25 Sep 2018

Velvet: Don’t Just Sit On It

Velvet: Don't Just SIt On It on vickiarcher.com

Velvet anything and I am in.

Ever since I can remember velvet has been a fabric to love. It is the luxurious nature, the soft touch and the feeling I am dressed for any occasion that has me so smitten.

My latest infatuation is with the velvet blazer. Truthfully I can’t and probably won’t stop at one. I thought a black one would suffice  – and it did for a time  – but as I see these jewel tones more and more online and in the shops, I am lost. I feel the emerald green and the burgundy are no-brainers. Not to mention midnight blue velvet with jeans or black slightly wider tuxedo pants.

Is velvet something we all love?

I am too biased to be able to see clearly. A velvet blazer makes me feel together despite what is worn underneath and also well dressed and elegant. Velvet was a “grown-up” fabric in my mind or one used in interiors. These days I like velvet in my closet and on my sofas.

The hardest choice with a velvet jacket is which colour?

I don’t think one colour is any less practical than another. A burgundy can look as formal or as casual as the emerald or the darkest of blues. If grey hair is your gig then it really works with velvet; maybe it is wishful thinking on my part. It could be my excuse for wanting this emerald green blazer?

If you are a velvet lover like me, don’t just sit on it ;) try this one. xv

Don’t Just Sit On It

all in black

frame velvet  ||  frame velvet piped  ||  joan vass one button  ||  alice + olivia double button  ||  alice + olivia vance velvet  ||  jen cotton velvet

jewel tones

frame velvet in navy   ||  frame velvet in burgundy   ||  lafayette 148 in emerald  ||  joseph velvet in olive green  ||  norma kamali in pewter

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Thanks for this reminder today Vicki! I really like velvet too, however I remember my mum years ago saying how ‘one should only wear velvet in the evening’ and it has damn well stuck with me after ALL these years ha ha. BUT not anymore, I have just ordered the navy velvet jkt. Funny how we would laugh at our mums sometimes when they said things we thought at the time were absurd and now we are either doing it ourselves or saying it. Bit like the white ankle boots (which mum also said should never be in our wardrobe) – lashed out and bought an ankle hugging pair that look great with cropped jeans, dresses and skirts especially heading into our Spring. Love it when you confirm it’s now okay to do the things we were never quite sure about. When in doubt it’s “Vicki said” and I have never been sorry! Big thank you VA.


I love velvet but don’t own one piece. I need to change that. You will look great in that green one!


I love your book club pick. I’m not on FB anymore but will catch up with you all on the 23rd.


I like velvet. But have not been able to wear it since getting married many years ago. Husband hates it, says it makes his teeth go on edge. Sadly. But he can usually cope with corduroy, strange but good. Once had an emerald green jacket I loved, wore it mostly with black pants, white long sleeved shirt, red and green silk scarf and emerald wool beret. Was great fun. Emerald is a fabulous colour! Also a couple of years ago bought an emerald feather marabou from Sonia Rykiel. Very warm and light and works so well with my emerald classic flap bag. Best wishes, Pamela


I like corduroy on the men if it’s not too baggy.. think English country gent… but I have never worn it myself… Velvet is far more luxurious and feminine, I think. Emerald is a very flattering colour for most of us… :)

Deborah Peterson Milne

Greetings Vicki,
I am on that velvet admiration train. I wore a burgendy blazer & trousers out for dinner one evening in Paris & felt like a million francs! Like all good staples, I find a velvet blazer can take you anywhere. I’m now dreaming of a hunter green version because of you. 😉


Linda B

I adore velvet and think I always have. My favorite piece is a dark green long velvet skirt I got at a consignment store about 7 years ago. It is a western style (made in Texas if I remember correctly) and it is particularly beautiful as I move, the way it flows and swishes along.

I love that dark green velvet blazer you have your eye on! And the pewter one totally belongs in my closet. Yes, any velvet immediately pulls on my heartstrings.


I know! Velvet is one of those things… always draws me in… Must be because it is so tactile perhaps?

Linda B

I think yes–the tactile part. You are reminding me that I choose clothing for its “hand” as much as the color and style.


I bought a velvet blazer years ago – black – from a consignment shop. I had no need for it at the time, but I knew it was a piece that I would keep forever. I always feel great when I wear it – which is not often as I still think of it as an evening piece. The label is Mr. Jax which is a long time defunct Canadian designer that made wonderful quality clothes. I must figure out how to wear it for day.


Same here Missi, I don’t do Facebook! But doesn’t stop me reading the book and waiting until the 23rd to see a variety of comments. Looking forward to this!!


This is for me! My name is Velvet and everyone (and I mean everyone) who knows me associates this beautiful fabric to me. So when I actually wear my all time favorite black velvet jacket, I get some really funny looks…! Perhaps, I should start wearing it more…?! Not sure, xx


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