12 Mar 2018

Planning Not Packing For Paris

VA Sketchbook: Planning Not Packing on vickiarcher.com

We are planning for Paris.

The VA girls and I are going to work in Paris this week and I thought you might like a peek into our sketchbook. Yes, it’s ambitious. We will be running from early morning until late at night to take all the photographs our hearts will desire. Paris does that to you.

We have been brainstorming for content and visual ideas. I like to come up with new and fun ways we present what’s happening out in the beauty and fashion world. I also want to show you as much of our Paris as I can.

There is a whole heap of beauty to discuss and we are going to try our hand at styling some products and see if we can create something as pretty as these pics. I am excited to be back arranging and re-arranging and I hope I can come up with some inspirational pretties. There might be a sunglasses moment coming up too. Isn’t it funny how the small things can give so much pleasure? Please have a look at Le Specs – they are amazing.

VA Sketchbook: Planning Not Packing on vickiarcher.com


We have a list as long as our arms about what to pack.

Will I stick to my “3 shoe rule“? The photographs will tell. I am going to try.  As I only want to carry the “carry on” it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze. Mmmm, maybe not the carry on? Then we want to load up our phones with some Parisian beauty – the more pics, the merrier.



VA Sketchbook: Planning Not Packing on vickiarcher.com


Hopefully, we will get to laze around the Tuileries and leave our faux fur back at the apartment. I’m sick of the cold and longing to wear a lightweight jacket. Although rain, rain and more rain is predicted so we might have to start thinking raincoats.

After Paris, I am heading to Provence for the install of our new little baby, La Maison du Village. I am so excited to see how it is taking shape. Everything is nearly ready and has been delivered; now the fun part starts. Renovating is always much more work than we expect and it never looks exactly as we imagine – here’s hoping I got it right. It will take time for all the small details to come together and the ambience to grow, but I promise it will be comfortable.

My vision when I started hasn’t changed; it’s a home away from home in Provence. It will be filled with pieces I have collected and decorated in the French style I have loved forever.

You know that feeling though? When something is nearly finished and you question all the decisions and choices.

Fingers crossed. xv

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Oh Vicki, I AM THRILLED for you and I wish I could do this! Paris is the perfect backdrop for inspiring new artistic ideas as well as new perspectives on self and community. I hope you get a chance to see Marie-Paule Faure; do you know her? She is a wonderful stylist and puts on ateliers. Check her out on IG and her blog.

Wishing you grand success on all the beauty-gathering ahead of you and your crew! (I’m sooooooo envious!)

Mimi Gregor

Renovations are a perfect example of the Hegelian Dialectic: The thesis (what you are aiming for) is the way you want it to look, the antithesis is what you are starting out with. What you really end up with is neither, but a synthesis of the two. Even though one seldom gets what one has initially pictured, it can sometimes be a better fit than one imagined. Just enjoy the process; the end result is the icing on the cake.


Vicki, so excited for you to head to Paris for inspiration, fun, fashion and oh, yes, work! Hoping you get some beautiful hours between showers, too. Being in Paris is always inspirational and good for the artistic soul, I wish I could hop over too! Wishing you a grand and beautiful time, we will be living vicariously. xoxo Lidy

Anne Campbell-Crawford

Hello hello – You are really inspiring and I always love your pictures. Lucky you having a team of like minded daughters to form a group of fashion scouts. I live in Paris and struggle to keep my site up-to-date simply because of the technology that goes with it. Hmm must try harder. In my head I have many ideas and photographs but………….. definitely will try harder, you’ll see, I hope. Meanwhile have a wonderful time in Paris and in Provence and I admire your energy.
Best to you all,

Traveling Grandma

Hi Vicki,
We will be in Paris in early June with our 15 year old grandson. Could you give us any advice on a great english speaking tour guide who could shepherd us around Paris and environs and maybe a few WWII sites?
Love your blog! You are an inspiration.


Oooohhh! I get to go to Paris again (with you and the girls). BTW, can we see pix of the girls this trip?
And thanks for the ride-along. :)


It’s fun to see how you layout your ideas and then how they come together. There are always changes, no? Hope you have great weather and a wonderful time! Brenda


Oh dear! Not sure you’ll escape the cold and damp in Paris just yet. Friends who live there write it’s continuing miserable weather. Rain and cold. Even the beautiful snow soon became cold wet slush. So, waterproof boots or shoes might unfortunately be the order of the day. Fingers crossed though. In a few week hopefully it will be much improved. But at least in Paris there are so many compensations and so many wonderful buildings you can escape into. We’ve been there in the Paris floods and in heatwaves and we still have a ball whatever the weather.
Hopefully the weather in St Remy will be different. It always seems to be warmer and better weather in the South. So looking forward to seeing the after pics of your new property. I’m sure it’s going to be fabulous! Have a great trip. Bon voyage! Pamela


Have just seen your IG stories. So good there’s some blue sky and fine weather! The ground looked dry too. Fingers crossed it gets even better. Passez une bonne semaine a Paris. Cordialement, Pamela


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