12 Mar 2019

To A Tee: A Wardrobe Classic


Is there such a thing as the perfect white tee?

Finding a good plain white tee can be quite the journey.

Sometimes it’s the basic pieces in our wardrobes that are the most difficult to perfect. There are many traits to consider; the cut, the sleeves, the length, the neckline and the material – these are all important factors in finding the one.

Tees are a likely wardrobe staple for many of us; their versatility speaks volumes and their seasonless identity makes the search completely worth it.

What Makes The Perfect White Tee?

The Neckline

A round neck will suit most, especially those with a shorter body and a V-neck will flatter a bigger chest. Our rule is the shorter the body length the higher the neckline when it comes to a tee. The visual of a higher neckline fools the eye into giving a slimmer and longer line appearance. Equally a longer body and shorter leg shape work with a V-neck to equalise the proportions.

The Material

Pure cotton is comfortable, durable, and long lasting. A cotton/poly mix will, however, keep the tee in shape and help it last longer. The mix of fabric will also make the tightness of the tee or not, depending on preference. We like a bit of form to ours for a more figure flattering shape.

The Sleeves

A straight, horizontal cut on the sleeve is classic and suits most women; a cap sleeve may suit narrower shoulders.

The Colour

White tees are crisp, clean and suit all skin tones whilst ivories and deeper creams aren’t guaranteed to go with all colours in the wardrobe. Start with a collection of your favourite white pieces and work from there. There is no such thing as one tee shirt in the wardrobe. Tees like all wardrobe essentials need refreshing after many wears and if there is one article of clothing that gets worn frequently it is the white tee.

The Length

A hip-length, slim cut works well with most garments and is easier to tuck into high waisted pants or skirts and suits most heights. It works well underneath a jacket or coat.

A longer, looser style gives an effortless effect and is more casual. This is a great shape when worn alone.

The tee is a forever piece in the closet and while it might be simple and unexciting it can also be a game changer with the right accessories.

VA’s tip: When you find the right one, the one you love, buy them in multiples.

To A Tee

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Taste of France

I’m seeing T-shirts with rayon lately. I think of the wrinkly horror from the 1980s, but this seems better. It gives a nice silky quality and is natural, being made of tree or other plant fibers.


No chest pocket is a criteria for most women. It is quite the hunt for the perfect tee. When I find one that fits the bill, I buy two.


Oh Vicki, the link you have, that is the classic T and my favorite…on to stock up because that is my classic summer look!


Any suggestions for silk Ts? A silk T looks best for the office. On the more casual end, GAP makes the softest cotton Ts and they wash well.


I will look into the silk tees… I know Eileen Fisher did some in the past and hopefully will re-do this season..


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