 2 cents worth. The whole house has been packed up and stored and I’m living with a very minimal wardrobe for about a month and I have to pack to leave for Calgary for a few days. Well, it’s been extraordinarily liberating to have this minimal, basic wardrobe to chose from. (Having said that, I’m sure I’ll go crazy and buy all sorts of stuff in C, stuff I know I’ll miss…lol) But I’ll try to get by for five days with the basics: pencil skirt, white silk blouse, green cashmere sweater, jeans, gray cardigan, a couple of wrap around Diane von Furstenberg dresses, the LBD and some Ts. Wonder how I’ll do? :)

Karen Albert

Vicki i had heart palpitations yesterday!! (Kidding)
Now I can say that sandals,Flats, earrings, scarves, bags, I love to be able to pick and choose from these for my ensembles (that dates me doesn’t it!?)

Art by Karena


Love the word ‘ensemble’… and of course it also means ‘together’ in French… :)


The EXTRAS! Diamond studs, umbrella, sunglasses, silk scarf, cashmere scarf, black hat, straw or linen hat, black gloves, black boots, black socks.


Socks! I love the way you list diamond and socks in the same sentence… :)


Thank you for making me re-think before I threw out all my lovely (timeless) clothes, collected over the years from all over the world. I thought I wanted to be minimalist, but how to begin without being wasteful? I might manage it one day, but only after everything is worn out!

lisa thomson

Oh, thank you for permission to indulge… :) One pair of jeans is never enough. I always tell myself no more black but it doesn’t stop me from continuing to collect. I could never have enough shoes. I always need a new bag each season, in fact right now I am in need of a pretty evening tote. sigh. The thrill of the hunt will keep me going and purging along the way.

Mary Jo

I adore this post Vicki. Accessories especially are my downfall when it comes to the impractical, but then I have quite a few of those beautiful but not necessarily everyday coats, dresses, skirts, pants, and the list goes on…that’s what’s fun about loving fashion!

xo Mary Jo

Esther George

Hi Vicki I have to confess I am a minimalist (ouch) but there is a good reason when I started working it was in a bank in the 70s we had uniforms and all you needed was home and weekend wear. I don’t know what it’s like to have a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes. My friends always ask me to go clothes/shoe shopping with them they trust my eyes. I had a french girlfriend who passed away 22 years ago she was a perfect example for me, in that she didn’t have a packed wardrobe but what she had she wore it to perfection. Her advice was don’t follow trends. We had been friends forever and I trusted her wisdom. I do enjoy reading about fashion….I will always love YSL and Valentino. Till next time Esther from Sydney. PS whatever makes you happy that’s what you do. This was a great blog.

miss b

I absolutely agree! Shoes, handbags and scarves are always irresistible.
There are wardobe essentials but lovely to be extravagant too!

The Enchanted Home

I am so with you. 10? Impossible! It’s such fun to change things around, play and experiment. 10 would make that so boring:) Its a nice concept but in reality, would never work for me. Finding great things is just too much fun!


I do love the book Madame Chic. I learned sooooo much and I am trying to do a capsule wardrobe but I’m sure I already know that ten key pieces won’t work for my lifestyle. I think my capsule wardrobe will comprise of quite a few more pieces (20, 30…) and I’m ok with that. It did feel good to purge unwanted items in my closet.

Plus I do love my accessories. Good for you Vicki for realizing what works best for you!!


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