30 Apr 2016

Vanessa Redgrave: Another Beautiful Face

Vanessa Redgrave, Another Beautiful Face, vickiarcher.com

Vanessa Redgrave is an actress I have long admired.

She has been star of the stage and screen for as long as I can remember; Camelot, the 1967 musical she starred in with Richard Harris and France Nero, stays firmly entrenched as a childhood memory.

There is a presence about Vanessa Redgrave. Jane Fonda wrote,

“There is a quality about Vanessa that makes me feel as if she resides in a netherworld of mystery that eludes the rest of us mortals. Her voice seems to come from some deep place that knows all suffering and all secrets. Watching her work is like seeing through layers of glass, each layer painted in mythic watercolour images, layer after layer, until it becomes dark, but even then you know you haven’t come to the bottom of it … The only other time I had experienced this with an actor was with Marlon Brando … Like Vanessa, he always seemed to be in another reality, working off some secret, magnetic, inner rhythm.”

Her face is beautiful in its natural state.

I like the way she wears dark eyeliner and not much else; the nude blush of lips defines but doesn’t draw the eye away from her expression. Looking back at photographs, Vanessa Redgrave has favoured this darker eyes and natural look forever.

After a winter of deep lips and light eyes I am ready to line the eyes and fade the lips. I have been trying out various pencils and new lip colours. I have been watching videos to improve my applying techniques. Eye lining has never been my strong suit.

Charlotte Tilbury make-up is my latest find.

The pencil is the best and better still, easy to use. The lipstick is a perfect there-but-not-there shade of nothing.

Inspiration for a new look can come from everywhere and another beautiful face, whatever the age, is the first place I look. xv

Another Beautiful Face

charlotte tilbury rock n roll in veruschka mink  //  charlotte tilbury penelope pink

watch charlotte tilbury make it all happen HERE

image vanessa redgrave by inez and vinoodh for the new york times

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Taste of France

She wears makeup but isn’t “made up.”
For liner, try a gel. Lasts longer than pencil but easier to apply than liquid. Start in the middle, go to the outside, then go back and do toward the inside. It’s easier to get close to the eyelash base than a pencil.

Esther George

Hi Vicki, thank you for featuring this beautiful lady. I have watched her on Call The Midwife where she is also narrating the story (just can’t get enough of this show) unfortunately the last episode aired last week. I have not worn much makeup lately, but I still have my favourite eyeliner pencil Dior soft jade, and when I was younger I could use the liquid eyeliner which I’ve kept it’s about 25 years old … possible Chanel antique…maybe? Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney.


I have enjoyed every episode of Call The Midwife.. and Vanessa Redgrave’s narration is superb… Jane Fonda was right.. :)

Anita Rivera

Young or mature, Vanessa’s qualities come from within, radiating out through those stunning blue eyes, flowing graciously from her calculated speech, expressed in her elegant stature. Oh, beauty, you come in so many forms!

Mimi Gregor

I somehow cannot master the art of applying eyeliner pencil. I find Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner not only easier to use, but longer lasting. And it comes in a plethora of colors. Because it dries too fast to smudge properly, and I can’t somehow manage to get as close to my lashline as I would like, I go over the eyeliner with a slightly lighter color of eye shadow on my eyeliner brush. Not only does it deposit color closer to my lashes, but it gives my eyeliner more of a “smudgy” look rather than a hard line. And makes it last even longer than the gel alone.


Vanessa is stunning and quite a formidable actress! Regarding eyeliner, less is more in my book. I have seen so many women, d’un certain age,( especially two extended family members ) that just overdo it with the eyeliner and it just detracts from their beautiful eyes – when it is overdone it is the only thing one can focus on when looking at their face. Make up is supposed to enhance beauty, so I think it should be applied sparingly and carefully..

Cathy Wong

Lovely and inspiring!
I have to admit I’ve been “studying” these Charlotte Tilbury videos lately….have you seen the one where she does her Mum’s makeup?! Illustrating a smokey eye for every age!The feline eyeliner is NOT for me, but I’ve been getting some good ideas…as always, adapt to suit our own style.


No, I much watch more.. I love these videos and find them helpful..
Im not for the feline eyeliner either but I do like how she makes the rest of the eye up with the pencil and powder.. :)


Vicki, I wear the Penelope Pink lipstick! It was a recommendation from my sister and I love it too!!


For the 1st of May — do check YouTube for a video of the musical Camelot — and Ms. Redgrave singing about “the lusty month of May” — gorgeous at any age!


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