22 Aug 2011

time to smell the lavender…

Can you imagine the scent from these lavender sachets?…xv

image – vicki archer

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Callie Grayson

one of my all time favorite scents! I wash my clothing and bedding in lavender…. I planted lavender in my front yard the first year I moved into my home, so I could have fresh lavender to make sachets just like these.


Oh my – how very special. It was my dream to see fields of lavender blooming in the south of France and … I did.


Hello Vicki

It is my favourite essential oil scent in the whole world.

I love the Alpine lavender, tasmanian lavender & english lavender.

I dad the essential oil on the temples if in need of a rescue from too much stress in the day or worries.

The Jacaranda trees here in australia are that lovely shade colour too.

have a great day



mmmm aren't they pretty all wrapped up in their tulle. I hope my lavender produces this year, it was a bit lazy last year, but it's looking pretty healthy at the moment, but no flowers yet. x


What a wonderful photograph Vicki ……I LOVE lavender. We do grow it in our garden but, because our garden is north facing, hostas and ferns and shade loving plants thrive but, alas, our lavender struggles somewhat so, I have to have it indoors in the form of plants, lavender sachets and dried bunches.
I think that a field of lavender is a sight to behold and the fragrance divine. XXXX


I've tied lavendar sachets to the headboard of my bed. It's a glorious way to end and begin the day – with the scent of lavendar.

david terry

Oh, vicki….you'll be amused (or perhaps just appalled) to hear that a friend of mine, having come across a recipe in some magazine, recently made "Lavender Sorbet" for her anniversary-dinner. I was surprised to hear that she'd attempted this, since she's usually/completely indifferent to cooking. still, it WAS her anniversary, and she wanted to surprise her husband.

According to her, she ended up surprising both of them. She'd decided that she could save time (and it would be "JUST THE SAME!") if she skipped a few steps and simply added a teaspoon of the essential lavender oil I'd brought back to her from Grasse. I gather that she didn't know that lavender-oil-mixed-with-water was historically used to wash down and disinfect hospital floors.

I asked her how it tasted (for obvious reasons, I've never put the stuff in my mouth). she said "It tasted like frozen paint-thinner. We got in the car and went out for dessert."

Yours for following directions,

David Terry


I have one lavender plant.. planning on planting more next year. I look forward to doing things like this with them. Lovely.


We tried to have lavender this year, the dear little plants came up, bloomed a bit, and then died completely under our hot sun (& no rain). Everywhere my daughter goes she brings back scents of lavender. xx's


GOT it VICKI!I had not scrolled far enough down……
Love the photo!How many did you take home!?


I want to fill a large chinese export punch bowl with those sachets. I have always loved lavender, it evokes so many loving memories (a la Proust). Thanks for the great photo. Mary


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