20 Nov 2015

Travelling = The Importance Of Skin Care

meryl streep photographed by brigitte lacombe, vickiarcher.com

Travelling is super tough on the skin and it means skin care becomes even more important.

Factor in dehydration from the long flight; a lack of sleep and over indulgence and the first place to suffer is the skin.

Trying to look fresh and rested, glowing and healthy is hard when your body is screaming and your face looks like it’s done ten rounds in the ring.

None of it really matters of course but when you catch up with friends, meet new ones and attend meetings it is natural to want to look your best.

New York, if I look a little tired I promise the ten hours of miraculous sleep I managed last night will fix all that. Sleep is the best kept beauty secret and I know we all know but when you feel sleep deprived and then have the luxury of catching up, sleep’s importance is reinforced.

Last time we spoke beauty I mentioned a serum I found in my French pharmacy. I like it more and more for my skin care routine and especially when I am travelling.

Since then I have been using other products from their range and have to tell you I think I am onto something. They are excellent and while a miracle isn’t happening here, I do feel my skin is less dehydrated and more nourished, even without enough sleep.

I have been using a moisturising cream morning and night over the serum for several months and I love it. I like the texture, the faint scent and most of all I like the results. I can’t eradicate my wrinkles and nor do I mind them but I do like the skin feeling soft and plump.

I wish my skin was the only part of me that felt “plump” ;) Travel, especially to a city like New York where the food is so delicious, doesn’t diminish my waistline.

Mixing up our skincare products is necessary to achieve the most out of them; I will keep test driving these and let you know, xv.


Travelling = The Importance Of Skin Care

filorga time filler absolute correction cream   // filorga absolute wrinkle serum

images of meryl streep, brigitte lacombe

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Traveling, especially, seems to dry out my skin. Airplanes are the worst! I agree, Vicki, it is my skin ( face) that shows not enough sleep, airplane air, and more when traveling. I have been diligent about using serum and moisturizer, especially as I age. Fingers crossed!


I am using everything I can.. although I mightn’t look any better but it does feel better… ;)


Airplane travel is terrible for dryness ! I usually skip the make up base and use a lot of Lubriderm moisturizer. It soaks in fast and you don’t look shiny and greasy. Spritzing your face during the fight is good too/or just patting some wet cloth / tissue on your face.

Linda Hanselman

Et merci aussi par moi at votre pharmacie!! I bought the serum but haven’t used it yet as I am trying to use up what I have in my cabinet. I’m going to try the moisturizer as well since we are entering the cold, dry months here where I live. Thank you so much for your tried and true recommendations. You have no idea how many things I’ve bought since you’ve recommended them ie the Longchamps grey leather bag :) What a great piece that turned out to be. I’ve changed bags since returning from my trip but am missing my Longchamps.


I am so happy to hear that Linda.. I think you will love the serum and this cream..
I do love personal styling and discovering new products and pieces to share… I am on the hunt this afternoon to see what is fabulous and happening in NYC… Glad the Longchamp worked out… and I think you should get it back out and on your arm .. :)


I agree with Linda, you have inspired quite a few purchases that I may not have tried before: my black Converse, khaki jacket, YSL Touche Éclat, My Stylish French Girlfriends, etc. You have excellent taste!

Angela Muller

Forget creams, serums, etc. Move to London. I don’t know what’s in the water there, but every time I go and wash my face with their tap water, I have the best skin I’ve ever had…even as I age. My skin is like porcelain, it’s bright and has an incredible glow, and any wrinkles are less pronounced…and that’s before makeup. And all this happens within 48 hours. Of course, when I return to the U.S., within 24 hours my skin is back to its less than lovely self. Curious, has anyone else had this experience washing your face with the tap water in London?


Not me Angela.. and I live there… but then I have no compaarison… maybe it would be worse if I was elsewehere.. :)
I am going to take more notice…


London water is basically tap water like all others. I would not really want to drink water that seems to be overly softened.
I remember reading about a test that was done, several women were given unmarked bottles of cream to use on their faces. They used it each day and night and at the end they talked about how their skin was.
My dermatologist told me that most women are dry and have early wrinkles because they don’t drink enough water .. not that they put special goop on their face. I am trying that know. Water.
and it is free which is a first for me LOL
Some were not as happy as others but all said that their skin did seem to be a little softer ..
Then they revealed that they all used the same ordinary cream that is sold in drug stores everywhere.


The ingredients for the face cream in this line seem to be top notch.. Many of the ingredients in the cream make up part of my daily vitamin supplement regimen. I’ll have to try Filorga so that I will be treating myself both inside and out!

Susie Linton

Bomjour Chere Vicki from hot dry Adelaide…
41 here today before a very welcome cool change!
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful French pharmacy discoveries with us and I am so excited that Nordstroms will send Filorga to Australia. My order has been placed and I am so looking forward to trying these products.
Stay warm and cosy as your winter approaches and have the most wonderful Festive Season with your family. Thank you for bringing those of us on the other side of the world a daily dream of beautiful France.
Bisous Chere Vicki


Thank you Sandy… it was this morning when I wrote this… I’m sorry about that.. it did look like a great idea to trial.. :)


Vicki I do drink a LOT of water ; however I believe creams and serums are important and I also have a small humidifier in my bedroom!

The Arts by Karena
The Blink of an Eye


Vicki,thanks for suggesting Filorga serum which I have been using with my NeoStrata12% glycolic acid at night.Its been a couple weeks and see no change yet.may e too soon to expect any change.I don’t have dry skin or many wrinkles at 70,so maybe that’s the reason.Both my parents had beautiful skin and maybe I’ve lucked out in skin gene department.Still,would like a brighter skin this time of year,ao am falling back on skin illuminating product that does the job,and good old blusher.


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