14 Feb 2019

Valentine’s Day: Pucker Up

Pucker Up on vickiarcher.com

How can it be Valentine’s Day already?

The start of the year flies rapidly for me. We celebrate New Year followed on the heels is my daughter’s birthday and very shortly after is mine. This year we are also excited to celebrate an engagement, a new baby and a 30th; the year is running away with me not to mention my excitement levels are on overdrive.

Truth be told, I haven’t even given Valentines a mere thought.

I believe in appreciating each other every day – as much as humanly possible – rather than on a specific day of the year. It’s a tall order because nobody likes their partner all day every day but I do think being spoilt and made to feel special when we least expect it is the greatest romance of all.

Which is not to say a huge bunch of fabulous roses would not be appreciated but they are not necessary. I love surprises when that’s what they are, a complete stunner. Like this years’ birthday – mine surprised me away on holiday with a party for our friends in the best venue in town, a very unique cowboy bar. For a girl with nothing to do with prairies and cowboys, this was a very fun evening. Tartan, tall hats and jeans  – although I didn’t quite follow orders – plenty of shots and a whole heap of laughs made for one of the best nights ever.

This year, like many years I am taking matters into my own hands and treating myself to a new lip wand. This one is the dream and the colours – can’t stop at one. I know you are thinking, more lipstick? Yes, is the answer.

There is nothing I love more than a new shade, a new texture and a mad dash of red or pink or even rose. So I’m not hesitating; not now not ever.

Have a fabulous day wherever you are and pop some colour on – you never know when you need to pucker up ;) xv

Pucker Up, Pucker Up

chanel liquid matte lip colour in 962 electric blossom  ||  958 volupte  ||  960 avant gardiste


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image, kenneth willardt, sunglass hut 2013

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I agree! You can’t force romance. Romantic evenings are the spontaneous ones. Flowers, for no reason other than I love you, are touching but given because they are suppose to on the 14th doesn’t sit well with me.
I’ll wear a red sweater today as a nod to the day.


It’s a perfect rainy day today for my bright red hunter wellies. Surprisingly in Las Vegas !


unpredictable spontaneities…..that’s a real surprise. 14th is like other “made”days just
business and a red lipstick makes me always smiling. B.t.w. I like the liquid matte….
looks so mystical


Vicki, Being of the same generation Valentines Day does not mean a lot to me either. Married for 47 years we must have done something right every day of the year and not just on 14th Feb. It is my least favourite holiday as I have come to the conclusion it is a cruel holiday following many years in education and seeing teenagers temporarily destroyed by the day. There were the ‘haves’, the ‘have nots’ and sadly the ‘probably never will haves’ which combined with teenage angst is not a pretty sight. Plenty of joy on Valentines Day for some (especially the florists) but also many broken hearts.


Dearest Vicki, even though my husband and I met on Valentine’s Day (now 39 years ago), I too don’t give the day extra thought because EVERY DAY is the day to celebrate love, and….PUCKER UP!


I have to agree, not my favorite holiday either. My husband shows me love every day!!

Congratulations on all your family excitement!


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