18 Oct 2016

Venice And The Sweater Dress

Venice and the Sweater Dress on vickiarcher.com

The sweater dress was my outright winner last week.

What a brilliant piece of packing and I’m not sure why haven’t I included this beauty in my winter packing before.

I suppose because this season there are a great many to choose from and it is not a style I have worn often before. From now on the sweater dress is high up on the essentials list.

I wore it every other day with my sneakers and various jackets, depending on the chill and I wore it at night with short boots and a woolen wrap. It was easy, comfortable and fitted everywhere we went.

I tried having my photograph taken to show you.

Ok, I will be honest I am not good model material and I don’t know how those who are, do it so well. I am stiff and I get silly. I cannot take myself seriously and I hate every picture. I am a photographer’s nightmare. When I see myself I am so quick to delete, it is a surprise there are any files left at all. Fortunately, Clementine wouldn’t let me near that button.

Admittedly we had a few shoots together, this was the first and it did become a little easier. I wouldn’t be telling you the truth if I didn’t say I prefer behind the camera.



































similar sweater dress  || golden goose sneakers  ||  similar illesteva sunglasses

Anyway, you get the idea.

I am so happy with this sweater dress I have it on again today and I have ditched the sneakers for a pair of mules.

Don’t you love it when you find something new that works, I mean really works? xv

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Taste of France

You look great! You really should use more photos of yourself!
I LOVE sweater dresses. They look chic but feel like sweats. You can wear silk long underwear underneath in the dead of winter, and if you put on some leggings and boots you look dressy but feel toasty (often these are mutually exclusive). We are trying to be green and keeping the heat at 20 C, which can feel cold when one is sitting and writing. Sweater dresses to the rescue.


This dress is my new bestie! I think a navy one will be next investment…The way the weather feels today.. the leggings will be out before too long..

Wendy Going Forward

I feel the same way about being photographed. It is uncomfortable and I see every flaw in my aging face. However, you look amazing! I love your hair and great style, chic and age appropriate. This is not easy to pull off. You have inspired me not to cut my hair short and expand my wardrobe. The sweater dress makes sense. Simple!


You are all so lovely here.. making me feel less worried about the flaws.. we all have them.. and I guess we just have to make friends with them!


I’m so glad you’re in front of the camera sometimes even though it’s hard. I’m like that too.
Love the dress! This shape is a favorite of mine. Your sunglasses and shoes really make you look cool. ; )


I love those glasses too Missi.. really comfortable and they work with everything… :)
At least I packed light with them ;)

Richard Hacker

Hi Vicki,
Great to see a picture of you at last, what a stunning lady you are. Next time you let someone photograph you leave the sun specs behind and get the photographer to get in closer. Nevertheless a pleasure for all your fans.


You my feel uncomfortable in front of the camera but you actually look beautiful and very photogenic


Thank you Antonia… my girls relaxed me and we did have fun.. some of the faces I pulled!!


Oh, Vicki how can you not look “Fabulous?” But, I have to agree that I am not a “fan” of being in front of the camera either. My daughters love to FB…Instragram…and I finally got an agreement that nothing is to be posted without my okay. It probably is VERY SILLY of me But…
The black dress is wonderful on you…Yes, it’s a great feeling to wear something with CONFIDENCE.
I am so glad Venice was everything you hoped for.
Thank you! ❤️


Confidence is the absolute key! Not always the easiest one to master..
And yes… I have full veto of all photographs in my house too :)


You are so funny. I too hate every picture of myself, but love those of you! I just came back from a European antique buying trip, and honestly, I could have dispensed with 50% of what I packed. ( and I already packed light!)

A dress like the one you wore is perfect for travel, a basic that can be worn so many ways. Love it, my stylish beautiful friend! Xo. Lidy


I KNOW COMFORT COUNTS especially when YOU are Walking walking walking and slipping into GONDOLA’s.I would prefer to see a FLAT ANKLE BOOT in a burgundy or BLACK.
Check out :Show off a little attitude with the Willingly Boot from Aerosoles.I just bought them in a burgundy and ADORE!I have been wearing this brand for a few years and I cannot tell YOU HOW COMFORTABLE THEY ARE.THAT is MY two cents………….THRILLED YOU HAD A MARVELOUS TIME WITH THE GIRLS!XX


Daytime I am a sneaker girl… most of the time if I am running around… we shall agree to disagree ;)


I have to disagree with you La Contessa. I too thought a resounding NO when Vicki first started talking up sneakers, but having now seen these FABULOUS pics, I have to say ‘she’s pulled off the look brilliantly’. The whole look is great! I am even rethinking the longer grey hair on a ‘woman of a certain age’. You’re a stunner Ms Archer…….and more pics please to further confirm. Hoorah for older beautiful women everywhere!!!!

Phyl D

Oh Vicki. So glad to see these pictures of you. I can see why there is such a connection with what you care about and share with us. Love the sweater dress but living in a cold climate I am already in the boots. I also like a dvf version. Mostly Vicki I love your hair. It’s good to see another lady wearing hair a little longer – why not when colour and length are well maintained and the overall perception is a glowing, vibrant healthiness.


I am really enjoying the length Phyl.. so easy for me to manage… as much as I miss my old blonde days.. having hair in better condition is a great bonus.. :)

Terrel Drendel

Vicki, It is wonderful to see YOU wearing the things that you chose for your Today’s Edit. I find it so much easier to relate to the items and realistically ponder if they would work for me, or similar items, with lower price points, when someone who I can relate to, age and hair and body wise, is wearing the items. You look great and have us all fooled, as you really pulled it off in the photos! Venice is my favorite. Your words captured all my feelings about why I love it so much! I have been with family, friends, and by myself. Always magical as you know.


I always wear my recommendations… but I don’t show them often… Adapting fashion to suit us at this stage and age is what I enjoy the most…


Vicki: Thank you for posting pictures of yourself and PLEASE continue. Would much rather see your beautiful real self modeling these beautiful clothes, than on a starving 20 something. Brava!!!

Anita Rivera

Vicki! It has been a wild day at work, but I am so glad that I can come here anytime, and there you are. Beautiful YOU! Vicki, I am enjoying watching your travels with YOU in the photos! You look marvelous. And, thank you for coming to visit my autumnal post. It’s glorious!


Dear Vicki,
I know exactly what you mean. I successfully deleted all but a couple of photos of me on our recent trip to France for all the same reasons.
Thank you for being brave, you look fabulous! The photos of you in your outfits actually bring to life and make sense of everything you put into words. More photos please xx


You look fab in these pics. Great supporter of sneaker option for exploring old cities, particularly Wonderful pics of you. Fully support the sneakers – particularly good for exploring the old streets of European cities, like Venice and Paris. Great for cobblestones and uneven surfaces. Also have grown the hair long too since talked into it by my grand-daughters. Straight and sleek style, natural colour, though mine has a fringe. So many people compliment my hair – I wish I’d done it years ago. In my case hides a collapsing face and neck. Love the sunnies too. Brand and style?
In terms of your stance – there is a video doing the Facebook rounds showing Trump’s family with all the women clasping their purses or just their hands in a similar strategically placed location on the body. People are now saying they know why. And calling this the Trump protection position. Best wishes, Pamela


Sorry Vicki, beginning of para above seems to have got garbled. But think you can work out what was intended. Pamela

Mona Turner

I think you should change the caption to, “I’m getting better at this!” Vicki, you look stunning! I want that sweater dress!


I always feel duck footed when I wear sneakers but when traveling, I wear flat / not any kind of high heeled boots or even ballet flats. Sneakers tend to Not flatter legs in skirts.
On the other hand, if you are going for comfort and not looks, you chose well. I love the dress ..I now live in the Southern US and will never have need for a sweater dress :(

Deborah Peterson Milne

I am so with you about having my photo taken. With that said, I’d say you look smashing Vicki. If I’m struggling with what to put on, I so often pop onto your website and get a great dose of inspiration. I adore your Golden Goose trainers. They have so many great pairs I would lose my mind. The Cedric Charlier dress is on my big wish list. Such great sweater dresses that could wear many different ‘faces’. Again…you looked fabulous! xx


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