10 Mar 2019

What’s Wrong With “Utility”?


Absolutely Nothing. “Utility” has its purpose.

Mostly if something is considered worthy of the word “utility” I am not enchanted.

Except when it comes to “utility” jackets. This particular coat answers to a variety of names but today I’m calling mine “utility”.

They must be my favourite style of jacket since, well; it is so far back I cannot even remember when I bought my first. It’s March and I am tired of the puffers, parkas and woollen numbers, I need a change of coat this weekend. Seriously, I’m so over my heavier jackets it must mean spring is on the way.

I’m partial to khaki – it’s a great neutral and works well on most colourings – and it is flattering. If black were superseded then khaki would be the new black. It’s that utilitarian and practical. Yes, it works with black, with denim and beautifully with pastels.

But how good does it look with white?

I’m thinking white jeans, a white cashmere sweater and this utility jacket are working well; wear sneakers, flats or booties even a kitten heel would work.

It’s my kind of outfit. xv

Utility Has Its Place

dl1961 camo print  ||  dl1961 zip front

wear with

white jeans  ||  v neck white cashmere  ||  vince round necked cashmere   ||  kitten heels

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Linda B

I don’t live where we have a “serious” winter–in fact, on Wednesday, we zoomed up to 90 for a day! Now, after a very windy day yesterday, it is chilly again this morning, in the 30s. I know that is not at all cold for some of you, but it is Arizona winter weather. Still, yesterday, I felt I had to get out my khaki utility jacket. Somehow, spring is spring everywhere, and yes, I think nothing feels more right for spring than this sort of jacket. Vicki, I love the suggestion of wearing it with white, especially with the cognac leather accessories. I am going to try that!


Love the jacket especially with the white! But what do you think of all the super long sleeves I’m seeing? They are fine if one is just standing around chatting but that length would get in the way otherwise! Not very practical.


Far too cold here where I live in the UK. Vests are still part of the wardrobe with gloves and scarf!!!
But I have a navy utility for when the vest comes off and the sun is out and warm! I like the relaxed informal look of them.

Jo Dennis

We are heading into Autumn and I am so looking forward to pulling my khaki utility jacket out of the closet after a long hot summer!! Khaki jacket and white jeans are always a winning combination for me in Autumn.

Dee Wood

The outfit is lovely, the only thing I would not have is those white sleeves, I could just imagine visiting a museum of ancient vases and having those things catch on something, I would go for a more classic white shirt!


Good morning, Vicki! OK, this looks like the perfect travel jacket and if it has an inside pocket (for that passport and cards), then this is the ONE. Utility but elegance, in my opinion, with the addition of the white pants, a great pair of sunglasses and of course, a proper pair of shoes. I think the trick to pull off any “utility” piece whether it’s an article of clothing or a home décor piece, is to pair utility + elegance. And, this model sure looks like me when I was in my 30s!


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