30 Mar 2012

To A Lazy Friday… Blossoming In Provence

Do you have ever those weeks where you feel as if all you do is run, run run? I always have loads on the boil… I am a bit like that… never happier than with a full calendar and a busy brain… but sometimes I take it a little too far… This week was such a week…In my quieter moments I had the pleasure of being featured as part of Femmelist… a gorgeous blog devoted to us girls… if you would like to read my interview… it’s here.

So as it’s Friday I am going to take the afternoon off, give my hair a little freshen up and as it is ‘freshening’ I am going to read Blossoming in Provence my latest piece of escapism from fellow blogger Kristin Espinasse… To a lazy Friday.

(European readers can find them both HERE)

Hurry up Friday afternoon… xv

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Ingrid Mida

Dear Vicki,
I too have had such a week. I'm taking a pause today before resuming my normal crazy schedule. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!


Lovely interview, Vicki. (and such a beautiful photo!) I love this answer: "The countryside…as long as you can drive to the sea!" Truly, why can't we ask for it all!

I just ordered Kristin's book. I don't have a lazy weekend (I'm going to Minneapolis for a little girls' getaway with my Mom) but the book is next on my reading list!


Bonjour Chere Vicki!
Beautiful photo…that sky, wow.
I hope you have a lovely time pampering yourself!
Just visited the fabulous blog you mention, and I loved your interview. Do you know, The Count of Monte Cristo was the first "serious" book I read as a child, I adore it. So many woderful things you said there, so great to learn more about you! Gorgeous photo too…
Bises et bon weekend,
– Irina


I hope it was a relaxing afternoon V! Going to have a peek at that book quicks!

Hope the weekend is also relaxing!



I am thrilled to have happened upon your blog! I have plans to read through it this weekend and absorb all your inspiration and have a peek into your lovely French life. :)


PS-I found your blog by googling "French wardrobe basics".


What a nice interview. I admire your salt of the earth approach to life. It's so nice to read what I often think about life, happiness, gratitude.

Hope you have a relaxing, slower-paced, weekend ahead of you.


Lovely interview over at Femmelist Vicki. May you never lose your zest for life, although I reckon you will be a shocker to look after in the Nursing Home! Don't worry though, we can share a room & then the nurses really will be tossing a coin as to who gets to 'deal' with us. No putting us to bed at 4.30p.m. just 'cos it's convenient for them, oh no, no, no. Enjoy your 'freshening up' time, mine was last week & I'm a new Millie.
Millie xx


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