20 Jul 2009

Une Baiser S’il Vous Plait….Shall We Kiss?

Shall We Kiss … so sweet and so cute – I was totally enchanted. Trust the French to spin out the most simple of romantic moments into a full blown cinematic experience.

The plot goes something like this,

‘When Gabriel and Emilie meet by chance he offers her a ride and they spend the evening talking, laughing and getting along famously. At the end of the night Emilie declines Gabriel’s offer of a kiss without consequences. Emilie admonishes him that the kiss could have unexpected consequences, and tells him a story unfolding in flashbacks, about the impossibility of indulging your desires without affecting someone else’s life.’

If you are in the mood for something light and bubbly, other than champagne, then this romance is just the thing. xv

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Ahh, yet another of your film recommendations to put on my 'to view' list. I watched 'The Grocer's Son' after you recommended it and totally loved it. Vicki, you're a pretty good film critic for an author! Lee :)


Oh Vicki, this movie is just adorable. I will have to see it when it's available. Thanks for sharing your fantastic find. <3

Alison Gibbs

Vicki this sounds like a fun movie – so much better to sometimes watch a movie to relax and for it to not to be too deep.

mondo cherry

This sounds like my type of movie… not so sure about my hubby! Might have to take my sister instead. Can we have the champagne too please?
Clare x


Virginie Ledoyen is an excellent actress. The last film I saw her in was, "La doublure" so I'm looking forward to seeing her in this film. Thanks so much for this recommendation.

Little Rus

As always, came for my morning dose of French charm. As I was browsing your blog I noticed a link to your book. You know, I didn't realise that THAT book was written by YOU! I feel a little silly at the moment. That book was on my wish list of books and I was going to get next month or so. Oh, now I feel so lucky that I've got a chance to learn more about you here and then read YOUR BOOK, too.
No wonder, your posts are so beautiful and well-written. You are just amazing. x


I do love a bit of frivolity & lightness every now & then at the movies Vicki. Oh & don't tell the kids, but MOTH & I still enjoy a bit of smooch on special occasions (generally after his beloved footy team the Mighty Demons have had a win!). However as they've only won 4 games this Season, the smooches are a bit light on at the moment!
Millie ^_^


I must say I have bad experiences of French romantic comedies, but I'll try this one when it comes out in cinema in England… I am in need for a bit of light entertainment.

La Maison Fou

Sound like a fun flick! Thanks for sharing, Vicki!
I always love a good French film, I on the other hand saw that Bridgette Jones gal on Sunday,…my she is funny!


Sounds like a really cute movie! I am so glad you had a relaxing weekend!
PS – Looks like I will be in Aix the 1st week of August, can we still do lunch?


Hello Vicki
I love movie night, at home is the best…pop corn on the sofa, pause button any time, and my best bud cuddled up close.
Yes, I agree "Shall we Kiss" seems like a light view for the summer.


This looks great! I am writing this down right now. My husband and I are addicted to French movies~~they are our saving grace…
Have a fun week!

down and out chic

thanks for the recommendation, i'm adding it to my netflix now!
i watched priceless (the newest audrey tautou) and laughed out loud quite a few times! i adore french films.


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Fifi Flowers

That looks CUTE… J'adore light and bubbly in my movies and in my glass… I will give it a SIP!!!
Hope all is well with YOU!

adriana lobo

I read what you said about IL Y A LONGTEMPS QUE JE T'AIME, but I haven't seen it yet. I will soon because I loved THE ENGLISH PATIENT and Kristin Scott Thomas is really great! I just have to confess something to you: I think it's easier for me to express my most profound emotions in a second language,that is in English, than on my own native one, Portuguese. I believe things are lighter in English, especially when the issue is kind of complicated… About SHALL WE KISS? thanks for the idea!
Have a week of good work and good moments…

Ingrid Mida

This sounds delightful. I hope I can find it. This past weekend, I watched "The Last Emperor" about Valentino and it was divine.

Madame DeFarge

I like the idea of realising that indulgence of one's desires always affects someone else's life. I'd have kissed fewer boys if I'd known that in my younger days.


God bless Netflix. Another film to add to my queue. I rely on you so for my French film forays. Merci!!!

The Pink Poodle


SOUNDED JULST like the movie i needed to watch for my 23rd wedding anniversary just passed!!

so shall try to get it & watch it retrospectively so to speak!!

xx andrea


Thanks Vicki, I will check if they are available in AUS.
For sake of my French I hope they have it in original. My teacher will be happy.
Have a wonderful week.


ohhhh the hubby and i will HAVE to see this one together!! i love all your recommendations.. keep them coming, s'il vous plait. :)


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