31 Oct 2020

The Turtleneck: What To Wear With The Rest

When All else Fails: The Turtleneck on vickiarcher.com

Current mood = turtleneck time.

Seeing this series of photographs of Annette Bening shows not only the beauty of the black turtleneck but also how well this black sweater and black pants look together. Combine the all black with a dash of strong lipstick, some great frames and we’re done. We found the boots and the jacket; now for the easy “what to wear” part.

This type of look may not be the most inventive and may not appeal to the more boho side of our natures but I am pretty sure this works for most women and is an easy one to carry off. Even if you love colour and 99% of your wardrobe is a fiesta, there is always room for a monochrome day.

When All else Fails: The Turtleneck on vickiarcher.com

The creative and clever side of personal style is knowing when and how to implement it. Playing it safe has its advantages.

There is nothing dull or boring about the classic, well put together and elegant. Trying too hard to find a signature style can be as damming as playing by the rules.

Sometimes working with the tried and proven is a bonus.

Annette Bening looks wonderful in all black. Yes, she is a very handsome woman, but it was the simplicity of her outfit that drew my attention. Of all her published photographs, I think these are truly wonderful.

The turtleneck has been one of my best pals forever but they need a refresh.

When All else Fails: The Turtleneck on vickiarcher.comWhen All else Fails: The Turtleneck on vickiarcher.com

































Do you know what else I love about a black pair of pants and a turtleneck sweater?

They are forgiving. So forgiving.

After months of our new “real” and not being as disciplined all the time as I might I can appreciate the generosity black offers. Forgiving and flattering; that is what I would say about the sweater and pants combination in black.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. xv

When All Else Fails

one for every ocassion

cashmere turtleneck  ||  smooth fitted turtleneck  ||  fine turtleneck  ||  ribbed turtleneck  ||  silk-blend turtleneck

with these

chelsea bootsdeep red lips + this jacket

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images annette bening, jon rou/loyola marymount university

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Having lived in New York for almost 30 years, I can’t seem to stop wearing black. I tried colorful tops one summer and felt “weird”. I just bought black boots that will pair beautifully with Another black outfit. Oh, well!! Whatever works.


Simply fabulous, Vicki! She looks smashing. I love this classic look. Tight turtlenecks aren’t kind to my neck these days but I’m working on the confidence to not let it bother me. Head to toe black has always been a favorite. Simple, clean and always elegant. It’s hard to beat that!
Stay safe. xo


Vicki love todays post. But, as a 68 yr old with a rather large bust, the turtle neck just doesn’t work. I have always followed the rules for big chested women, suggesting we only wear v-necks. Would love your suggestions. Let’s face it. At this age v-necks don’t look so great either.

Michelle à Détroit

This look is a go to uniform for me. I sometimes swap the pants for black pencil skirt. Different shoes, boots jackets or coats change the look. Black stilettos with a nude leg for dinner out; loafers, combat, chelsea or block heel boots with black opaques for day. Remember what Yves St Laurent said “To be beautiful, all a woman needs is a black pullover and a black skirt and to be arm in arm with a man she loves.”


She’s stunning in these photos. Love a black turtleneck but I’ve also moved off the tighter fit and enjoying a loose fit with a fabulous black belt and big tortoise shell buckle just to tuck the front of the jumper in. A little pearl drop earring for colour! There are so many choices of this style at the moment too.

Linda B

I have to confess that I own 4 black turtlenecks, and sometimes (ahem, often) think I could use another. Most are the thinner, cotton jersey version that mostly serve as a base layer. One is a fine silk cable knit, passed on to me years ago by my aunt. When it cools down these are in nearly daily rotation. In fact, I had the chance to wear a black turtleneck at the beginning of the week, when we had a quite cold front move through with what serves as winter weather here in the desert SW. Now I will be waiting for a while longer to wear anything cozy again, as the weather is bouncing back to unseasonably warm. In the meantime. . . I just might have to get prepared for the true advent of cool weather with that additional black turtleneck. . . . I seem to be less and less of a boho dresser, and more into the simple lines of classics? Hard to say. . .


How I love this type of look! My neutrals are navy, cream, silver grey ….. Black, I save totally for evenings. And black is a very hard colour to carry off after 50 unless you have certain colouring like silver hair …. Definitely go for this look in a base colour that looks gorgeous for you …. I have a friend that looks amazing in camels and pale coffee.


Wow, she looks great!! I love the all black look! I love the lipstick, the glasses, the short nails. I also really like that she has wrinkles!

P.S. I hope your lockdown won’t be for long. So glad to read you made it through your Covid illness OK.


This is it, Vicki. This is my look. Streamlined, no fuss, straightforward but elegant. YES! And dear friend, I feel just like you. We are locking down and hanging on tight.


love those pictures – she has great bone structure which the black shows off so nicely. I can’t do the red lip or the turtleneck but am a fan of the black. I don’t do pastels at all because my light skin tone needs strong colors. I think well fitting black outfits always make one feel dressed and elegant and pulled together no matter whether you’re wearing pricey black pants or black jeans. I say if you feel good in black go with it. I love to add brightly colored shoes and/or scarves and bags for pops of color when I feel like it.


this colour never get out of style and survive summer as winter. Is and will be my no.1
colour and turtle neck anyway. Actually a well fitted black trouser, black turtle, beautiful earrings and a good make up and hair style….who needs more?

wendy Shippee

I love all black. It is perfect for most occasions. Have you tried Westman Atelier Lip Suede compact? Four shades of red to mix or use individually, clean beauty. Lovely!


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