21 Nov 2014

Valentino, Lace And Rockstuds


Valentino, other than Rudolph Valentino star of the silent screen and idol to millions of women in the 1920’s, means lace, rockstuds and vivacious red to me.

Today as I nurse a horrible flu I decided that glorious fashion and luxurious dressing is the only thing to chirp me up.

I have long lusted over the rockstud heel, a shoe that has been more popular than any other.

Why all the fuss?

The rockstud is a fabulous shoe; there is something about the straps with the studs that elongates the legs and adds a soupçon of sex appeal.

My daughter promised herself a pair with her first pay cheque, after two years of study and a student’s income. I wasn’t sure… when she tried them on I said, “you have to”. They looked that amazing.

I was still deliberating and today I wish I was wearing them. Anything to detract from my watery eyes and red nose.

rock stud t-strap pump //  rockstud flat  //  rockstud patent ballerina  


Valentino and lace… *sigh*.

I adore lace. I still have my first lace skirt that I bought more than 20 years ago. I love it as much today and I wear it often.

Lace is magical for after dark, but I am a fan when the feminine is mixed with a harder edge.

A biker boot, black tights, lace skirt and turtleneck is a favourite outfit of mine. Lace top, jeans, flats or heels… another combination I fall back on regularly.

Lace just makes everthing seem better.


Nordstrom, as you know by now is my go-to department store and has the best collection of Valentino rockstuds.

So many places are sold out or don’t have the colour choices available… I hate that, don’t you?

Valentino… browsing your studs and your delicate laces have totally cheered me up.

Maybe a pair of these sunglassses would help too… :) xv

Very Valentino

rockstuds  //  crossbody  //  lace  //  sunglasses


images valentino


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Anita Rivera

Vicki, your page alone is sensational but these fashions today ARE EXCEPTIONAL! I too love a bit of lace and the composition of each element here is so artfully and strategically placed. Not too much, not too little. You have inspired me to wear some lace today….I really love your new look. Thank you!

Jenny Barton

Vicki – are you in Provence? Because la grippe is rife on the south side of the Luberon. Stay warm, drink lots of fluids, and dream of lace – if you have to be ill, not a bad way to suffer…..


No I’m back in London and yes… drinking, drinking and more drinking… sadly nt my favourite Greygoose, Jenny… ;)

Barnali Guha

There are days I feel indulgent but with guilt. Then I read your blog and agree – why not indulge while nursing a flu? And Valentino maybe a splurge but certainly doesn’t hurt to browse online!! I still love Oscar DeLa Renta though!!

Heather in Arles

I’ll admit that I was SUCH a snob when Valentino retired…”Who do these young ones think they are?? Taking over such a venerable house…” but it really is amazing…they only get better and better…
Speaking of getting better…I hope that you do soon! Don’t forget to take some zinc please, it works.


Cashmere and lace are my preferred style. Together with a touch of leather it looks so cool. …and sunglasses are a must at any time even the sky is covered with clouds like today in South of Spain. Recover soon.


Vicki I am definitely wearing more lace over the holidays. Oh and to have a pair of the Rock Stud shoes (with the shorter heel) Adore!
The Arts by Karena


Thank you for this great post and for your book! I have read it twice already. Your choices are always excellent. I hope you are feeling better soon!


The black lace with ‘harder edge’ – pinstripe, leather – unpredictable and to die for! Just love it and am going to take out some of my YSL pieces and put them over lace tops that have been sleeping for some
time waiting for special occasions. There is no more special day than today, so I will treat myself….
Thanks Vicki. You are a gem!

The Duches

Get well soon. Lace, a good book and a bit of chocolate! Life does not get any better than this.

Melanie LeFever

I have the Valentino Rockstud Flats and they are one of my favorite pair of shoes. They were comfortable from the first time I tried them on. They are definitely keepers. Hope you feel better soon.

The Enchanted Home

When I think of Valentino I think of the most beautiful lace…..sooo very beatufiul and elegantly timeless.

The stud shoe however I am not a fan of, maybe too played out but I have never been drawn to studs to begin with but have seen them on a few and must say they did look quite good:)

Valentino in my eyes really can do no wrong.

Trish Murphy

Hope that you feel better soon Vicki.Dvds rest and hot lemon and honey.Love lace too. xTrish


Get well soon. Those colds/flus are horrible. You can buy “Frequent Flyer” fizzy pills you drop into water to boost your immune system if you’re exposed to people’s coughs or sneezes. Can really work. Also it’s probably even worth trying now in the hope you might be able to throw this thing off more quickly. Just talk to your chemist about them. I always start taking them a couple of days before flying too, as our guy advised.
Love the Valentino rock studs! FF bought a fabulous pair in Fuxia – hot fuchsia pink. They’re fabulous! Can imagine you wear them in black or grey. I’m sure you’d love them! Best wishes, Pamela

Kim Webb

One of my daughters bought rockstuds with her first proper tax return, like your daughter after years of study an imdulgence that still brings her great joy every time she wears them .
Hope you feel better soon

Olivia shamilov

Hi Vicki ..still a total blank with your book ..even my husband can’t sort out……totally won’t log in. Best wishes Olivia. Feel like crying….


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