14 Jan 2020

Twenty Twenty, Coming Ready Or Not


Where have we been?
I think it is so important to take a break, refresh and re-set at the end of each year. For absolutely everyone.

Those days between Christmas and New Year, when the world quietens, are some of the most precious. Sadly, my native Australians didn’t have the luxury as they battled ferocious fires which are still ongoing. I feel heartbroken for friends who have lost homes, for many of my childhood haunts decimated by the inferno and for the loss of our unique animals, the magnitude of which is beyond belief. The outpouring of generosity from all over the globe is outstanding and continues. The courage of those directly involved is awe-inspiring and the human spirit something to be revered.

I have found it difficult to start up again; to talk our talk and focus on the less important.

But, it is a new year, 2020 and there is much to be accomplished. Happy, happy New Year.

Let’s not talk resolutions.  

I prefer a “word” to follow and reflect upon. Words have been my muse and my model of encouragement for many years. I have worked with, ” yes” with “no” and there was a period where ‘brave” and “moderation” became my companions. Saying “yes’ and learning to respect “no” were big lessons for me and ones I try to continue on a daily basis. Small and quietly deadly is one way we could describe these. How hard it is to say “yes” when all we want is to hide away in private? Our female trait to be people-pleasers makes the whole idea of “no” an oxymoron.

How could I forget, “courage” and “commitment”? Last year I promised myself to follow my, “instinct“. Was I successful? I think so. Wavering only convinced me “instinct” is a guiding light. When I fought the inherent, I felt confused and profoundly knew I had lost my way. That’s progress. These words of mine are my life’s blueprint like a treasure map to an adventurer. Words don’t lose meaning or value when the calendar turns; they form the basis for an ever-expanding list.

What is my word for Twenty-Twenty?


“Balance” came to me late last year or the lack of it.

Yoga, my new found friend, challenges me on so many levels but the greatest is balance. I don’t have the reserves. Yes, for a moment I can stand on one leg waving my arms like a faulty propeller, but that’s not balanced. The balance needs to be dependable for as long as I choose. I want my left and right to match in vigour, my hands to be mere accessories and I want my legs to feel powerful wherever they point. Strength, flexibility and now balance will make 2020, 2030 and 2040 my best decades.

As I flounder on one leg in my yoga classes I came to understand “balance” in all my walks of life needs recalibration. Work/life balance is often out of sync in my world. I can admit I adore my work and will consciously ignore what I shouldn’t. Friends and social occasions too often suffer; exercise was once a casualty but yoga changed all that. I believe striking balance in my physical, emotional and mental spheres will be a game-changer.

I’ll let you know.

By the way, it is so great to be back – I have missed you. xv

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Please can I receive your posts again? I had to stop, for various sad reasons, and I’m missing them a lot. They were original and inspiring and helped me at a bad time.


I am sorry but your email is registered but there is some problem – they are returned.
I suggest subscribing with another email address Sarah? Let me know if you would like me to do it for you?


welcome in 2020. OK…no resolutions but a big YES. Balance ….the most important not only in body but as well in mind. Personally I find out when I am balanced inside it is easy to stand on one leg for longer.

Linda B

Great to see you back, Vicki!

I too work have been working the past few years with words, rather than resolutions. For 2020, the word I decided on was “re-centering”. After the whirlwind of changes that I experienced from May through the remainder of 2019–retiring, becoming a grandmother, and losing my mother–I realized I truly need to find a new sense of my own center. It akin to your finding balance. Interestingly, as part of that I recently started some yoga, after not doing it for decades. It does seem a marvelous tool for both the body and soul.


Happy new year and happy new decade to you Vicki.
Thank you for making mention of the bush fire destruction in Australia which is on a scale beyond belief.
Sadly it will not be a happy year for thousands of Australians, in particular our hard working farmers who have endured not only years of drought but now the loss of their properties. The “Australian Spirit” is quite amazing though with every Australian it seems, here and across the world swinging into action to assist in whatever way they can. Continued support is still so important as the fire season continues…


The “Australian Spirit” has always been something to be proud of, especially in these times. It is incredible how people have banded together and helped in so many ways. I am very proud to be an Aussie, even if a distant one.


Thank you Vicki for your post. Welcome back and happy new year! “Balance” is so important for both physical and emotional health. I too am working on achieving balance. And yoga sounds like a great idea. I’ll look into it today!

Sal Lawrance

Great Post thank you Vicki words are so important and in my current ‘Decade of Joy’ balance is a key word for me. Perfect timing to be reminded of the importance of words – I have often struggled as my language has often been to casual and it gives me a joyful moment when I think clearly and articulate exactly what I wish to say. And that takes practise!! Happy New Year from a hot and crispy Australia hope to see you in the late summer xx


So pleased you are sticking with the yoga and feel the benefits both physically and mentally. That peace, tranquility and relaxation is something to use through your busy life so that it does keep you balanced and calm. Life has lots to juggle and we can all look to yoga to help us rejoice in it, and if we manage to stand on one leg in tree pose and to hold our arms above our head then that is also to be rejoiced!!! 🙏🏻 Nameste Vicki.


NOW tell us YOUR version of the MEGHAN AND HARRY SAGA!
People are being so nasty……
MY guess is they will be back but LATER………….they are gorgeous and seemed to being doing a GREAT JOB.She is elegant and that smile is always there.
ANY opinions you care to share?If not that’s ok too!
I’m still dealing with my issues I shared with you and my symptoms
are getting worse!My world is becoming very small.
YOU must do a portrait with CARLA and HIM!


Thanks and welcome back. Yoga is my goal of the year and I’ve taken brush to canvas again …2020 vision and beyond is what I am aiming for!


Welcome back Vicki, the prospects of 2020 are only limited by our imagination… let’s do this with great enthusiasm.

Jenny Rogers

Thank you Vicki for you kind words regarding the bushfires. It is so hard to say” Happy New Year “with all the devastation around the countryside.
Enjoyed reading your article, balance is what we all need, but hard to find.
My husband bought me your last book for Christmas, just love it. As I enjoy interior decorating and also have French and Antique furniture, I enjoyed reading every page and has pride of place on our coffee table. Keep up the good work and I look forward to you next episode.



Good morning dear Vicki!

I think your word for 2020 is spot on for moving forward. Extremes on either side of any spectrum of dreams, hopes and goals never work out. I think my words for the year, “Let go” also help equal out the weight of carrying too many unnecessary burdens. Let’s move on and let go of what is not important so we can find our centers and S H I N E !


Hello Vicki.. from Adelaide Australia!
I love your post and the empathy we all have for those that have lost so much in the terrible bush-fires :(
If a picture tells a thousand words, a word portrays so many visions – B A L A N C E S H I N E A U T H E N T I C !
It was so exciting to meet you in Saint Remy in mid-December 2019. You were a wealth of enthusiastic advice for things to see and do on our stay in Provence, which made another dream come true after having followed you and having your books as my coffee table inspiration for many years.
Thank you
Mignon xo


It was so lovely meeting you too… come back and stay next time … There’s so much more to cover :):)

Trish Murphy

Happy New Year and welcome back Vicki. A great post as always and very relevant to us all. Yoga is on the “to do list this year “! The saying the mind is willing ….. It certainly is harder at a certain age to keep embracing a fit and active fitness regime. Love the beautiful photo of you with your adorable Grandson Archie. It is another world having Grandchildren and only understood once they arrive. Thank you for the Australian mention and yes we have an incredible spirit and resilience as you know so well.xx Trish


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