9 Feb 2019

Velvet: Wearing The Pants

Velvet: Wearing The Pants on vickiarcher.com

Have you thought any more about velvet?

I have a major obsession these last few months and seem to find anything velvet irresistible. Finally, I found the green velvet sofas for home and they are fabulous. I am very happy with them. A gorgeous deep emerald shade that works beautifully with cream and that soft blush pink I am so fond of.

My latest velvet crush is pants; dare I mention it the “jogging” kind. Never to go jogging in but the style of trousers that taper in at the ankles and you wear with your trainers. They are tracksuit pants really, only in velvet.

I love mine in black with a fine sweater or tee and a loose blazer – they are perfect for travelling – comfortable and plenty of room to move. They look great too, very flattering for some reason; it must be the way the ankles work.

Maybe it is me but I only wear mine with trainers – flats, heels or booties don’t really work. I like to keep the velvet pants casual and relaxed, in this style anyway.

These style of velvet pants are a great addition to our weekend wardrobes and make a change from our jeans or the classic style of pants I am always in. They also look super cute with an over-sized woolly sweater if it is cold enough where you live.

Think cream cable knit style and black velvet with a pair of favourite sneakers; a win/win outfit for the weekend. xv

Wearing The Pants

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Oh Vicki, you always find the best topics. I LOVE VELVET! First of all, glad to hear you found your sofa! How gorgeous that must be! We have a sage green velvet sofa and no matter how often I change up my vintage style, that sofa has remained. It’s at least 20 years old but velvet is timeless and durable.

Now, about the pants. What a wonderful fabric. I own at least two skirts, four jackets in velvet, but no pants. This is truly something I need to look for because I find velvet to be warm and cozy during the winter months. You’ve got me thinking!


I forgot to mention one tip with velvet pants… wear them loose because they don’t give and velvet can be a little fragile…
Try them, they are so cute with a big sweater and I think coming in at the ankles is flattering :)


Good tip, Vicki. And I think they’d look more elegant a bit loose. Thank you!


We bought a green velvet sofa last year Vicki …. I was thinking this morning how much I love it ! I’m not so keen on the crushed velvet though ! I’m not so keen on wearing it though but that’s just me ! I don’t think that it suits me. XXXX


I agree Jackie, crushed can be hit and miss especially on the sofa… mine is plain and looks great… simple.
My daughter chose a crushed velvet for her sofa and she’s not crazy about it :(

Michelle à Détroit

I had a dark green velvet sofa years ago when Ilived in NYC.The walls were also dark green. That was back in my Ralph Lauren horsey decor days. The sofa is long gone but I kept the throw pillows. We’re planning a move in the spring and a deep green velvet sofa might be just the thing! I have a pale green suede sofa in Florida and I love it. The walls are deep warm beige and the room has deep ruby dupioni draps and accents. It works unexpectedly well.


Sounds gorgeous Michelle… I don’t have curtains as we have old double doors with shutters so my scheme with the deep green velvet is black, white, emerald and blush pink on a couple of French fauteuils. I have mixed the contemporary with the old…
I’m waiting on the same shade of pink runner for the staircase to tie it all in. Fingers crossed it looks ok!


Love velvet… yes pants, and furniture. Emerald green in anything is a winner imho. 🌲 I recently bought a fitted lounge cover in yellow… I know but its more of a golden hue, large gingham ( not velvet) You know it brightens up the room, we are nearly going into autumn here and it’s perfect for the colour change. The garden is going to be completely revamped, I’m thinking of getting some yellow blooms to grow. 🌼🌻🌼.


I absolutely love velvet, and your sofa is gorgeous! Green is my fav colour and green velvet is superlative!
I have a pair of black silk velvet palazzo pants I wear often, on repeat, now that the velvet trend is strong …I will attempt to send you a pic of a wedding I did last spring, where we incorporated a green velvet setee in the decor…also, you are spot on, dear Vicki, with the velvet joggers and trainers…my way to travel!


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